Lesbian Anime You Must Make Yours!

Lesbian Anime You Must Make Yours!

ByRosalindJun 15, 2022

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What is Lesbian Anime?

If you are reading this, you probably already know what kind of Anime we are talking about. Lesbian Anime, also known as Girls’ Love or Yuri, are series centering around the romance and deep emotional connection between two girls or women. Held together by the red string of fate but pulled apart by worldly reasons, being true to themselves and being with their beloved are no easy tasks.

Collectibles you cannot miss!

If you love the bittersweet romance of Lesbian Anime, then we have got a deal for you! Welcome to our Ranking list of some of the best Lesbian Anime you must make yours today. By making them yours, you will be supporting the Original creators as well as everyone involved in its labored production. They come in the form of Manga or DVDs, all bearing the same allure and significance. There simply is no reason not to make these GirlXGirl series yours, in tangible form, no less!

Best Lesbian Anime You Must Have!

Starting off this list is the Complete Sakura Trick Manga Set! Regarded as the Best GL Anime of 2017 and considered to be Kotaku’s Richard Eisenbeis’s “favorite Anime of the 2014 Winter season”, this 4-panel Yuri series by Tachi became a huge success. Now you can experience how it all started with this Full Manga set, Legend Collection! Just how far can a secret kiss between two best friends go? Their relationship was sealed by this kiss and we simply cannot forget it!

If someone whispered words of love into your ear, how would you feel? This Lesbian Anime Show earned its own Blu-Ray Box after being widely considered as one of the greatest Adult Anime of all time. What’s more, it features quite the mixed up love triangle! This DVD set is an object of subtle beauty, relaying the tale as originally written and illustrated by Takashi Ikeda. Sumika and Ushio are ready to brave whatever storms that lie ahead in the name of love. Will you bear witness too?

Emotion The Best Simoun DVD Box

A Girls’ Love set in a Fantasy setting? Yes please! Simoun is a beloved TV Anime series brought to life collectively by Shō Aikawa, Yoshizaki Sasa and Gō Mihara. Considered be another one of the best Lesbian Anime out there, it paints a vivid picture of a world where one could choose their sex by undergoing a special ceremony at the age of 17. A strange but intriguing premise like this beckons you to go and watch Simoun! This DVD Boxset is one of the best out there, packed with emotion and love.

Sweet Blue Flowers Blu-ray

Another Complete Blu-Ray Collection heads your way and it features the work of Author and Artist Takako Shimura. Short but sweet, Sweet Blue Flowers is considered to be the Hottest Shoujo Anime ever by most and is a sheer Masterpiece of a Yuri series. We all have J.C.Staff and Director Ken’ichi Kasai to thank for this splendid TV Anime series and now this DVD can become yours with only a few clicks! Fumi and Akira were apart for a decade, but their connection never waned. What about you?

What happens when the one you are supposed to kill becomes the one you love the most? Sounds pretty dire for two Lesbian Anime characters, and thats exactly why this is a Action-packed Anime featuring a Girls’ Love. The seemingly heartless Tokaku Azuma will pull out all the stops to protect Haru Ichinose against many other Assassins. This Limited Edition DVD will give you access to one hell of a distinctive series, which you can proudly add to your Yuri collection!

Konohana Kitan Essentials Blu-ray

Anime girls with animal ears are a breed of their own. So what would you say to a cute Lesbian Anime centered around such? Konohana Kitan is Sakuya Amano’s distinguished work, brought to the little screen by Lerche. Anyone who is a fan of Slice of Life and/or Shoujo genres, and simply knows how to enjoy a good Anime in general, would absolutely love this show. It will surely leave you with a warm and cozy sense of contentment that only a genuinely Special Anime can do. Make this DVD yours and let the fuzziness engulf you!

Arguably the best Shoujo-Ai Anime out there, Nio Nakatani’s Yuri series is a true work of art. The Anime adaptation by Troyca covered the first five volumes of the manga, showing us just how special Yuu’s and Touko’s relationship is. This DVD features the highly unique Yuri series, boasting a truly different Girls’ Love story which knows no competition. The amazing Art and handful of lovable Characters will make up an experience you won’t regret. What more, it also includes Packaged Bonuses; All Production Runs Bonus, Advance Screening Event Footage Digest, Cast Audio Commentary, Staff Audio Commentary, Disc feat. Printed label and Episodes 1 to 3.

Strawberry Panic Complete Series Blu-ray

In the mood for a hot Lesbian Anime? Well, you can’t go wrong with this Blu-Ray DVD! Author Kimino Sakurako and Artist Takumi na Muchi spared no effort in delivering a truly wonderful Yuri Series to the masses. This series is very well done, without too much moe (as initial impressions may suggest) and all the main characters are amply fleshed out. If you enjoy Girls’ Love (AKA Yuri) as much as the next person, this show should definitely be on your list. Nagisa and Shizuma are out to enrapture your heart!

Yuru Yuri Blu-ray Box [Limited Edition]

The title speaks for itself, as Yuru Yuri relays the exciting lives of the students of the Amusement Club and Student Council, all at the Nanamori Middle School. You may not expect it, but this cute little show has a surprisingly mean streak of humor and it works far too well with the other themes. The Yuri aspect is mostly about cute middle school stuff, but they won’t hesitate to pull out a rather dirty joke or two every now and then. This DVD set is an absolute must-own! You can tell just by looking at it that this collectible would look good on your treasure-trove of a shelf.

Citrus Blu-ray/DVD

Citrus is a title that never fails to pop-up when talking about sexy Lesbian Anime. As such, we saved the spiciest series for last. This is one amazing anime, whose adaptation remains amazing to this day. After watching, you can’t help but hope for a second season ASAP. The Voice Acting is A1, riling the fans with dreams for a Limited Edition format. Even the Manga is god-tier, so it’s highly recommended if you like this series. Jesus… it’s such a gem in terms of excellent writing both in the Anime and Manga, so what’s not to like?

Thus concludes our Listicle on some of the best Lesbian Anime You Must Make Yours today! Did we catch your favorites? If not, those are for another day. On the other hand, we hope you found some hidden diamonds to order right away and eventually add to your brimming collection. Thanks for reading!

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