How does mosquito netting protect you and your family?

How does mosquito netting protect you and your family?

ByLeafJul 18, 2022

DescriptionMosquitos might seem small and harmless but don’t be fooled by their size. These pests can cause deadly diseases in humans and they can put your and your family’s health at risk. As per an estimate by World Health Organization (WHO) some 725,000 people die due to diseases caused by mosquitoes every year.

The best way to protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases is to use mosquito netting when you are sleeping outdoors or when traveling to an area where mosquitos might be a threat. Since mosquitos are most active during the night time a mosquito net can greatly reduce your risk of getting bitten by them.

In short, a mosquito net can be described as a barrier that is thin enough to keep mosquitoes out but still allows for air to pass through so you can sleep comfortably. However, a mosquito net offers more than just a good night’s sleep they can protect your family in many different ways and we suggest you keep reading to learn all of them.


What exactly is mosquito netting and how do they protect your health?

A mosquito net is a thin mesh that covers the bed and keeps mosquitos from biting them. The netting is usually hung over beds, hammocks, cots, chairs, and tents using hooks or nails secured to the ceiling and walls.

If you are going to be using mosquito netting outdoors, you can attach the netting to trees and sleep underneath it. You can also hang mosquito nets over stools, vehicles, tents, windowsills, gazebos, and other structures and enjoy some quality outdoor time without being annoyed by mosquitoes.

Bed nets are made of polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene. You can further enhance a mosquito net’s effectiveness in keeping mosquitos by treating it with a pyrethroid insecticide.

They are a must-have when going out of the country to places where bugs are common and when camping in the woods. Also, they can also be used indoors if your place has too many mosquitos.


Benefits of using mosquito netting

Now that you know what mosquito netting is and how it protects you against the threat of mosquito-borne diseases you can better understand the benefits of using mosquito netting. So without further ado here is a list of all the benefits you can expect from mosquito netting:

Modern mosquito netting is aesthetically pleasing:

Some people think that mosquito nets are old-fashioned, but that is not the case. Previously mosquito nets were tied to the poles at the four corners of specially designed beds, but with innovation in mosquito net designs, there are other ways to use them.

For instance, you could fit a mosquito net to the ceiling on top of your bed to make your room look more aesthetically pleasing. You can buy mosquito nets in various styles and design options that fit your room’s aesthetic.

Mosquito netting has no side effects:

There are many products available in stores that are very good at killing mosquitoes, but they can have a dark side to them.

Most commercial mosquito killer sprays and other products have side effects that are not good for you or your pets. On the other hand, a mosquito net is natural and safe in every way. Even the ones treated with insecticides are much safer compared to mosquito sprays as they don’t release toxic particles into the air.

So if you or your family members are allergic to mosquito sprays you can switch to mosquito netting and you will never have to worry about the toxic mosquito repellents ever again.


You can improve your sleep quality

If there are mosquitoes in your room, it can be hard to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Consistently not getting enough sleep, can be very bad for your health. Not to mention there are bugs other than mosquitos that may irritate your sleep.

However, by installing mosquito nets you get protection from not only mosquitos but other bugs as well so you can sleep in peace in a safe space.



So there you have it mosquito netting is the simplest yet one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquito bites at night. Not to mention they can be used in a wide variety of ways to protect your health at home or outdoors.

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