Can a dog cooling collar actually keep your dog cool this summer?

Can a dog cooling collar actually keep your dog cool this summer?

BygothamJul 25, 2022

DescriptionSummer heat is not only getting to us humans, our k-9 friends also feel hot as much as we do if not more. The thing is that dogs can’t really sweat like us humans so instead they pant to release excess body heat. So if you see your dog panting more than usual chances are it is feeling hot and you need to take steps to help cool down.

While keeping your dog indoors during very hot hours is one way to keep it cool you can also use a dog cooling collar to help it cool down. There are plenty of dog cooling collars that you can easily find online and they are gaining popularity among dog owners amid the rise in summer temperatures.

However a lot of dog owners who haven’t used a dog cooling collar before naturally wonder if this product is actually going to work or not. After all dog cooling collars are a relatively new idea and most people don’t know how they work. So if you are wondering if buying a dog cooling collar is worth it or not then keep reading. Because this article will explain everything you should know about dog cooling collars.

What is a dog cooling collar?

A dog cooling collar can actually save a dog’s life, especially when the weather is very hot and the dog is very active. When used right, it can help cool your dog’s especially when it is outdoors.

When a dog is active, especially outside in the sun, his body temperature goes up, so it’s important to be able to cool him down and get his body temperature under control.

Why do dogs feel hotter during summers?

Dogs are much more sensitive to heat than people are because they mostly pant instead of sweat. Heat exhaustion is easy to avoid, even in the hottest parts of summer. Secondly, their bodies are covered in thick fur and dog breeds with exceptionally thick coats may have a harder time keeping themselves cool during summers.

Heat exhaustion happens when your pet’s body temperature gets too high and they can’t cool themselves down. This condition can range from mild heat exhaustion, which can be treated at home, to severe heatstroke, which can cause your pet to lose consciousness, get a high fever, or even have organs fail.

How do dog collars work?

Some of these cooling collars’ work may simply need to be moistened with water and as the water evaporates your dog’s body temperature stays low in the process. Other dog cooling collars use cooling gel and you can put them in the freezer for as little as 20 minutes and then put it on your dog’s neck for instant cooling.

Most dog collars have a comfortable cooling layer that makes contact with the dog’s neck. This layer is dry to the touch, so your dog won’t get wet. Then there is a layer that soaks up water or has a cooling gel in it. When this layer is wet or put in the freezer, it can keep the dog cool for hours.

The outer layer, where water evaporates, is where the real magic happens. As the heat of the day slowly evaporates the water from the collar, it pulls heat from the dog’s body through the innermost layer and releases it through the outermost evaporative layer.

Getting out in the summer sun with your dog can be fun, but you need to make sure you take the right steps to keep your furry friend from getting heatstroke. So buying a cooling collar for your dog might be the best way to stop him from panting.

Your dog’s neck is a key spot for cooling the rest of the body because there are a lot of large blood vessels in your dog’s neck area that can send the colder blood to other parts of the body thus cooling it down. To sum it all up you can think of a dog cooling collar as a sweating device for your dog.


So there you have it while scientific research is still limited as far as the effectiveness of dog cooling collars is concerned the concept behind them is promising. And if your dog is overheating due to summer heat it is worth giving dog collars a shot.

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