Massage Gun | How to Get Perfect Massage Gun: A step by step and detailed buying Guide

Massage Gun | How to Get Perfect Massage Gun: A step by step and detailed buying Guide

ByRosalindJun 24, 2022

from googleSitting long hours in the office chair may cause backache or sprain in the neck. So, seeking a therapist every time is not an easy task especially when you’re having a tight schedule. In this case, what you need is a massage tool such as a massage gun that may give you instant relief from pain.

So, are you familiar with the massage tools? If not! Then you’re in a right place. Because when it comes to buying them it’s quite difficult to get the perfect tool that works the same as what you’re looking for. As the market is filled with lots of massage items that may confuse you. But worry not! We’ve made a detailed guide for you that will help you to get the perfect massage gun for you.

What should I look for in a massage gun?

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There are a few properties that you must look at in a massage gun so that you may not feel as if wasting the money such as;

· Noise

· Battery life

· Quality

· Price

· Chargeable battery

· Easy to control

· Portability

· Innovative features

· Weight

A noisy item makes you disturbed and when using it on regular basis then it will be quite problematic for you. So, go for the massage gun which is less noisy so that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. A good battery if it’s fully charged will last about a week if you’re using it for 15 minutes per day. So, go for a reliable product even though the price might go a bit higher.

Your massage gun should be quite easy to use which means that you should have proper control over it which you can easily move across the skin. Take into consideration that it’s easy to carry and it’s having the latest features as well. The massage gun shouldn’t be too heavy as it will be quite problematic for you in the long term.

How to choose the massage gun?

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When it comes to choosing the massage gun there are a few factors that you need to look at so that you may get the perfect item, such as;

· The intensity of the massage gun: Before buying a massage gun make sure that how much intense tissue massage you need. Then, pick the one which offers an optimal amount of power that exactly fits your needs.

· Battery Life of a massage gun: Most the handled massagers have a rechargeable battery but make sure that the massage gun you’re buying is having a solid battery life. As it will help you to use it easily, especially when you’re using it on the go.

· Weight of a massage gun: If you have to use it too often or you plan to carry it throughout the day. Then, all you want is to choose the massage gun that is compact and lightweight.

· Usability of a massage gun: The method of using a massage gun must be quite easy so that you would comfortably use it anytime. So, look keenly at the massage gun that can rotate or have functional grips, etc.

· Cost of a massage gun: The persuasive massagers vary greatly when it comes to pricing. So, it’s recommended to go for the reliable one and the company is authorized. It also depends that how much you’re willing to spend on a massage gun.

How do you use a massage gun?

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As massage guns are considered the best tool which will help you to reduce the tightness in your muscles or the irritating knot that sometimes forms due to an intense workout. You can also take the benefit of reducing the duration of soreness, especially after a big workout. Sounds nice? But when it comes to using a massage gun it is rather having a proper method which means that you have to follow certain steps so that you may get the desired results. Such as;

1. Using Aimlessly

This is happening mostly when we find out that we’re getting a reduction in pin for example we use the massage gun aimlessly every day as a sort of a routine. However, the percussive gun is generally a tool that should be turned on when you are feeling discomfort as there is no evidence of using it on daily basis. As it will not be much effective in the long-term.

2. Dropping a Stretching routine

In a study, it has been found that massage guns are not recommendable when you are using them instead of doing a stretch routine. It means that you should not rely on it every time you’re doing exercise for example. If doing a stretch routine can make your body flexible then go for it and try not to drop this routine. And use this massage gun when you’re feeling discomfort.

3. Having Persistent Pain

If you’re experiencing a persistent pain that is not going off even using a massage gun or you’re feeling discomfort in the muscles that continue then using the massage gun is not advisable. It is better to seek a therapist or a sports medicine doctor so that you may get the proper treatment. Maybe the source of pain is complex and what your message can’t handle so it is beneficial to go for physical therapy.

How to choose a massage gun?

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Massage guns are considered quite expensive especially when you want the ones that is having the latest features. But before spending the cash and picking one it’s necessary to ask yourself that do you need it and for which purpose you’re buying it. For example, if you want it for relaxation only then a “less punchy” model will be enough for you and there wouldn’t be any need of spending so much on that.

However, if you’re an athlete or doing intense exercises then you should go for the one which is having amplitude feature in it. In such a massage gun the higher the number the deeper the massage gun can hit and give you awesome results. You should go for the one which is having speed settings so that you may adjust the speed accordingly to low, medium, or higher.

You should choose the massage gun that comes in multiple massage multiple heads where you can attach different heads and set accordingly which you like. For example, from the standard ball head which is perfect for bigger muscle groups to the cone, wedges, and thumb heads that work wonders on smaller or sensitive areas.

How we should test a massage gun?

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Rather than buying a massage gun randomly, it’s better to test it so that you may get the perfect item. The main thing about it is how easy is to control and how smoothly it moves over the skin. If there are different massage attachments in the massage guns then are they the same as what you’re looking for or not.

Look keenly at the designs of the massage guns and see how intuitive the controls are. Carry the massage gun and see whether it’s not heavy and whether the battery life is long-lasting or not. The portability of the massage gun is not difficult as well.

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To conclude, a massage gun offers you to have relief from pain without giving you any side effects. But instead of spending huge money on a massage gun randomly, you should go for the one which is having the same properties that you’re looking for. Look keenly at the weight and its portability whether it has the same or not especially when you are buying it for a longer period.

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