MK1 Yoyos: The future of yoyo professional design!

MK1 Yoyos: The future of yoyo professional design!

ByEricMay 16, 2022

Sliver is the yoyo of such a collaboration between throwspiral and mk1yoyosMK1 YOYOS is a newer professional yoyo brand out of the United States that tries to take yoyo design and push it to the next level. The company’s flagship model, the Exia, is a competitive bimetal professional yo-yo that attempts to maximize traits of maneuverability and stability all while keeping it comfortable. The result is a yoyo that became an instant favorite in the yoyo community!

Outside of competitive designs, MK1 has also collaborated to create the Sliver, a slimline unresponsive yoyo that redefines just what a pocket yoyo is. Heavy focus was placed on making the yoyo forgiving in play, a trait that is often overlooked in slimline yoyos.

Innovation and attention to detail are the names of the game for MK1, and we’re excited to show the yoyo community just what they can do!

This is a collaboration between Mk1 and Throw Spiral. The main idea of this yoyo is to create a slimline yoyo, which was a resurrected trend recently seen on the market yet being able to have the same performance as that of wider and typically sized yoyos. This yoyo has undergone several prototypes before the final production run, proving the difficulty and time to create a unique yoyo.

It is made of 6061 aluminum, making this yoyo affordable and allowing for multiple colorways and surface finish. It has a broad flat cup similar to a petri dish for a clean look, making sure all the weight is pushed to the rims for a very stable and long spinning experience. It has an H shape profile for an edge-weighted and chunky feel in hand with a stepped gap area to reduce friction while flaring out the gap a bit for a slightly easier catch for a slimline yoyo.

It plays very stable and spins for a considerable amount of time, good enough for regular combos to be done on the Sliver. It is suitable for technical tricks since it can squeeze through smaller string segments and tight mounts easily with its narrow profile, but it’s a challenge for horizontals due to its smaller size and slim body, making it hard to keep on plane and catch.

In conclusion, this yoyo is uniquely made and encourages you to play smoothly and precisely while having ample stability to make trick execution much more accessible. It is also pocket-friendly, sure to make it your everyday companion!

Do you want raw performance with a minimal design that looks like the famous Draupnir? Then look no further than the Mk1 x OPYOYOS - Converge if you can find one because they’ve been sold out quite long ago.
Regardless of that, it’s your standard complex V-shaped “competition” powerhouse that does more or less anything you throw at it.

Thumb grinds are a bit more tricky on this, and with its extensive design, it could be argued that it’s perhaps not the ideal yoyo for chopstick tricks, depending on the size and shape of your hands.

The finish and design are lovely for most grinds, including finger spins though the outer ring design makes you require a glove and probably a sleeve if you want to do arm grinds and palm grinds. This probably isn’t going to be your first choice for 5A if you do a routine where you have a high chance to drop it since the ring placement makes rim-shift a risk.

It all started in 2020 when I got introduced to MK1 by my friends on Instagram, and after picking up my first mk1 yoyo, the umbra, I fell in love with them. Fast forward to 2021, I picked up the exia because of the shape, which I like a lot, and I have used it to not only create many tricks with it and post on Instagram but also to compete with it in Scales open, more so at one point becoming my go-to yoyo.

The exia is made of 7068 aluminum, a unique material that has the affordability of the commonly used 6061 aluminum, durability of the more premium 7075 aluminum while having the machining tolerances slightly better than grade 5 titanium material highly sought after in more premium designs. To add to its choice of material, it has an inner stainless steel construction, further improving durability while making sure the yoyo is comfortable and more enjoyable to play with for extended periods and its comfy H-S shape. It has a protruding nipple on the cup, allowing for a longer axle use and added center weight for a faster and floaty feel.

In terms of playability, it has a perfect balance of stability and mobility. While it can move relatively quickly due to its lightweight of just under 64 grams and overall even weight distribution, it has the strength derived from its bi-metal design, making the player confident in doing various tricks regardless of difficulty and tempo. On top of these qualities, it has a relatively soft and floaty feel due to its more comprehensive profile of 47mm and its even weight distribution, making this yoyo fun to play with while also making practice and competitive sessions more manageable.

In conclusion, this yoyo is a good choice if you’re looking for a fun yet competition-ready bimetal with remarkable comfort, ready to tackle any tricks in your way!

Thanks to the Authors: BlazedEnenra#1665, JustinL#3462 and derfneb#2112 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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