Bed Bug Exterminator Cost, Treatment & Removal in 2022

Bed Bug Exterminator Cost, Treatment & Removal in 2022

ByLetiJul 27, 2022

The bed bug is tenacious, widespread, and skilled at eluding human efforts to eradicate it. They are one of the most despised insects even though they do not spread illness and are not harmful unless their bites become infected. Bed bugs used to be a pest that was rarely talked about, but today they are so widespread that tourists report seeing them in motels, theatres, and public transportation.

The bed bugs are most likely a souvenir from a trip, something you brought back from work, or something your child brought home from school. They might even have come in that awesome furniture you found at a yard sale. Bed bugs can fit between the seams of beds, chairs, and drapes as well as the gaps around baseboards. Frequently, an infestation already exists by the time you or your family members have enough itching bites to begin searching for the source.

A mixture of chemicals, heat, physical removal and even freezing can be used to treat bed bugs.

However, to be effective, bed bug eradication must be comprehensive; if all of the live bugs have been eliminated but not the eggs or larvae, you will need to repeat the process.

Cost of Bed Bug Treatment: Available Methods


The only methods for getting rid of bed bugs, larvae, and eggs are temperature manipulation and pesticides. Some homemade bug-removal methods recommend barrier chemicals like baking soda, which will keep bugs from entering a hiding place but won’t actually kill them. These aid in killing the visible bugs but do not deal with the bigger infestation issue. All life stages of bed bugs will be eliminated by truly efficient elimination techniques.

Heat Treatment

An exterminator will first shut off the area to be treated before pumping in superheated air to raise the temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Because bed bugs cannot withstand intense heat, they will disappear. This technique works well and has the advantage of not introducing chemicals into your home, making it perfect for sensitive people or households with young children.

Thermal Treatment

With the exception of one key advantage, high-temperature steam has a comparable effect to thermal treatment when forced through fabrics and soft furnishings. As a result, it can be used to penetrate upholstered furniture and mattresses without harming them. The high warmth of the steam, especially when applied with sufficient force, will kill bed bugs at all life stages.

Freeze Treatment

A relatively recent, chemical-free method of treating bed bugs is freezing. This procedure is safe and clean, and it works well in places that can’t handle a lot of heat. It also works well on visible pests. Although it can’t penetrate soft furnishings like beds or upholstered chairs, it might not completely eradicate all bed bug development stages.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Bed Bug Treatment

The price of bed bug extermination depends on a number of factors. Others are less visible, such as the probable need to remove and replace existing furnishings or carpets, while some are obvious

Infestation severity

The cost of removal might be as low as $200 to $300 per room if you caught the infestation early on and it’s still very tiny. On the other hand, a more thorough infestation can cost $300 to $400 or more per room. Costs will increase because large infestations require more product and labor to treat.

Treatment Type

There are a number of bed bug treatment solutions available; the best one for you will depend on the area and location of the infection. Heat (thermal) therapy is the least expensive option; the next most expensive options are fumigation, steam, and freezing treatments.


The price can be influenced both directly and indirectly by the amount of furniture in a room that needs to be treated. For furniture like couches, chairs, and cupboards that has to be inspected and treated, many exterminators may charge an extra fixed cost. For instance, in a bedroom, the bed, dresser, and nightstands are typically provided, but an additional charge will be made for a plush chair and vanity. Furniture needs to be handled individually, which raises the price of both the product and the labor.

Size of the Infestation’s Area

The size of the area to be treated might impact pricing just as much as the type of therapy. Some bed bug exterminators will offer you a price for the entire work or charge a fixed rate per room. However, because many aspects of therapy rely on saturating a space with heat or fumigants, the total square footage of the room matters. Costs for larger versus smaller spaces will differ. Be cautious while attempting to reduce the number of spots you treat in order to save money.

Additional Charges and Factors

The fees you will incur right away will depend on the extent and magnitude of the infestation as well as where you live, but other factors will affect the total cost. Before deciding on an overall budget, make sure you have taken these factors into account as you get estimates for extermination services.

Emergency Treatment

Any indication that you have bed bugs will feel urgent if you live in a house that may be contaminated. Additionally, in order to stop the infestation from spreading, the majority of extermination businesses will want to begin treatment right away. But imagine you can leave the suspected infested room alone for a day or two while waiting for an appointment. Bugs discovered in an apartment or other multifamily property will be considered an emergency and will probably result in this additional expense, as will a sudden discovery of a widespread infestation that forces you to leave your home.

How to Eliminate the Bed Bug Issue


If you wish to stop bed bugs from ever entering your home or from returning, abide by these EPA recommendations for preventing an infestation:

  • Before taking used furniture, beds, or sofas home, thoroughly inspect them for evidence of bed insect infestation.

  • Examine clothing from vintage or thrift stores for symptoms of bed bugs.

  • Cover mattresses and box springs with a protective cover called a mattress encasement.

  • Choose a light-colored encasement to make bed bug detection easier. Also, choose one made of a sturdy material that will not tear, and inspect it frequently for holes.

  • Remove as much clutter as possible from your property.

  • Vacuum your home on a regular basis and dispose of sealed vacuum bags with care.

  • Shared washing facilities are a source of bed bug transmission. If you have an active infestation, laundry should be transferred in plastic bags;

  • Remove clothing from the dryer and place it directly into the bag to be folded at home. Use intense heat to eradicate any potential bed bugs.

  • If you live in a multi-family home or apartment building, you can isolate your unit by putting door sweeps on the bottom of doors to inhibit movement into hallways and sealing gaps and crevices around baseboards, light sockets, and other wall voids.


Q1- What is the price of eliminating bed bugs from a one-bedroom apartment?

A studio or one-bedroom apartment will typically cost between $300 and $900 to treat.

However, if you discover bed bugs in your flat, it will be a good idea to immediately contact the building manager. It’s possible that the bugs came from another apartment and made their way to yours.

Q2- How are bed bugs eliminated from leather, cotton, or foam?

In general, you can kill bed bugs in leather, cotton, and foam using heat, freezing, or chemicals, just like you can anywhere else. Chemicals can be more difficult on these materials because it is dangerous to use them in your mattress and because they may harm leather goods. The best method for treating foam and leather is to use heat or steam. It’s important to engage a qualified exterminator when using any of these materials.


This is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with a seasoned bed bug exterminator who will know how to handle the situation safely without putting your family or pets in danger.

Before hiring someone or attempting to do it yourself, it’s important to understand the possibilities, expenses, and techniques.

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