Can reusable water balloons replace regular balloons?

Can reusable water balloons replace regular balloons?

BySibylJul 28, 2022

Water balloon fights are a popular summertime activity for children. Water balloon fights offer plenty of fun for kids and adults alike not to mention this activity is basically inexpensive. All your child needs is water balloons, a water tap in your backyard and some friends to enjoy a water balloon fight.

While water balloon fights are a great way to cool off they are also bad for the grass in your yard. Not to mention shattered water balloons can make their way into the sea and can be a threat to marine life. So a good alternative to regular old latex water balloons is reusable water balloons.

As the name suggests reusable water balloons can be reused for multiple balloon fights because unlike regular water balloons they don’t actually pop when they hit the target. Instead the reusable water balloon simply splashes water upon impact and can be picked back up and filled with more water to be thrown once again.

What exactly is a reusable water balloon?

Instead of buying a new set of water balloons every time, your kids want to have a water balloon fight you can simply buy them each a set of reusable water balloons, and they are good to go.

But a lot of parents wonder if reusable water balloons can replace regular water balloons. If you are also wondering if the same thing then read on because this article will answer your question in detail.

Instead of having to buy new water balloons for every water fight, your kids can use the same set of reusable balloons over and over again. The water balloons that can be used more than once come in sets and are made of materials that are made to last a long time, unlike the fragile single-use water balloons.

Water balloons that can be used more than once either have a special valve or a material that soaks up water and seals itself when it’s full. The grenade-like ball has a soft skin that makes sure it will release water upon impact hurting anyone.

How do reusable water balloons work?

Just put them all in a bucket of water, and the reusable water balloons will soak up the water. Throw them at your opponents, and when they need another soak, put them back in the water and throw them again! Since you use the same balloons over and over again, there is no waste and no latex to pick up.

Reusable water balloons are good for the environment because they can be used more than once. This can help save our planet and wildlife not to mention your own pets that may ingest pieces of regular latex water balloons. The reusable water balloon is good for the environment and your bank account because you can use each balloon more than once, which saves money in the long run.

So can reusable water balloons replace regular balloons?

Now that you know what reusable water balloons are and how they work it is time to address the actual question. Can reusable water balloons replace traditional latex water balloons? The short answer is reusable water balloons are a far better choice compared to regular latex-based water bombs because of a number of reasons. And without further ado, here is why reusable water balloons can be used as a replacement for regular water balloons:

They are budget-friendly:

Instead of having to buy a pack of latex water balloons every time, your kids want to have a water balloon fight you can simply buy a high-quality pack of reusable water balloons. This makes reusable water balloons a much more budget-friendly option compared to disposable ones.

They are easy to clean up:

One of the major reasons why parents dread water balloon fights is because of the pieces of balloons that they need to clean up afterward. If latex water balloon pieces are left on the grass they can be harmful to your lawn as well. Since reusable water balloons don’t shatter upon impact you basically have zero cleanup requirements when using them.

They are good for the environment:

As mentioned in the previous sections the biggest reason why you should replace disposable water balloons with reusable ones is because of the environmental friendliness of these balloons. They don’t end up in landfills as often as regular water balloons and even if they do most companies manufacture reusable water balloons with plastic-free materials so they have a lower impact on the environment.

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