CBD Oil For Cats – 5 Best Picks That Reduce Pain, Inflammations & Anxiety

CBD Oil For Cats – 5 Best Picks That Reduce Pain, Inflammations & Anxiety

ByChychyApr 08, 2022

Many cats struggle with several issues which can be helped by the use of CBD. Cats may experience a difference in their behavior due to problems such as joint pain, low energy, anxiety, and more.
If you notice these types of changes in your cat, CBD oil may be able to solve these problems and put your cat at ease. It is an excellent formula derived from the cannabis plants that may assist these problems.
So without further ado, here’s our list of best CBD oils for cats:


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  • Cruelty-free and USA made
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Human-grade and naturally flavored


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About the Brand

CBDfx has been dominating the CBD industry for nearly a decade. The reason for their continued success is their commitment to providing the best possible CBD products made with only the highest-quality ingredients. It’s not easy to accomplish the upward trajectory that they have in so little time but CBDfx is now known as the second-largest privately held CBD company in the world. The team at CBDfx is obsessed with making products they want to see in the world and for themselves. Ultimately, it’s their devotion to quality that keeps them operating with high standards, using the cleanest and most energy-efficient processes along the way.

About the Goods

CBDfx oil for cats offers a pet tincture that has a bacon flavor and contains 250 mg of CBD per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 mL and contains organic and non-GMO ingredients. This CBD oil for cats was designed to help you care for the health and well-being of your small, perky-eared feline companion. There’s nothing quite like the sound and the feeling you get when your kitty is laying on your lap or your chest purring away and if it were up to you, it would always be this way. This pet tincture helps to ensure that your kitty remains well, with calmed nerves, and overall comfort that soothes them, no matter what they’re going through.

What Cat Parents Think

Anybody who owns a cat knows that it can be difficult sometimes. Maybe it’s the zoomies at 3 AM or the lunging at your ankles as soon as you get out of bed. People who own cats know that pet CBD oil can completely change not just the quality of life of their cats, but also their quality of life.

Verified buyers give this pet tincture five-star reviews, noting an amazing difference after administration. Once, a senior cat just under 13 years of age was in the ICU for three days for possible heart inflammation and a respiratory infection. Once he was stabilized and released, he finished his prescribed medication and his owner, Rami, began administering this CBD oil for cats every day to help boost his immunity and reduce the inflammation. His senior cat responded extremely well, demonstrating happy, active behaviors even a year later.

Why CBDfx Made the List

CBDfx has all its products medically reviewed. This particular pet tincture was reviewed by a veterinarian named Dr. Kevin Raymond who comments that there are many syndromes that veterinarians simply can’t find a cause for in cats. Often, they attribute these syndromes to behavioral or psychological factors. He admits that he and other vets have shared their frustration with the limited medication they currently have to treat pain associated with certain medical conditions in cats. He recommends CBDfx CBD oil for cat products because he has used them with his own beloved, late kitty, Bernard.


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  • 100% natural ingredients


  • HolistaPet does not refund any shipping fees should you need to return a product

About the Brand

Holistapet, with its 25-year experience, is one of the renowned brands of CBD oils that works best for both cats and dogs. The brand promises to provide the best natural remedies for your pets to promote their overall well-being and health despite the irrevocable effects of aging with time.

Just like you, HolistaPet prioritizes the comfort and health of your cat. Although you never want to make an emergency visit to your veterinarian, accidents happen, and old age doesn’t arrive alone. When your cat needs an extra health boost without all the side effects of traditional prescription drugs, HolistaPet has you covered. They’ve crafted their broad-spectrum CBD oil for cats to promote overall well-being and provide extra comfort whenever your kitty needs it. Additionally, they take their formula to the next level by carefully selecting superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to make their hemp CBD oil for cats even more beneficial for your furball.

About the Goods

HolistaPet has created a CBD oil for cats that contains 100% human-grade ingredients. This CBD oil contains 150 mg of CBD for pets under 20 pounds and 300 mg of CBD for pets between 20 and 60 pounds. It’s made with broad-spectrum CBD and contains other cannabinoids concentrated in a convenient dropper bottle. You can administer the CBD oil for cats directly into your cat’s mouth or mix it in with his water or food. Along with the CBD, this formula contains organic superfoods. You can trust that each formula is manufactured in the USA and contains no additives or preservatives.

They add small amounts of essential vitamins and minerals to the full-spectrum CBD oil to promote a healthy appetite and feeling of well-being so your pets can live their life with zest.

