Get the Exclusive Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Figures in Awesome Style in 2022

Get the Exclusive Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Figures in Awesome Style in 2022

ByBartroJun 06, 2022

Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Figures picture from googleLooking for unique figure items? Then what would be better than the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Pop-up Parade that is nicely designed? You will love the intricate articulation of these figures that give you the courage and the curiousness of moving ahead no matter what.

With these figures, you will notice that all of them are ready to fight and the wrath on their face makes them look unique such as Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Furyu, Riza Hawkeye, etc. Read through each product in detail and go for the one which you like.

Do you want to add something to your collection that looks like a warrior? Then you should choose -PRE ORDER- POP UP PARADE ALPHONSE ELRIC [RE-RELEASE] that is nicely designed.

This figure features a full metal body which shows it’s ready for the fight. You will also notice that in the past this costume is given to the warriors when they were encountering the enemies. So, with PRE ORDER- POP UP PARADE ALPHONSE ELRIC you may feel courageous to fight with the difficulties as Alphonse Elric did and use this metal body as a shield from the enemies’ attacks. This figure also makes you realize that even though it seems hard from the outside it’s soft-hearted from the inside.

Therefore, the PRE ORDER- POP UP PARADE ALPHONSE ELRIC comes from a popular series of “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” where the heavy body of Alphonse is featured with full metal. So, in this figure, it is featured in a warrior position who’s ready to kill his enemy. The polyvinyl chloride material of this figure is of high quality and its dimension is 4x3x6.7 inches. The shine on its body will never fade away even if you use it many times.

Looking for a furious character to be added to your collection. Then you should add Kotobukiya ARTFX J Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Statue Re-Run (black) that is beautifully designed. You will be stunned by its style where his cloak is swirling back and it seems that with the breeze it is having this swirl.

Kotobukiya is featured with a dignified expression on his face where he finally gets strength as an alchemist. It depicts a memorable moment where he gets what he’s looking for for a long. So, when seeing such a figure you will notice that if you desperately need something then you will get it one day.

In this regard, the Kotobukiya ARTFX J Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Statue Re-Run (black) is featured in a kneeling pose on one knee and the fist of the other hand indicates that he’s ready to knock the enemy.

The tattered cloak which is swirling in the unseen wind shows that even though the situation is tougher but he stands still and never gives up. The material used in it is polyvinyl chloride which is of high quality and it stands 6” tall which makes it look awesome. The combination of red and black looks great.

Want to get something awesome in your figure collection? Why not get an awesome one such as -PRE ORDER- POP UP PARADE Edward Elric [Re-release] that is nicely designed. The fully articulated body of this figure gives it an attractive feeling. You will be amazed to see his masculine body that is nicely pumped up through hard work and the tone of features gives him an awesome look.

When seeing this figure you may feel as if doing hard work and the moment of toning yourself up becomes your task too. Edward Elric remains brave and strong and courageously fights with his enemies.

Therefore, the PRE ORDER- POP UP PARADE Edward Elric is featured in an anime series “Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood” where after losing his arm he replaced it with the metal one but remain brave. The material used in it is PVC & ABS which is of high quality and it is approx. 6.10 inches tall.

The scars and the stitches on his body indicate that he kept on fighting but never settled for less. You will find that there is a dull shine on this figure which makes it look quite different.

If you want some special figure in your collection. Then, you should opt for Edward Elric FuRyu Figure which is beautifully designed. You would love its fully articulated body that is nicely exposed in a shirtless costume.

There is a torn piece of the shirt hanging on Edward Elric FuRyu Figure shoulder which makes him look like the one who’s just returned from the battle. And for more precision, there is a coat swinging on his back which also has torn edges. It depicts that he is a brave person who can do anything to achieve his goal. The metal arm shows that even after losing his arm he didn’t give up but kept on moving.

Therefore, the Edward Elric FuRyu Figure is having amazing properties that you will love about it. Having the full metal body makes this figure super-durable and its size is 4” Lx2” Wx6.2” H that is appropriate to put on your bookshelf or in your office etc.

The furiousness on his face and inquisitive eyes depict that he can see in the eyes of the enemies. There has been a great amount of detail given to this figure which makes it look quite different.

Adding a strong lady figure in lieutenant uniform is so exciting. Isn’t it! So you should go for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Riza Hawkeye Pop Up Parade that is having awesome design. The best thing about this figure is that it depicts that women are not behind men but they’re strong and independent.

Facing the enemy in front of you is not easy and through this Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Riza Hawkeye Pop Up Parade you’ll feel that she is a warrior and ready to defeat her enemy. In the series “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” she looks remarkable and a brave lady.

Therefore, the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Riza Hawkeye Pop Up Parade allows you to feel strong. The height of this figure is approx. is 6.3 inches and the painted plastic used in it is of a high quality that doesn’t get rusty even after using it for a longer period.

This lieutenant lady figure is carrying a pistol in both hands which means that she’s ready to pray for her enemy. The long coat is weaving as if the wind is blowing seems that there is danger but she’s standing tall.

To conclude, the full metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a tremendous series and when collecting these figures you will feel amazing.

All the figures are nicely carved and beautifully articulated so that they seem real. But before buying randomly you need to look at the company’s name on the box and its size whether it’s appropriate for placing on your bookshelf or not. Don’t forget to look at the material of the figures as well.

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