Looking for a new work desk? Here are the 9 best work desks you can buy today

Looking for a new work desk? Here are the 9 best work desks you can buy today

ByLetiMay 11, 2022

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Work needs have evolved a lot over the past couple of decades with an increase in more desk jobs than ever. With the changing work needs, we have also seen a rise in demand for work desks. Similar to jobs work desks have also evolved a lot from the basic 4-legged design and now come in various shapes and sizes.

However, the shapes and sizes aren’t the only things that sets work desks apart from one another. Work desks come packed with features and options that make them highly customizable and you can also find a separate work desk for each application. So in short if you have very specific needs for a work desk you can always find a table that can meet those needs.

With that said, you still have to browse the internet for hours or visit various stores before you can find a desk that works best for your usage scenario. So in order to make your search for the perfect desk a little easier, we have taken the time and compiled a list of top 9 work desks for you to choose from.

If you are into modern designs then regular old four-legged desk designs might not cut it for you. Luckily there are many modern yet highly functional work desk designs available in 2022 and one such option is this Regal Desk.

This laptop desk from Novogratz merges functionality and style. Combining laminated particleboard with metal frames gives this piece a fun mid-century modern vibe. You can use it to hold snacks, remotes, and electronics for a family movie night or as a laptop table so you can eat or work in style. This design adds a lot of charm to your space.


  • Modern design
  • Metal frame with a chipboard top
  • Stylish design for home office use
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

While it is true that most if not all jobs require the use of a computer there are still people who prefer the good old writing as a way to document their knowledge and emotions. Yes we are talking about all the writers out there who still trust the good old pen and paper and we have just the desk for the writers called Walter Glass Writing Desk.

This design by Walter is a classic example of simplicity and subtle styling. Metallic accents enhance the natural acacia wood grains and bold lines of this desk. Thanks to the thick glass surface and dynamic flared legs, it creates an airy and open feeling for your home office or living room. This table is sure to bring out a writer’s creativity.


  • Thick glass surface
  • Solid wood base
  • Metal accents
  • A combination of classic and modern design
  • Wide top surface

Storage is always an issue for people who work from home. Having all the necessary items within reach is going to make you more productive. However, working from home means you don’t have the luxury to work in a cubicle with plenty of drawers, shelves and other storage spaces. Luckily the Aurelia Rectangular-shaped Writing Desk with Shelves offers just enough storage space to make you more productive at home.

The base is made of metal and the desktop is made of quality wood. This desk blends well with any decor, whether you need it for a living room, office, bedroom, or any other room. It provides exceptional support and durability with its Z-shaped side faces. Most importantly, this desk by Aurelia provides enough storage for you to comfortably work at home. The shelf above can hold books, documents, computers, work lamps, and small potted plants alike, with the bottom shelf providing additional space for baskets or printers.


  • Z shapes side faces
  • Multiple shelves for storage
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to assemble

Tempered glass is known for its strength and durability and it also looks and feels great on a desk. While a tempered glass desk might not be able to support heavy-duty workstations it can however work perfectly for a study table or a stylish laptop desk. If you are looking for a tempered glass study desk/laptop desk then this Tempered Glass Writing & Study Desk is ideal for you.

Featuring tempered glass and metal legs, this computer desk has a modern look. Your home furniture will look great with this desk if you work from home. This home office desk stands out for its high strength, safe design, and elegance. The easy assemble design of this product makes it user-friendly and it comes with everything you need to assemble or disassemble the desk.


  • Space-saving design
  • Blends well with other pieces of furniture
  • Durable tempered glass top
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

If you have a workstation computer that has plenty of peripherals or a gaming PC with lots of accessories then you need a desk that can fit everything and still leave you plenty of room for snacks and other items. If you work on a high-end PC, then you need a desk such as this Johnathan L-Shape Desk with Built-in Outlets to accommodate everything you need all in one place.

The corner desk’s L-shaped design makes it perfectly suited for corners. You can mount up to three 29-inch monitors on the monitor stand, giving you customizable vantage points. It features two plug outlets and two USB ports so you can use your phone, controller, or keyboard, without cluttering up the desk space. It has metal hardware built-ins that can be used for headphones, VR headsets, extra remote controls, and snacks, and it comes with a cup holder.


  • An anti-scratch surface
  • Wire holders made of steel
  • Feature built-in outlets
  • Built-in USB Port
    Can accommodate up to three 29-inch monitors

Wood always offers a premium feel that can enhance a space. If you are looking for a wooden corner table for your work from home needs then this Careyann Writing Desk will meet and exceed your expectations. It is fully wooden made and has plenty of storage so you can keep everything neatly organized as you work.

If you are looking for a space-saving option for your home, then this corner desk by Winston Porter is for you. With an understated design that is perfect for a variety of home aesthetics, it is made from a blend of pine and manufactured wood. There’s a soft-close drawer and a lower shelf for additional storage. With this desk, you get a premium wood feel and ample storage for all the essential items all in a space-saving compact design.


  • Made using high-quality wood
  • Offers a premium feel
  • Comes with a drawer and shelves
  • Tucks in neatly in a corner
  • Space-saving design

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected schools as much as offices it is obvious that children need their own space to study and get creative more than ever. And this Little Architect Kid’s Desk is purpose build to allow your little one to study and work on their creative projects comfortably.

This kid’s study desk comes in four color options including gray, dark blue, rose, and poppy red to make sure your child can get a desk with their favorite color. Crafted with care, this desk is just the right size to allow your child to sit comfortably while being creative. Made using MDF and ash veneer, this desk is completely safe for your child.


  • Child-friendly design
  • Comes with optional accessories
  • With 4 color options

If your child is still young and learning how to read, write and draw shapes then chances are they regularly use surfaces such as desks to draw and write on. However, with this Reversible Kids Desk your child can use the table’s surface as the slate chalkboard.

One side of the kid’s desk’s surface is a slate chalkboard so your child can use it to practice their writing, drawing, or simply play activities. On the other side is a clean white lamination that can be used when your child is playing or studying. With a colorful set of legs, this product is perfect for work and play for a child 3 to 6 years old.


  • Double-sided surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe for children
  • Can be used for play and studying

As your kids grow, so do their space and storage needs. With so many learning supplies, it is important that your child has a desk that offers plenty of storage for their homework and study needs. This Kids Desk with Drawer and Bookshelf Oak Wooden Children’s Media Desk Student’s is the go-to choice for parents who want to make sure their child has everything they need right on their desk when they are studying or working on a school project.

This kid’s desk comes in a variety of colors and includes open shelves and a spacious surface. You can arrange your child’s supplies separately for reading, writing, drawing, and playing by using the two drawers on this desk. It is made of high-quality rubberwood, durable and stable, and it is 100% safe for children. The table’s height can easily be adjusted according to the child’s height, so your child can continue to use the same table as they grow.


  • High-quality wood rubber, safe for children
  • Bookshelf included
  • Under-table and desktop storage
  • Height adjustable and Ergonomic

If you don’t already have a work desk at home then it is high time you get one to improve your productivity. People who have a dedicated space for their work tend to be more productive. And with these 10 work desk options we have listed in this article it should be easy for you to pick your next work desk.

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