The major focus is on providing you with pure extracts from the hemp plant that help improve the endocannabinoid system, which further brings stability, balance, and compensated homeostasis.

In addition to being properly lab tested by a third party, Holistapet’s CBD oil is also recommended by vets as it has worked efficiently in providing cat parents with high-quality results with its all-natural ingredients.

What Cat Parents Think

A cat’s behavior can change for a variety of reasons. It could be that he’s feeling territorial and there is a new addition to the home, it could be that he’s experiencing pain that’s gone undiagnosed and he’s no longer as sweet and playful as he used to be, or it could be related to aging, which comes with its own set of aches and pains. The beauty of hemp-derived CBD oil is how versatile it is and how it can create a completely different life experience for your cat, tackling anything from anxiety to pain.

Customers are relieved to come across Holistapet as it has provided them with a trustworthy and commendable medication to give to their cats for their ailments and overall well-being. They started using the product on the advice of their veterinarian and experienced note-worthy effects after a few uses.

The reviews include happy customers explaining how they had given up on their pet’s lethargic state, considering it an unchangeable outcome of increasing age, and gave the brand’s CBD oil a chance.

After using it for quite a while, they were amazed at how their cats seemed to be more energetic and how their appetite returned. They move around happily just like they used to when they were kittens, and pet owners could not be happier.

One verified buyer, Avillania, talks about exactly this in her review. She knows how easy it is to spend thousands of dollars at the vet in search of a remedy to help your cat and she comments that whether your cat is dealing with arthritis, pain, low appetite, or behavioral issues, she wholeheartedly recommends HolistaPet CBD oil. Aside from commenting on the efficacy of CBD oil for cats, she also recounts an experience when she received the wrong product. The customer service team at HolistaPet sent her an express shipment with the correct product and let her keep the original product for the trouble.

Why HolistaPet Made the List

Holistapet’s CBD oil offers a number of advantages for your cats including regulating many important functions like discomfort, fidgety attitude, and appetite. It might help with activating the cat’s endocannabinoid system and promises full effects since the CBD products are all organic and natural, free of artificial preservatives.

Unlike THC, Cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause intoxication and helps with behavior training, improving mood and sleep, and might help with painful joints as well as promoting healthy skin and hair.

One of the difficulties that people encounter when trying to administer CBD oil is knowing just how much to give to their cat. Cats vary in size and their ailments may cover a range of different levels of discomfort. HolistaPet took the initiative to create a quick quiz that customizes dosing recommendations based on your cat’s weight, age, diet, fatigue, and ailment. You can use this tool to start with just the right dose of CBD oil for cats and have your kitty feeling better in no time. They make dosing super simple, and they are extremely informative, answering frequently asked questions and providing you with access to an informative blog. They even give you a list of what to look for in CBD tinctures for cats and explain why their CBD products are better than the competition.


  • 10% off your first order
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Independent lab tested


  • Some pets don’t like the taste, but you can always sneak it into their food

About the Brand

This company was named after a small French bulldog with a lot of attitude and a heart of gold. From very early on, Penelope the French bulldog started dealing with health issues that limited her mobility and affected her mental health. As a way to love her and care for her, the founders of Penelope‘s Bloom embarked on a journey to discover the safest and most natural treatments to give her a comfortable life. Throughout their search, they realized that the need for premium CBD for pets was real. They wanted to create a product that boasted integrity, consumer transparency, and that was highly effective. Today, they formulate some of the highest quality CBD, so other pets just like Penelope can revel in the benefits of a natural CBD oil for cats.

About the Goods

Penelope‘s Bloom offers a CBD oil formulated specifically for pets. For cats up to 30 pounds, you can purchase the 250 mg bottle of CBD that contains organic CBD, MCT oil, and chamomile. The benefits of this full-spectrum CBD oil include reducing stress and anxiety, calming hyperactivity, improved mobility and flexibility, and reduced inflammation. If you’ve noticed that your cat is showing signs of joint and inflammation issues or is dealing with the symptoms of stress and anxiety, you’ll find that this pet CBD oil is affordable, clean, and delivers rapid relaxation.You can make a one-time purchase, or you can choose to subscribe and save 20% off your future orders. Penelope’s Bloom has extended their shipping locations and they now ship to Canada.

