Guard Rem! 10 rem figures you can't refuse

Guard Rem! 10 rem figures you can't refuse

ByAruaMar 29, 2022

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As the first wife of otaku, Rem, her figure is collected by many people, which shows that Rem’s popularity is really very high. Since the serialization of “Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World” in 2014, Rem has been active in the animation circle. Many people think that Rem is the heroine in “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”, otherwise how could she be so popular? But it’s not really, she is just a little maid beside the hero, and a representative figure of the first generation of maids. Rem, who is called “Ben Ming” by many male audiences, also has some absolute advantages in appearance. Rem Kawaii’s appearance makes the big eyes and cherry mouth very endearing, and the short blue hair is her unique symbol. Dressed in a maid outfit, her height is only about 150 centimeters. Such a small Rem can’t help but feel protective of her! This list introduces you to the best Rem figures!

  • After this figure is assembled, both the shape and the size are very gorgeous at first glance. Gorgeous dresses with crystal scenes and exaggerated water flow special effects make the entire figure lively. In addition to the iconic hairpin, in order to match the dress, Rem also wore a brand new headgear, which matched the crystal theme.

  • The thorns in this circle were a bit thorny and sharp, but the streamers on both sides were set against the same color of the skirt. It doesn’t look exaggerated at the bottom.Compared with Rem’s chubby little face, it looks a bit thin, but it is still very cute. It is a standard beauty girl, and the eyes are not matted to reveal the effect of water spirit, which is consistent with the whole. The atmosphere of the crystal is more suitable, and the makeup is a bit like the bride at the time of marriage. Turning to the back, you can also see that there are also ice crystals inside, which are all painted with relief carving, so that the details and textures seen under different light sources are more beautiful. This kind of detail processing must be praised.

  • “Maids” are common in Japanese comics, but every time a maid is mentioned, a veteran anime fan will think of Rem. Dressed in a black and white maid outfit, she is playful and cute, which contrasts poorly with her blue neck-length short hair.

  • This image is also the most classic image of Rem, so many figures about Rem are made with this image!

  • This Rem figure 1/7 Figure is about 29.8cm in height, 33.1cm in length and 30.5cm in width. The figure uses a ghost rem that is different from ordinary rem, and at the same time, the original simple maid costume has been replaced by a gorgeous crystal dress. The head grows a single horn again, and the eyes show madness. The maid headdress on his head was replaced by a translucent headdress with a rose pattern. The sleeves of both hands also became the same as the sleeves. In his right hand, he wields Rem’s signature meteor hammer. The huge skirt is made of lavender transparent pieces, which are also painted with red rosettes. There is also a huge transparent piece with red and blue gradients around it.

  • The first time I saw Rem’s figure, it gave people a very handsome feeling. Obviously, this is not Rem’s usual state, but the image after turning into a ghost. You must know that Ghost Rem’s combat power is quite objective, and the appearance of picking up the meteor hammer is also impressive. Although Ghost Rem’s image no longer brings a gentle and elegant feeling, it has a great appeal. . In addition, the rendering effect of the base of this ghost rem is also very good. We can feel the domineering feeling of ghost rem across the screen. Obviously, the production of this figure is satisfactory.

  • This Rem figure 1/7 figure is about 24 cm high. The figure adopts the Hanfu design of traditional Chinese clothing. The water blue Hanfu cuffs are made of translucent material to show the texture of the gauze, and the Hanfu on the body is also a classic multi-layered shape, complex and extravagant. Each skirt fold has been meticulously portrayed. Rem, who was dancing, held a small lantern in his hand, and showed a smart posture with the dancing skirt. Purchases from the official F:NEX channel will also include a replacement face sculpture with a smiley emoji.
  • This figure makes Rem, who is wearing a Chinese-style cheongsam, even more playful and cute, and the hairstyle on her head is exactly the same as that of Chunli. However, from the side, Rem’s Chinese doll-style figure is still a bit strange. It may be because of the angle at which Rem ran, and he tilted his head a little.

  • Yes, the bright red cheongsam top is matched with a black short skirt. The shoes are also the same red as the cheongsam top. It is different from the conservative cheongsam. The bow tie of Rem echoes the color of Rem’s hair, which is wonderful. If the running legs can be made a little more natural, they will get full marks.

  • This is a Q-version figure of Rem, the sister of the twin maids, a character from the TV animation “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”. The round eyes and open hands are really cute. The shape and details are exquisite, and the characteristic maid outfit is also well reproduced.

  • This figure is a super Q version of Rem, with big watery eyes, a super small body, and a soft look. Who would not love such a Q version of Rem? Such a cute Rem wants to Take it home now!

  • Rem Wedding Ver.1/7 figure is about 23 cm high. Cute Rem appears in F:NEX’s original white wedding dress. The translucent veil on Rem’s head, showing a happy smile on his face, and the translucent texture of the blue hair is also used to show the texture of the ends. In addition, the ribbons on the chest and waist are also made of translucent material. The fluffy and soft gorgeous wedding dress uses white pearlescent lacquer to reflect the texture of silk and satin, and the chest and skirt are carved with detailed textures. The spherical bouquet in his hand, blue, white and yellow, is very beautiful.

  • Taking a closer look at this Rem wedding dress figure, we can actually see the exquisite depiction on the surface during the production process of the figure. Whether it’s the fluorescent wedding dress or the shiny highlights on Rem’s head, it can reflect the intention of the production process of this Rem figure. Whether it is the bouquet in Rem’s hand or the veil embellished on his head, it all reflects Rem’s gentle style, and the craftsmanship is also quite attentive. Many people have imagined Rem wearing a wedding dress, but they did not expect Rem to be so beautiful after wearing a wedding dress, even more beautiful and cute than the original maid costume.

  • The overall concept of this Rem is to restore the white Wugou dress of the traditional Japanese wedding holiday. Bai Wugou is a Japanese Shinto flower wedding dress. The choice of white represents the bride’s sister Bai Wugou, which is very pleasing and beautiful. And this coat has textures on the front and back, and the textures are neatly arranged without overlapping. What’s more, there is almost no parting line on the surface. The surface of the clothes is sprayed with pearlescent white, which works well, and there is a faint golden shadow on some surface folds. In addition, Bai Wugou’s hair on the back of the head has also been processed in multiple layers. If you still don’t like this hair effect, then you can assemble the accessories.
  • The earliest version of this Rem body was actually a yellow skirt without wings, but it was later changed by Sega to the current white skirt angel. Then came a black dress, but the yellow dress has never been reprinted in my impression. This scene figure Rem has been reprinted three times before and after~ This figure is very beautifully made, and the pair on the back is pure white The wings of her, coupled with Rem’s white dress, gives people a very beautiful and pure feeling~ It’s really heart-wrenching.
  • This Rem swimsuit wedding dress is pure and lustful. When Rem, who has soft skin, puts on a water-colored lace-trimmed bikini, the white gauze on her head and back, the flowers around her waist, and her beautiful white legs make her appear as shy as a married wife. The temperament, with Rem’s cute expression, is more cute and charming.

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