Best 5 Shower Curtains for Style and Functionality

Best 5 Shower Curtains for Style and Functionality

ByAruaJul 05, 2022

Shower CurtainsIt can be difficult to find the right shower curtain for you. It is important to have privacy, protect the floor from water, and give the bathroom a splash of color.

There are many options, but not all of them will fit the bill. We did our research and came up with the top shower curtains available right now. Continue scrolling to see the rest and learn what you should be looking out for.

It is important to note that shower curtains can be easily changed, unlike wallpaper, paint, and tile. The possibilities are endless when you keep this in mind.

Continue reading to learn more about the best shower curtains that are both stylish and functional, and will instantly transform your bathroom.

1. Unique Turkish Cotton Shower Curtain

The Unique Turkish Cotton Shower curtain is made with long-staple cotton combed. It is elegant, textured, and soft. It has been woven into many extravagant designs, sizes, shapes, and textures to ensure its softness, quality, durability, as well as softness.

These hypoallergenic shower curtains, made with natural cotton fibers and natural colors, are long-lasting and eco-friendly. These shower curtains are lightweight and practical for bathrooms with Rust-proof metal grommets.

This Unique Turkish One Shower Curtain is Made in Turkey Shower curtain for bathrooms that are lightweight and easy to use. These shower curtains are as practical and fashionable as ever.

• There are many sizes to choose from
• Durable and heavyweight
• Removes mold and mildew

• It is not machine washable

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2. Saturday Knight Pocketz Shower Curtain

Pocketz Shower Curtain shower curtain by Adorn Saturday Knight, Ltd. Pocketz Shower Curtain with cards, photos, artwork from your child, concert tickets, or anything else you can think of. The sky is the limit! Shower curtain made of PEVA vinyl with a custom-printed frosted PEVA vinyl.

This Pocketz Shower Curtain has clear pockets that allow you to add photos, art, or other mementos. Easy hanging is possible with the 12 eyelet holes on the top. Shower curtain made of PEVA vinyl with a custom printed, frosted PEVA material. This stunning Saturday Knight, Ltd. Shower curtain will add drama to your bathroom.

• Liner thick and heavy-duty
• Magnets stabilize the bottom
• Clear and flexible


• Some people think it’s fragile

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3. Saturday Knight Zarrie Fabric Shower Curtain

Zarrie Tie-Dye Inspired Pattern Fabric Bath Shower Curtain. Made entirely from Polyester Indigo blue and white combined in a tie-dye-inspired pattern. You can pair it with the same color coordinates for a seamless look, or you can go bold and add a pop of color.

Zarrie shower curtains are fashionable. SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. adds personality, fun, and flair to your most intimate spaces with products that range from towels and curtains to shower curtains and bath accessories.

SKL Home has a style to suit every taste, whether you’re looking for something modern and trendy or cozy and classic. SKL Home is a leader in home accessories, thanks to its ’ experience, global design inspiration, and top-quality fabrications.


• Affordable
• Machine washable
• Incredible thickness and durability


• Mildew growth has been reported by some customers

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4. Shower Curtains in Soft Shapes

Soft Shapes I Shower curtains waterproof have a smooth, firm texture that prevents curtain soaking or bathroom floor mess. The curtain’s water beads are small and allow for gentle water removal.

For easy hanging, reinforced ring or hook holes, rust-proof metal grommets keep you from tearing and are durable for long-term use. With our artist’s array of striking designs, Soft Shapes I shower curtains make a great focal point in any bathroom. These curtains are hookless and extra-long, so they will fit into any bathroom. They can be machine washed to prevent soap scum and buildup.

It can be used with either straight or curved rods and fits most standard-sized showers. Shower curtains are made to withstand humid environments. This shower curtain prevents water from escaping the shower.


• Variations in color
• Fabrics printed
• Shower hooks Included


• Lightweight

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5. Cute Puppies Little Dogs Sheer Shower Curtain

This cute curtain style is for little dogs and puppies. It is time to update the bathtub for your pet. The Cute Puppies Sheer Curtain for Little Dogs is an elegant and simple way to update your bathroom. A shower curtain that displays your love of pets can make your bathroom unique and match your style.

They are made from a linen-like, woven polyester and allow light to flow through them elegantly. They look great paired with any curtain rod to give your room a new glow. You can choose from single or double panels. For non-patterned designs, the artwork will be upside-down.


• It is lightweight and breathable
• Repels water
• Dries quickly


• A little bit expensive

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Buying Guide:

Size and Dimensions:

Standard shower curtains measure 72x72 inches. However, this might not be the right size for your space. A stall shower curtain is a better choice if you have a smaller space like a three-quarter or children’s bath.

You might also need a longer or wider shower curtain if your ensuite or spa bathroom is larger. Measure your enclosure from wall to wall, and then measure the distance between rod and floor. To ensure the curtain is floating above the tile, subtract a few inches.

Fabric and Liners:

After you have settled on the size, it is time to choose a fabric. Natural materials are easy to wash and can add a luxurious touch of luxury to your space. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are less expensive, more resistant to mildew, and don’t need a liner.

A plastic liner is required if you choose a linen or cotton shower curtain. This waterproof, lightweight layer will keep water out of the tub and prevent mildew and mold growth. We have found some amazing exceptions to the rule.

Traditional or Hookless:

Shower curtains usually include 12 metal grommets or buttonholes that can be used for hanging. You would typically loop plastic rings through the openings, and then clip the rings to your shower rod. This process can be tedious.

A hookless design might be more suitable for you if you prefer to slide or snap the curtain on top of the rod.


Final words:

Shower curtains have always been a useful accessory for the bathroom. It is usually made of vinyl, fabric, or plastic and hangs with rings from a railing, or curtain rods. This makes it water-resistant, which has helped to prevent many a leak on the bathroom floor.

You can now choose Shower curtain from many eye-catching designs and colors to match your style and decor. These tiles are great for transforming your bathroom into something new and exciting.

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