Do bedroom air purifiers really work when it comes to purifying the air?

Do bedroom air purifiers really work when it comes to purifying the air?

ByNateJul 18, 2022

Most of us think that the air inside our homes, especially bedrooms is clean and doesn’t contain impurities. However, this assumption can’t be further from the truth. The air inside our bedrooms can hold allergens, dust particles, and many other contaminants that can cause odor and allergies.

That is where air purifiers for bedrooms come in and they are great for purifying the air inside your bedroom. These appliances are designed to run continuously and they are great at capturing dust and debris as they filter the air through them.

With that being said a lot of people that haven’t seen bedroom air purifiers in action aren’t sure if they really purify the air or not. So if you are also wondering if air purifiers are effective then keep reading. Because this article will explain everything you want to know about air purifiers and whether they actually work or not.

What are bedroom air purifiers and how do they work?

The main thing bedroom air purifiers do is clean and filter the air. An indoor air purifier cleans the air in a room by taking in polluted air, filtering it, and then letting out clean air. They perform the best in combination with the natural ventilation of air.

Most air purifiers have a filter or multiple filters and a fan that pulls in air and moves it around the room. As the air moves through the filter, it picks up dirt and dust. The clean air is then pushed back into the room. Most filters are made of paper, fiber, or mesh, and to ensure the proper functionality of the purifier, they need to be replaced regularly.

Some purifiers have filters that you can wash, while others have filters that you have to replace, usually every three, six, or twelve months.

Each air purifier is made to clean the air in a room a certain size or smaller. Some purifiers can work in rooms that are 500 square feet or bigger, while others are only made for rooms that are 150 square feet or less.

Do bedroom air purifiers actually work?

Now that you know that bedroom air purifiers are not just a gimmick but there is an actual mechanism behind their operation, you can better understand whether they work or not. The short answer is yes bedroom air purifiers do remove unwanted particles and allergens from the air inside your room.

However, as mentioned earlier since each purifier is designed to purify the air in a room of a certain size you have to choose a purifier that fits your room’s filtration needs.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that a bedroom air purifier is one of the best ways to improve the quality of the air in a single room or small area. With that said air purifier, no matter how good it is, can get rid of every allergen in the room, even if it keeps running all day long. So, the best way to get the results you want from a purifier is to use it along with other ways to clean the air.

So as long as you have realistic expectations when buying a bedroom air purifier and understand how to use it along with other air purification methods such as proper ventilation you should definitely buy them. With that said these appliances do consume energy so it is essential to note how much power it uses per hour to know the impact, it might have on your energy bills.

What type of pollutants can a bedroom air purifier trap?

Pollutants and other harmful substances that bedroom air purifiers may try to get rid of are:

●Bacteria Dust Mold
●Pet dander

Purifiers with activated carbon filters can get rid of smells from your pets, as well as volatile organic compounds.

Portable bedroom air purifiers are made to clean the air in a single room or area of your home. They can’t clean the air in the whole house and you will need a bigger unit if you want to purify a larger space.


A bedroom air purifier is without a doubt an impressive appliance that is great for individuals with allergies and other air pollution-related issues. So if you were wondering if a bedroom air purifier is a worthwhile investment or not then this article should answers your question.

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