What Cat Parents Think

Cats are notoriously stubborn and when they decide to engage in a certain behavior or to stop engaging in a specific behavior, it can be like pulling teeth trying to get them to comply with you. You know that a cat that’s not eating or drinking can quickly deteriorate and if a cat is refusing to eat due to stress or physical health, you may have a hard time ensuring proper nutrition.

CBD is fantastic for helping to stimulate a cat’s appetite and can mean the difference between a hospital stay and voluntary eating. This was the case with a verified buyer, Agatha’s cat. She noticed her cat just wasn’t eating frequently and was rapidly losing weight. She purchased Penelope’s Bloom CBD oil for cats and it worked wonders, helping to stimulate her kitty’s appetite and bringing her back to a state of great health.

Why Penelope’s Bloom Made the List

Penelope‘s Bloom is a respected CBD supplier that is here to make an impact. Knowing exactly how it feels to need natural support for a pet, the pet owners who founded Penelope‘s Bloom continue with their mission to use eco-conscious ingredients that support your kitty’s health and that take care of the planet. Their warm-heartedness is also evident through their charitable animal rescue collaborations. Like you, they’re conscious about the types of products they bring home to their pets and understand that when you’re working regularly, handling all your responsibilities, and trying to stay healthy, it can be difficult to find the right time to thoroughly research a CBD oil for cats. Because they understand, they were motivated to create a cat CBD oil you could trust.


  • Organic hemp oil
  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • 0.0% THC
  • Third party lab tested


  • Only available in natural flavor

About the Brand

Nuleaf Naturals is considered one of America’s pinnacle hemp CBD businesses that work on paving the way for the well-being and fitness of pets via the use of the miraculous aspect furnished by means of mom nature, specifically cannabidiol. when you consider that 2014, the emblem has been generating first-rate superb products of their pure and amazing form.

About the Goods

The Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil incorporates pure hemp extract and no additives or artificial elements. With more than 20,000 pretty-rated person reviews, the organization keeps producing secure and real merchandise. They promise to provide all-natural components and are free from herbicides, heavy metals, and different chemical compounds.

Complete-spectrum CBD oil is provided, that is rather concentrated, making it all the greater effective and herbal. the whole-spectrum oil additionally incorporates other secondary cannabinoids. The presence of most of these makes it positive that their paintings synergistically and offer the most fulfilling outcomes very quickly.

What Cat Parents Think

Customer says she was glad about how quick the shipping was, and there was excellent information available. Her pet exhibits a tremendous amount of energy now.

They say that they have been giving the product to their pets for years and that they are more than happy with the product, pricing, and consistent quality.

Customers have been applauding the organic and all-natural formula presented by NuLeaf Naturals and have been vouching for the authenticity of the components used. People have been using different kinds of CBD oils in varying spectrums but have found NuLeaf to be most effective out of all because of its characteristic potent formula.

Why NuLeaf Naturals Made the List

The company keeps its ingredients pure and uses full-spectrum hemp without additives and chemicals, which makes sure that your pet does not experience adverse effects.

Advanced CO2 extraction techniques are used to get the highly beneficial ingredients like cannabinoids, essential oils, and others needed for manufacturing a high-quality product. Moreover, all the components are lab tested to ensure no toxins or pesticides are present.

This genuine formula provides your pet with maximum benefits and also offers a 30-day return policy. Customers have been vouching for the product and are all praises for the wonderful formula.


  • Formulated specifically for feline health
  • nBroad-spectrum hemp extract
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Completely THC-free


  • Only available in natural flavor

About the Brand

Petly CBD has standardized a process for their CBD oils that relies heavily on research. They take the science behind each of their products seriously so they can impact the health issues they aim to address. They start with raw hemp plant processing before they ship the hemp plant coarse powder over to their manufacturing facility in Colorado. Next, they use a proprietary extraction and solids separation method to ensure your kitty’s CBD oil contains a full spectrum of beneficial, natural compounds. They distill their oil with food-grade ethanol and separate the hemp extract just before they remove all traces of THC. To confirm they’ve met the high standards of their processes, they send every batch through rigorous in-house laboratory testing. Finally, you get to join in on their mission to give back. They pledge one dollar of every product sold to pets in need.

About the Goods

Petly CBD offers a veterinarian-approved CBD oil for cats that contains human-grade MCT oil. This product is made from 100% organically grown hemp and is completely THC-free. Each 30 mL bottle contains 125 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. The recommended dose of this CBD oil for cats is one full dropper, once a day.

