Choose the Top Portable Air Coolers and Conditioners with the latest features and best designs

Choose the Top Portable Air Coolers and Conditioners with the latest features and best designs

ByLetiJun 16, 2022

Portable Air Coolers and Conditioners picture from googleAs soon as the summer is hitting the temperature there is some uneasiness we may feel as to how we are going to deal with it. But if we upgrade our lifestyle and make unique choices then the chances are that we will make this moment enjoyable. Instead of relying on fancy and old-fashioned items, we should buy the one which is not only economical but also lets you take it anywhere you want. Curious to know? Well, it’s a Portable Air Cooler. Yes, folks! That’s right with these portable air coolers you can have an amazing experience that will help you to beat the summer in the best way possible.

Why do I need a portable air cooler?

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If you are thinking that the central cooling might be enough for you then you need to think again because you don’t want to limit yourself right. So, why not go for something which you can take anywhere you want and curb the hot temperature away. As there are lots of variations available of portable air coolers in the market that will amaze you and through which you can have the summer time more enjoyable.

· Portable Air cooler doesn’t occupy much space: It is the main reason why you should go for the best portable air cooler is that they don’t occupy much space. It means that if you’re a small house or your landlord is not letting you install bulky items then you might need this portable air cooler.

· There is no need for installation: One of the best things about the portable air cooler is that there is no need of making holes in the walls or spending extra money on installations. However, all you need is to just place it wherever you want and just start using it.

· It is cost-efficient: If you have a small house or a big one in both cases it works best for you. For example, in a big house, you are using half of your rooms then investing AC in every room is not advisable. So, a portable air cooler works best for you.

Variations of Portable Air Coolers

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Nowadays there are lots of portable air coolers in the market with the latest features and you choose which suits you.

1. Portable Air Conditioners

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These types of Air coolers are quite famous as they work quite efficiently even the temperature is at its peak. Working like a wall-mounted counterpart these Air conditioners offer you to have cool air within a few minutes. There is a refrigerant in it which extracted the hot air from the room and then exhausted it outside and you can have a cool atmosphere.

Easy to use:

With the remote, you can control its settings or even set the timer as you like where it will shut off or delay the start, etc. Most Portable air conditioner weighs around 60 pounds and the average size is 17x31x16 inches which you can easily move from one room to another. It is considered an ideal one if you’re living in hot and humid areas as it can exhaust moisture from the air and give you relief from hot air.

Works perfectly:

To get the awesome experience from a portable air conditioner you should put its outlet to the window frame which will exhaust the air through the hose and provide you with cool air. All you need to do is to clean it twice a month and have filtered air every time.

2. Evaporative Air Coolers

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As the name suggests that these types of coolers will evaporate water from the air and provide you with cool air. It can provide you with an artificial wind that is cool enough to provide you with ease and comfort in the scorching heat. The evaporative air cooler is also called a Swap cooler that has the moisture pads in it that absorb the water from the tank and then with a fan it draws the air into a room that is cooler which passes through these pads. So, droplets of water evaporate from the pad and there is a drop in temperature as well.

Ideal for personal use:

The evaporative air coolers are considered as best for personal usage and living spaces or even outdoors. You can put it near your desktop or in your car to have a nice experience. It depends on the sizing of the cooler and how much area you need to target. It is said that the ideal humidity indoors must be “between” 30% to 50% so that you won’t feel dehydrated, the evaporative air cooler provides you the same atmosphere that is ideal for your health.

Its usage is quite easy:

It comes with a remote control which allows you to change its setting from a distance or with the mobile app you can also control it as well. With the timer, you can easily set the time when it will turn on or off. Some of the models in evaporative air coolers have carbon filters that help you to have an odorless atmosphere. There is no need for any window or any installation whereas all you need to do is to put it anywhere and start using it. For more convenience, you should go for the one that has a built-in battery.

How to choose the perfect Portable Air Cooler?

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After getting to know about the coolers next comes the stage of choosing the one. Well, it is a bit tricky but if you pay a little bit of attention to it then you can get the perfect portable air cooler for you.

1. First of all, you should know the humidity level of your area; is it too dry which is less than 30%, if so then you should go for a portable evaporative cooler. And if the humidity level is more than 50% then you should opt for a portable Air Cooler.

2. Portable cooling devices are considered quite bulky especially when you’ve got a small apartment. But you may find various sizes available in the market for example if you need for personal usage then go for evaporative coolers and if you need to cool the entire room then go for the portable air cooler.

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To sum up, the best portable air coolers allow you to drop the temperature and enjoy the summer in the best way possible. With various designs and sizes, you can choose which suits you. But before buying the one it is recommended to look keenly at the company’s name whether its authorized or not and the sizing of the cooler should be perfect as you need according to the space.

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Q 1. For how many hours can I use an air cooler?

A. It is recommendable to refill your cooler after it operates for a period of 4 to 6 hours.

Q 2. Can I use the cooler without water?

A. It depends on which cooler you’re using as some coolers have a “cool” button that can be switched to fan mode only.

Q 3. Is a portable Air Conditioner and Air Cooler the same?

A. Air Conditioner uses the refrigerant to transform it into cool air which circulates through the room. However, an air cooler uses a fan that blows the hot air through water-soaked pads that evaporate the hot air.

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