Best Thermal Phone Cases In 2022

Best Thermal Phone Cases In 2022

ByJaxtonAug 25, 2022

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It can be challenging to select the best thermal phone case. We researched and evaluated various best-selling thermal phone cases on the market to create our list of the best ones.

After extensive research, we’ve selected our 3 Best Thermal Phone Cases and designed a buying guide to help you pick the best option!

XP3 Thermal Phone Case

The XP3 Series is jam-packed with features, such as multiple attachment points for quickly and easily attaching your PHOOZY to your backpack or just about anything, ensuring that you do not take your phone out of your bag once more. An internal stash pocket is designed for your cards and cash, allowing you to ditch your wallet.


  • HELPS PREVENT YOUR PHONE FROM OVERHEATING IN THE SUN: Patented protection features on 5 layers Our Chromium Thermal Barrier, reflects more than 90% of the sun’s heat, preventing overheating and permanent damage.
  • THE PHOOZY FLOATS: The XP3’s Water-Resistant Flotation keeps your device at the water’s surface for easy retrieval, saving your phone.
  • MULTI-POINT ATTACHMENT SYSTEM: Attaches easily to a backpack, belt, carabiner, lanyard, or PHOOZY Attachment Straps for quick and secure phone access.
  • DURABLE: More than doubles military drop test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6).
  • VERSATILE PROTECTION: Other electronics, such as your phone, portable hard drive, drone batteries, and AirPods, are also protected by PHOOZY Thermal Capsules (Large size recommended).


Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case

This is where it all started. The original PHOOZY Thermal Capsule. This award-winning phone case is the first and only one to help protect your device from overheating, extend battery life in cold temperatures, float if dropped in water, and provide military-grade drop protection.
To extend the time your phone will be safe to use, the patented Chromium Thermal BarrierTM is adapted from NASA technology used in spacesuits to protect astronauts in extreme conditions in outer space. The Impactor Core and SoftTouch Protective Liner encase your device to protect it from harm.


  • Reflects more than 90% of the sun’s heat, protecting your device from overheating battery damage.
  • Helps to keep your phone from dying in the cold by extending battery life by up to 3X in cold conditions.
  • Phone Lifejacket: Water-resistant, splash-proof design floats if dropped in water.
  • Drops of up to six feet are protected by military-grade shock protection. MIL-STD 810G 516.6 impact-test rating is exceeded.
  • The ultralight and slim design allows you to easily slip your device into your jacket or pants pocket for optimal thermal protection.
  • PHOOZY NASA technology has no effect on cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth signals. While the PHOOZY was not designed for use in the sauna, many customers use it to keep their phones from overheating in the sauna.


PHOOZY introduces the new Apollo II Series. While it provides enough protection for your phone to summit Everest while still allowing you to take a selfie, the modern silhouette and materials are intended for day-to-day urban use. For the ultimate “city-to-mountain” crossover gear, our award-winning technology is integrated into an adventure-ready form. For every adventure, our layered matrix of premium technical materials strikes the perfect balance of function and structure.


  • It reflects more than 90% of the heat generated by the sun, preventing your device from overheating and causing permanent battery damage.
  • Increases battery life by up to 4X in cold conditions* to keep you connected and safe on the mountain.
  • The Apollo II Series is THE Lifejacket for your phone, as it floats if your phone falls into water. Don’t be concerned about losing your expensive device to the bottom of a lake or ocean again.
  • Dirt, rain, lattes, and snow are no match for UltraShield Ripstop Skin with UV and Hydrophobic Coatings.
  • The NASA-developed technology in PHOOZY does not interfere with cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth signals.


Q.1: Do Phone Cases Heat Phones?

The heat emitted by the smartphone is trapped by the cover case, so removing it can help reduce overheating to some extent.

Q.2: What Is The Most Suitable Material For Heat Dissipation Of Mobile Phone Cases?

As a general rule, if your smartphone feels really hot, it’s probably a good idea to remove a TPU / polycarbonate/silicone case, because both Apple and Android devices are pretty good at cooling themselves down.

Q.3: Is There A Phone Case That Prevents Overheating?

The product is a phone case designed to prevent phones from overheating during resource-intensive activities such as gaming. Razer’s proprietary Thermaphene technology is sandwiched between a microfiber lining and an outer casing with perforations to allow heat to escape.

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