Fragment design's choice? Check out the professional yoyo recommendations from sOMEThING.

Fragment design's choice? Check out the professional yoyo recommendations from sOMEThING.

ByEricMay 18, 2022

sOMEThING is Japan's latest yo-yo brand presented by the world-famous Japanese yo-yo store YoYoAddict, owned and operated by world champion player Hiroyuki Suzuki!
Hiroyuki Suzuki is one of the world’s most renowned yoyo players, and his 4time World YoYo championship has established him as a definitive figure in the yoyo community. Not only that, he is not content with yoyo as a competitive sport. He is also committed to promoting yoyo as a culture in the street culture, and his collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara has elevated yoyo to a different level. His YoYo brand - sOMEThING is also more than just a regular yo-yo brand.

sOMEThING is a high-end yo-yo brand from Japan. For the world’s best players, sOMEThING makes some of the highest quality yo-yos available.

sOMEThING has been well known for making premium yoyos on the market that players won’t mind getting, with the anglam series being a prime example. While the anglam series has multiple versions and reiterations released over the past decade, the angle is no exception. The new version has a cheaper price tag and better comfort, which is the yoyo I’m reviewing today.

Built from 6061 aluminum with a polished inner ring similar to bimetal stylings present on other yoyos like the Shutter wide angle, making this yoyo look premium. It has a rounded v shape like its original form for excellent comfort, which is widely used on most of their yoyos, like their popular anglam series. It is undersized at 53mm by 41mm with a millimeter bigger than the original for more excellent stability.

Playability-wise, it has a very stable and solid feeling on the string, which is ever-present for sOMEThING yoyos and excellent for technical tricks. With this yoyo being the main yoyo used by Amane Okubo, you know it can quickly handle dense schemes, especially with the smaller size, aiding in tricks that require passing small spaces between string formations. Speed and horizontal tricks can be done on it but with a slight challenge due to its heavy and small feeling.

In conclusion, the angle is a great pocket throw, capable of handling any tricks you want to throw with enough spin to spare, and with good size and shape, it can fit anyone and everyone’s hands!

The Premiere is something’s first full plastic yoyo molded from polycarbonate, a by-product of its
a previous hybrid form, the Addiction, which sports a molded polycarbonate body with machined
aluminum rings similar to the build of their famous anglam line. Unlike their past releases of mainly
Delrin yoyos such as the crazy D and the V this yoyo has a more affordable price tag while making
sure it performs just as well as monumental yoyos on stage. The Premiere is also the main yoyo in
Something’s third line of yoyos and apparels known as Freshthings with a bunch of different versions
available, from the Mark Gonzalez edition to the Snoopy edition, all with interchangeable response
systems, suited for beginners and professionals alike.

The Premiere sports a rounded v shape derived from the Anglam series, promoting comfort and
agility. With a healthy weight of 65.6g, it is one of something’s lightest and smoothest feeling yoyos
both on paper and in hand, unlike most of their yoyos with a noticeable heavier feel. This yoyo has an apparent plastic vibe out of the box, but with some tuning, it can be just as smooth as other
metal yoyos out there.

The Premiere is a fast-moving yoyo expected from Something but with a much lighter feeling
without compromising controllability, “something” that Something is well known for, yoyos that are
easy to control and excellent stability. On the other hand, this yoyo encourages a more fun feel that is
unlike their line of yoyos while still capable of competing with it on stage. Hiroyuki Suzuki, the principal
owner of Something, has competed at various contests with the Premiere, most notably at AP 2018.
Although it’s the player that has the skills to use any yoyo and get good results, Hiroyuki
It also proves that the Premiere is just as good as any metal yoyos and can yoyos in terms of

The Premiere is a good option for players who want a fun plastic yoyo capable of handling a
wide variety of tricks without breaking the bank. With a wide range of special editions, including
fashion brand “FXXKING RABBITS” and various neon translucent colorways available, it will
please collectors and professionals alike!

By yoyo company sOMEThING, the Jetset EG is machined out of Delrin. The Jetset EG is known for helping Hajime Miura to his 4A world title.

The Jetset EG moves quickly on the string, and on the floor, it bounces well.
The Gap width is perfect for open binds. The Jetset EG snags much less than other offstring. The Jetset EG is good for balancing responsiveness and the ability to bind.
The Jetset EG has an H-shaped body, suitable for off-axis offstring tricks. The Jetset EG is very stable.

The Jetset EG is Perfect for everyone who wants to compete in 4A or wants to step up their 4A skills.

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Eric is a yo-yo designer. He has designed yo-yos for SLUSNY and YoYoSam brands. Eric has over six years of yo-yo experience. He is also a yo-yo collector, having purchased more than 100 yo-yos at yo-yo stores such as SLUSNY, YoYoSam, etc. His yo-yo series includes professional yo-yo brands such as YoYoFactory, Duncan, and YoYoRecreation.