Do you want to become a professional yoyo player? Check this out to start learning the yoyo tricks.

Do you want to become a professional yoyo player? Check this out to start learning the yoyo tricks.

ByEricJun 09, 2022


Maybe you saw some yoyo tricks on Youtube, then you ordered a professional yoyo from yoyoexpert, but You can only do wiz a “yoyo walk the dog when you throw it.”

Don’t worry about that; we believe you can become one of the best yoyoer in the world in the future, you need to keep practicing. Until then, You need to know where to learn yoyo skills.


1. How to start learning as a newbie?

Follow online yoyo tutorials. YoYotricks is the platform that I would suggest for complete beginners. I would also recommend buying an inexpensive, responsive yoyo.

2. How do you put a yoyo string on your finger?

You will first need to create a slip knot by placing a string through the hole at the end of your yoyo string. You then put this on your middle finger. I suggest placing it between your first and second knuckle on your dominant hand.

Here is a video tutorial showing you “How to Put a String on a Yoyo and Adjust it for Play."

3. What does it mean for a yoyo to play unresponsive?

An unresponsive yoyo is a yoyo that will not return to your hand when you tug on the string. These yoyos can only return to your writing by completing a trick called a bind. An unresponsive yoyo will spin longer than a responsive yoyo.

4. How to create your own tricks?

The easiest way to do your own tricks is to take parts of other tricks that you already know and mix them. By doing so, you have created something new for yourself. Another suggestion I would have is to watch 10-minute trick challenge videos.

5. What are some standard yoyo terms?

Here are some common yoyo terms:

  • String Tricks: Tricks that involve a yoyo landing on a string.
  • Picture tricks: Tricks include creating a picture using the yoyo’s string.
  • Looping tricks: Tricks completed using a responsive yoyo where the yoyo rapidly leaves and returns to your hand.
  • Speed-Style Tricks: Tricks that are designed to move very quickly.
  • Tech-Style tricks: Tricks that typically are slower involve using the string and the yoyo in complex ways.
  • Bangers: Crowd-pleasing tricks that usually are hard to execute and involve the use of the whole body.

6. What are the different styles of yoyoing?

Here is a detailed answer description of different styles of yoyoing: Basic YoYo Knowledge That YoYo Beginner needs to know.

7. Who are the best yoyo players?

One of the most recognized ways to determine the best yoyo players is through the world yoyo contest. You can search videos on youtube of the world yoyo contest to see some of the best players in the world.

There are also yoyos like Hiroyuki Suzuki, who runs his yoyo brand “something,” or Evan Nagao, who has a signature line of yoyos, so if you’re a fan of theirs, look no further.

Here is a link that introduces several other great yoyo players: The most influential yoyoers.

8. Is there someone who can teach me how to yoyo?

The best way to find someone to teach you how to yoyo is by joining a yoyo club. You can search for yoyo clubs in your area using Facebook. If there are no yoyo groups in your area, I suggest using online tutorials to learn how to yoyo.

Some professional yoyo players offer video lessons. If you are willing to pay for someone to teach you how to yoyo, you may find success messaging yoyo players on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, or discord. I would think that many yoyo players would be willing to teach if you are ready to pay.

9. Where can I find good trick tutorials?

You can learn some basic tricks in yoyoexpert and yoyotricks, or search for yoyo trick tutorials in YouTube.

10. What is a yoyo competition?

A yoyo competition is a competition that tests yoyo players’ skills by having yoyo players present a yoyo routine set to music. There are different events, and each event has its own specific rules that reward players for their ability to create an entertaining and challenging performance.

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