Four yoyos from Magicyoyo that are easy to buy in the USA.

Four yoyos from Magicyoyo that are easy to buy in the USA.

ByEricMay 23, 2022

Focus is a professional yo-yo from Magicyoyo, they are loved by professional yoyo players.Magicyoyo, as a cost-effective representative of Chinese yoyo brands, has been providing yoyo consumers worldwide with inexpensive. Still, excellent yoyo performance, and we have also received many yoyo reviews on Magicyoyo previously. Still, logistics prevent many yoyo players from purchasing their products directly.

And yoyosam, a popular distributor in the US, has always been known for its excellent service. Here is a review of 4 Magicyoyo yoyos that you can buy on yoyosam.

Another cheap, budget friendly yoyo from MagicYoyo brand is T6 Rainbow. It’s really small yoyo but with some serious power.

The advantage of this throw is price. It goes around 10$. For that price you get powerful small yoyo, with plenty stability and spin time. It can be your first unresponsive yoyo or good choice for advanced players who wants to train their skill and technique because hitting the string is harder.

It comes with 3 different shiny/glossy colors so it’s not suitable for any type of grinds. In package you can find some spare strings, bag and glove. Mine had a little bit of fingernail vibe, but after tuning it should be fine.

The yoyo is really good for training sessions because it’s small and durable, also if you have small hands this is a good start.


  • diameter: 50.40 mm
  • width: 41.2 mm
  • gap width: 4.21 mm
  • weight: 67.00 g
  • material: 6061 aluminium
  • pads: yellow MagicYoyo pads
  • axle: M4x10mm
  • bearing: MagicYoyo concave bearing

The Magicyoyo Skyva is a tried and true plastic design that has continued to be sold for several years. It was designed by Jeffry Pang in collaboration with Magic Yoyo. The Skyva includes one of the first and arguably one of the best finger spin hubs.

The skyva is an elegant V shape with thick plastic rims and a cup that includes a simple cloud logo and a fingerspin dimple. The yoyo has immaculate lines and comes in more colors than you could count.

The Skyva is one of the first “competition” plastics. Before it, most plastics were designed to be fun. The skyva provided more smoothness and longer spintimes than almost any other plastic that preceded it. That being said, its performance does not hold up to modern-day plastic designs. It simply lacks the spin power needed to complete any long combo. This yoyo does excel at finger spins though. It is relatively easy to catch the vast dimple and finger spins for a long time. The finish is too sticky for other grinds, and the sticky plastic can be bumped during play, causing the yoyo to slow down significantly.

The Skyva brings the typical fun feeling you get from playing with a plastic yoyo. It feels comfortable in hand and has satisfying binds. Honestly, though, the main reason to have this yoyo is for the finger spins. They think so gratifying on this yoyo. I don’t care about finger spins, but I just took a 20-minute break to fingerspin, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Final Thoughts:
Though the skyva is an older design, it still holds some value. The clean lines and eye-pleasing design mixed with the fingerspin capabilities make this yoyo very fun to play. If you are looking for a more high-performing plastic, I would suggest other throws, but if you are looking for something fun, or if you are looking to learn how to fingerspin like a TikTok god, then I suggest you get a skyva.

T5 Overlord is yoyo from MagicYoyo company, and you can quickly get this yoyo on Aliexpress for about 10-15$. I own one, and I can tell you it’s worth the money.

It comes with some spare strings, a bag, a glove, and when you buy it from Aliexpress, also a different bearing and bearing removal tool. When I was unboxing this throw, I can tell you that I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. This throw amazed me. You can get something that can do every trick and combo you throw at it for a few bucks.

The good thing is that this throw is small, so it’s also a good choice for kids or someone who wants to learn to be more precise with tricks and hitting the string.


  • Weight: 67.8 grams
  • Diameter: 54.00 mm
  • Width: 40.00 mm
  • Gap width: 4.72 mm
  • Material: Aluminum 6063
  • Bearing: Size C Concave bearing
  • Response: Yellow MagicYoyo 19mm silicon pads


  • small old school shape, it looks to me like a wide butterfly, and it’s also pocket friendly
  • bead blast is fine, it can grind, but the the surface is sticky and shiny
  • simple engravings


  • standard MagicYoyo concave bearing is excellent and smooth, maybe a little bit loud so that lube will help
  • out of the box without vibe and also no string vibe

Feel on string/Performance:

  • it’s on the heavy side but still very playable
  • I was surprised by spin time and stability
  • it’s sharp; when you hit yourself, it will hurt

In my opinion, it’s a perfect throw not only for beginners. The spin time is incredible if I consider how much it costs. This throw is also suitable for learning 3A style or 5A.

The Magicyoyo K8 is a yoyo that seems to be often overlooked, which is a bit of a shame since it’s probably one of their better designs from that era. As of the writing of this review, they are still in stock in several places, so picking one up shouldn’t be too hard for most people. There are, however, a few versions that people should be aware of before making their decision. The main differences are the finish. Even though there are many colorways, only two come with a blasted grind-friendly finish, as far as I’m aware, and those are the Red+Black and the Aqua+Lavender ones. All the others are a more raw or polished finish, and some even come with plastic cup inserts, which are theoretically designed for finger spinning. However, in reality, it probably actually finger spins better without those cups. So my advice has always been to stick with the Red+Black and the Aqua+Lavender ones when you choose to pick one up.

So those notes aside, what makes this yoyo so good? Shape-wise, it’s a classic “competition” V. Still, it has a colossal diameter. Combined with a finely balanced weight distribution, it combines power, stability, and agility all in one package. It also makes it still controllable and returnable at very low RPM, so you can take your time learning new tricks or power it through your long combos.

Its mono-metal design saves costs and increases durability on impact, but as should be evident from the last paragraph, it manages to do this without compromising performance. It is a bit heavier, but it doesn’t necessarily feel heavy on the string,g, and the three models I’ve tested were all smooth as glass.

The end verdict is that this is a great affordable all-rounder that is not just excellent for 1A but also a good choice for 3A and 5A. As a bonus, it’s got one of the most delightful ringings sounds, resulting in a super satisfying pinging sound on binds and regens.

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