Does a decompression toy actually work for stress relief?

Does a decompression toy actually work for stress relief?

BySamseaJul 28, 2022

Fans have remained the go to cooling method for humans beings ever since they were invented. While fans have evolved a lot over the decades their concept remains the same. They blow air towards our bodies that speeds up the evaporation process cooling us down in the process. With that said a tower fan is one of the more modern variations of a fan that resembles a pedestal fan in its operation.

However a tower fan offers a lot of benefits that you simply can’t find in a regular pedestal fan. The major difference between a tower fan and a pedestal fan is in the way it blows air. You can get a more uniform flow of air when using a tower fan.

With that said a tower fan despite its perks is not as widely popular as other types of fans. So in order to help anyone who wants to know more about tower fans and their benefits we have created this helpful article. And we suggest you read on to know all about tower fans.

What exactly is a tower fan?

Tower fans are tall and cool your rooms well without taking up much floor space. A tower fan can bring down the temperature of a room without taking up a lot of space and is easy to store when it’s not in use. These fans are called “tower fans” because they are tall and look like towers. Most of the time, they have air intakes on both sides, front and back, and blow air out at a 90-degree angle to the floor from the front side.

At the bottom, there is a base that helps keep stable so they don’t fall over. Most tower fans come with a feature called oscillating feature, which allows them to blow air in multiple directions in their range of motion. Tower fans are popular for being lightweight and easy to move around.

How does a tower fan work?

Tower fans work by pulling air from the back and blowing it out, with the help of a specialized cylindrical fan that resembles a windmill or turbine. The air blows across your body and the room cooling it down significantly.

A cylinder-shaped fan assembly mounted on a shaft is turned by an electric motor. This fan assembly has curved blades that are fitted in an upright position. Instead of pushing air horizontally as most fans do, a tower fan pushes air vertically, which spreads the airflow out more and feels more natural.

When a tower fan is running you don’t feel an uneven flow of air but instead, get a uniform and cool breeze.

What benefits do tower fans have to offer?

Now that you know the basics of a tower fan it is time to list down the benefits of using a tower fan. And without further ado here are all the benefits you can expect when using a tower fan:

Tower fans are stylish which is the They have a simple design that fits any interior. This means the same fan will look wonderful in the bedroom, living room, and even commercial shops. If you think that an outdated, cumbersome pedestal fan will make your house or business appear less contemporary or professional, choose a tower fan.

Tower You may put them in a room corner, an office cubicle, or a spare room to entertain guests. This space-saving design lets you store your tower fan till next summer.

They are more stable
Tower fans are less heavy at the top due to their streamlined design and fan orientation. Their enclosed fan blades are more balanced and produce very little vibration. This means
tower fans are unlikely to fall over. If you have energetic kids or dogs who knock things over, a tower fan is an ideal choice for you.

Less noise
Traditional fans tend to have exposed blades, meaning any sounds they make can be clearly heard. Not to mention pedestal fans are heavy at the top which means they make a lot of vibration and other mechanical sounds. Tower fans suppress sounds inside their design. They’re not silent, but they’re quieter than most fans.


If you were confused about whether a tower fan would be the right choice for you this summer we hope this article helped your decision making a bit easier. A tower fan is without a doubt one of the most modern fan design out there and it is worth buying.

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