From yoyo beginner to professional yoyo player. Check out the yoyos you need from ACEYO

From yoyo beginner to professional yoyo player. Check out the yoyos you need from ACEYO

ByEricApr 26, 2022

Mercy is a well-known yoyo from Aceyo and is perfect for professional yoyo player.
When we think of yo-yo brands from China, we must mention Aceyo. Aceyo which was founded in 2013." ALWAYS CREATE FOR YOU" has always been the principle of Aceyo. Their yo-yos feature beautiful surfaces, high precision, and high performance. They surprise yoyo players once and again with their yoyos; they constantly upgrade their classics and keep their prices very affordable. Their first Unresponsive yoyo Aceyo will be good for yo-yo beginners.

Amusing is the first organic throw from china’s brand AceYo. There is also Amusing 2, but I will do a review on the first edition.

Amusing is for anyone looking for their first unresponsive yoyo or some nice cheap and wide yoyo. It’s also an excellent choice for intermedlayersoyers looking for something unique.

This is mainly for two reasons:

  1. It’s extensive. This means that it will be easier for you to hit the string, and this is especially useful from the beginning.
  2. It’s a little cheaper than a lot many budget yo-yos. It cost around 25 to 30$.

You can choose from several color variants. Some are glossy, and some are matte.


  1. Weight: 64.1g
  2. Width: 48.25 mm
  3. Diameter: 52.2 mm
  4. Bearing: Concave size C
  5. Response: 19mm pads


  1. Organic throw a for a budget price
  2. Good stability and spin time
  3. Very smooth out of the box
  4. Fun to throw
  5. Good looking glossy finish with inner cuts


  1. Average bearing
  2. Tight bearing seat, it can cause vibe afteunscrewingng

This yoyo is part of the Gravitation series, but I like it the most. (I have all Gravitations) It feels slightly wider than 4, but it’s not; it’s also faster and more stable. It’s a pretty powerful throw.

It’s excellent for beginners who want something cheap and for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable throw.

I have enjoyed Gravitation 5 a lot recently.

Usually, it costs 28$ and 32$ for splash colors. I don’t like the splashes, but that’s just a personal thing.

Diameter 57
Weight 64.7
Width 45.6

The splash colors aren’t beat blasted in the cup (or what part you do fingerspin on, for example, called.) So I would recommend getting a solid one.

As the name says, it’s pretty light, smooth, and easy to go fast with. It’s the fairest ever yoyo I’ve played with, and I like it. It’s one of my fav monos.
It has a unique feel.

I would only recommend getting it if you like light throws. If you want to try something new, this is a great decision. I also like the colorways a lot.

Usually, it costs 39$, which is pretty good for what it is.

Weight: 53g/1.87oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Material 7005 Aluminum
Response: Slim Pad
Bearing: C Size

The Aceyo Mercy 5 is one of Aceyo’s most popular designs. For a while, it was the budget bimetal standard in China. It was part of the early trend of more comprehensive competition designs focused on catchability and stability.

The Aceyo Mercy 5 is a wide v-shaped yoyo with mostly flat rings. It is pretty simple in design, having straight lines and a flat hub. Where it is a little different is in its massive stainless steel rims. They are not super thick, but they are very wide, attaching to the 6061 aluminum body and extending out, becoming part of the shape of the yoyo. The mercy 5 comes in many different colors and has additional laser engravings.

Mercy 5 has an excellent performance. It is a long spinning, catchable, and sound design. The Mercy 5 feels light in play and can move quickly on the string. The yoyo is decently smooth. I would put it at an 8 out of 10 on the smoothness scale, meaning that you can’t feel any vibe in play but can feel some on the bind and when touched. One issue I have found with the mercy 5 is its binds. They usually are very tight and easy to achieve even when attempting complicated bonds, but the yoyo struggles to complete binds at low RPMs. This has been especially bad for snap starts. The yoyo likes to slip out of a fix done on snap starts; this has caused me to hit the yoyo on the ground several times, slightly dislodging the rims and creating a vibe. I have heard that this can be fixed by changing the pads, but I haven’t done so and can’t confirm the possible fix. The version I got has a blasted finish that makes grinds pretty good. The flat hub can also be used to complete finger spins.

The mercy 5 has a fun, zippy, and floaty feeling. This makes the yoyo very enjoyable to play with. It can also change direction quickly, adding another fun aspect to its space. I always enjoy yoyos that can bring a light feeling while also providing good spin times.

Final Thoughts:
At $60-70USD, this yoyo can do it all. It has excellent performance while also achieving a light and fun feeling in play. If you are looking for an inexpensive bimetal competition design or a fun light yoyo, the Aceyo Mercy 5 is for you.

Thanks to the Authors:Ced#2813, derfneb#21122 and Yolek#0280 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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