Best gift for girls |This 5 American Girl's Collection every girl will want to have!

Best gift for girls |This 5 American Girl's Collection every girl will want to have!

ByRosalindMay 13, 2022

from googleWhat is the best gift for a girl? Of course it’s the American Girl series, no girl won’t like them, whether it’s the American Girl doll series or the co-branded clothes, they’re all so cute! It contains lots of fun characters for girls aged 5 to 7, each with her unique story, and they play while learning the eternal life lessons of empathy, kindness and the importance of kindness. Children’s Day is almost here, and this list tells you the 5 best gifts for girls!

This dress is a LoveShackFancy x American Girl collaboration dress, it’s a very cute midi dress with pink hand painted roses, and also has puffy quarter sleeves and a ruffled skirt to complete the piece, adding to the For a playful feel, the color is a very girly pink!
And there are children’s models in the same series, you can even buy them with your daughter to wear parent-child clothes! They are really pretty!

Perfect as a gift for your daughter, this dress features a pink floral print and custom lace, this easy-going dress features lace-trimmed fluttering sleeves, a Victorian turtleneck and a sweet ruffled hem. Feeling like a pure girl.
And it has the same skirt as the American doll, you can buy the same clothes as the doll, it’s crazy! Because this dress will look like a doll when worn!

This American Girl doll is one of the most popular in the WellieWishers collection! Camille loves the ocean - she’s as gentle as a mermaid and has blue eyes, freckles on one cheek, and silky blonde hair that can be combed and styled, and girls love her beautiful blonde hair.
She is wearing a dark blue T-shirt with shiny mesh ruffles, and the skirt is a tie-dye printed skirt, very stylish, this skirt has a nice design with a handkerchief hem, a glittery mesh layer at the top, and a belt at the waist. With bows, and very cute blue rain boots with red fins and a smiling fish face!

Give your girl this American Girl doll and she’ll be delighted! This doll won a Gold Award in the 2016 Oppenheim Playset, and it was named one of the best toys of 2016 by Parent Magazine.
Ashlyn is a princess in training, this 14.5-inch doll is just the right size for younger children, she has brown eyes, freckled cheeks and long silky brown hair, and you can dress her however you want.
She wears a fancy pink top with a lace print, Peter Pan collar and gold ribbon, and is wearing a layered pink skirt with gold ribbon trim and light pink lingerie, her lovely pink rain boots look sparkly Gold Mary Jane shoes!

If you want to give your daughter books, this one will definitely satisfy you! The book is about WellieWishers going camping! They prepared a list of camping supplies, but Willa was sure that all the gear was not needed. When they arrived at the campsite, the girls found they were missing something. Just when their camping looked like a disaster, their friendship saved the day.
This book has very cute pictures and colorful content! Very interesting storyline! Easy-to-read sentences, manageable chapter lengths, fun illustrations, and engaging plots! They are simpler than other American Girl books! Can let your children read books in happiness, and fall in love with reading books!

If you don’t know what to give a girl on Children’s Day, I think the American Girls collection is a great choice because girls love them!

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