What Cat Parents Think

Lacy, the proud parent of her 19-year-old calico, uses Petly CBD because her kitty has end-stage kidney failure. Lacy doesn’t believe that her kitty would be doing as well as she is if she had not found this miracle product over a year ago. She’s super thankful that her cat is still with her. Another cat parent, Jill, was giving her cat a different type of CBD oil for cats but she responded much better to this brand. Since her cat is 16 years old, she’s going to keep using this brand to keep her playful and bright-eyed.

Why Petly CBD Made the List

We selected Petly CBD because they offer a broad-spectrum hemp oil that pet owners like you have nothing but good things to say about. We also appreciate the process Petly CBD has created to ensure all its products meet their high-quality standards. Their commitment to giving back to pets in need also demonstrates their genuineness when it comes to improving the lives of pets everywhere, whether they currently have a loving home or need one.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

The major benefits of CBD oil for cats include uplifting mood, improving behavior, and increasing appetite. CBD is also proven to be great for getting rid of anxiety issues. Last but not least, it might help in treating inflammatory and painful joints.

All of the benefits of CBD are discussed in detail below.

  • May Treat Inflammatory and Painful Joints

    Cats go through the process of aging like any other living thing. Most of these characteristic ailments include joint pain and arthritis, which eventually lead to limited mobility, recurrent pain, and an overall anxious and agitated nature.

    CBD might help with this inflammatory condition and also with desensitizing the pain receptors in the brain.

  • May Improve Appetite

    Ever had your cat rejected every treat you offered, including their favorite snacks? This points to underlying issues like changes in diet, dental issues, or other serious problems.

    CBD is said to help with stimulating your cat’s appetite, and it also might help with other health issues like dental problems, painful joints, aching limbs, and many more.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Before giving any kind of medication or supplements to your pets, you need to have a basic knowledge of what it is about and what it is composed of. The cannabis plant out of which CBD is extracted has two types: male and female.

The female plant, also known as marijuana, has a higher THC content in the range of 5-35%, with less CBD content. To remain legal, the hemp plant needs to have THC content below 0.3%, which is not enough to get a human high. Hence, CBD oil derived from a hemp plant is safe to use by dogs and cats.

Before you choose a brand of CBD oil for your pet, there are certain steps that you need to take to get the best match. First, consult a licensed veterinarian about the new medication and give it to your pet according to the ailments it is suffering from.

Next, educate yourself about the source of these products, how they are extracted, and what their potency is.

Be Careful!

Be very careful in purchasing CBD oils for your pets since there are many brands out there that promise an adequate quantity of CBD but either has none at all or have an excessive amount, which can be quite dangerous for your pets.

The method of extraction, the number of components, the type of ingredients present (if they are artificial preservatives or organic and natural products), and the ratios they are present in; everything is crucial in determining what product is going to work best for your pet. So make sure you check the label well before purchasing and make sure every component is third-party tested.

In conclusion, you need to find a high-quality product – free of metals and other harmful components as well as according to your cat’s preferences.

How to Stay Safe When Buying CBD Oil for cats?

As mentioned earlier, there are important steps that you need to cross-check before finally deciding which product to purchase. Consulting a professional licensed veterinarian as well as having basic knowledge about the product is crucial. After all, it is your beloved pet we are dealing with here.

In addition to these, there are certain types of CBD also available for you to choose from.

They are as follows:

  • Raw CBD oil – pure CBD distillate with no other components.
  • CBD hemp oil – extracted from the hemp plant and has less than 0.3% THC.
  • Full-spectrum oil – contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids extracted from hemp or cannabis.

The pure form of CBD oil for your cat is preferred since it makes sure no other harmful ingredients are being ingested by your cat that may cause harmful adverse effects.

In Conclusion: Should You Buy CBD Oil For Your Cats?

In conclusion, CBD oil is packed with nutrients required by your feline friends for their better health and slowing down aging symptoms.

Make sure that you are making the right choice of product for your pets by keeping in mind the following qualities: the number of constituents used in it, especially CBD oil, the potency of the components, the exact dosage of the best CBD oil for your cat, and most importantly the consultation with a licensed veterinarian before using the product. We recommend you to go for Holistapet as it provides natural remedies for your pet.

As with any other medication and supplements, side effects might accompany CBD oil, too, like drowsiness, upset stomach, etc.

To eliminate them as much as possible, you need to keep the above-mentioned points in mind and assess your cat individually instead of going with the mainstream product and dose so that you make the right choice for your purrr-fect little buddy.

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