Beautiful But Dangerous -The Most Enchanting Demon In The Demon Slayers -The Upper Rank Six Daki

Beautiful But Dangerous -The Most Enchanting Demon In The Demon Slayers -The Upper Rank Six Daki

ByMarchenJul 27, 2022

One of the main foes in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Entertainment District Arc was Daki. She was a member of the Twelve Kizuki and the second occupant of the Upper-Rank Sixa rank that she shared.

Before being personally transformed into demons by Doma, who was Upper-Rank Six at the time, Daki was a human infant by the name of Ume who lived in Yoshiwara’s Rashomon Riverbank, the lowest class of the Entertainment District, more than a century ago.

Basic Info

Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Age:13(Human) 126(Demon)
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Lime Green(Demon)


Daki was a tall, curvy, pale-skinned woman with long eyelashes and lime-green eyes. Her hair was done in a wide, long ponytail with kanzashi hairpins (three on each side) keeping it up. Her hair is the color white with a lime green ombre at the ends. The kanji for “Upper Rank” (Jgen?) and “Six” (Roku?) were inscribed on Daki’s left and right eyes, respectively. She wore a two-piece version of her kimono, consisting of magenta pink pants linked by long, black bows on the sides and two magenta pieces of cloth that covered her chest when she wasn’t disguising herself as an Oiran. She also had two pink flower-like demon crests on her face.

She was wearing tall three-legged sanmaiba/koma-geta or mitsu-ashi shoes and magenta thigh-high stockings with black flower motifs. Daki’s hair changes from black to pale white with lime green tips, matching her natural hair color when she was human. Black cracks start to emerge on various places of her body after her Obi sashes are returned to her. Gyutaro, her older brother, implants his left eye into Daki’s forehead while still unconscious, leaving black ink-like lines surrounding the eye that match those on Gyutaro’s body.

She looked to adhere to the traits of the oiran/tay under her disguise as an Oiran, with her hair being the standard date-hygo style with many gi bira kanzashi hairpins embellishing cosmetics. Daki also had bright eyes, with the top half being terracotta orange and the bottom half being lime green, with black patterns resembling spears in place of pupils. Under all of it, she wore a dark magenta Susohiki/Hikizuri (trailing skirt) kimono, a purple juban, and a big pure-white haori with black five-faced pentagonal shaped motifs around the cuffs and hem. She also kept pieces of her Blood Demon Art as her Obi.

Daki was once a young lady with long, white hair that was disheveled with messy bangs, dressed in a tattered, pale pink kimono with a pattern made up of asymmetrical squares and horizontal lines. She was so pretty that even adults would tremble in front of her.

Back Story


Without mentioning her father, probably because he was one of her mother’s customers. However, likely because of the extremely harsh living conditions , her birth mother was noted by her elder brother to be severely mentally ill. Daki was born in the Red Light Zone. Her mother was a whore who originated from there and had given birth to her elder brother a few years before her.

When she was thirteen, her brother was away collecting debts. She had poked out the eye of a samurai who was one of her customers. In retaliation, she tied and bound the samurai and burned him alive before leaving him to die. When her brother returned, he found her. They had been found by the same samurai she had blinded, along with the owner of the house she worked in. They then tried to kill the sibling but were killed by When they were on the verge of death, Doma, the sixth upper moon at the time, came across them and offered to save them by transforming them into demons while also challenging them to grow powerful enough to be picked by that “Man” and join the twelve Demon Moons.



She exhibits a seductive side in her relationships with her male clients, which is typical of a courtesan. Although she is hundreds of years old, she has exhibited juvenile traits such as tantrums and frantic crying when things start going against her or not going the way she wants them to. She would then start lashing out against anyone to let out her frustrations. Daki often behaved like a spoilt, conceited, and bratty child when she interacted with her brother and other geishas.

Daki has exhibited a level of pyrophobia as seen when she panicked and screamed in pain and fear when she was set on fire by Nezuko’s Blood Demon Arts and was briefly reminded of her painful memories of the experience that then rendered her vulnerable due to the mental shock paralyzing her. Her past includes being burned alive due to poking out a Samurai’s eye as a human and her trauma of being left as a barely alive torched corpse.

During their battle with the Sound Hashira, in spite of Gyutaro’s attempts to cut off contact with Daki and try to send her to heaven, Ume stubbornly refuses to abandon her brother, even if it means going to hell alongside him. This shows that beneath her malicious personality, spoilt attitude, and selfishness, Ume has a strong, genuine love for her older brother. After reassuring him in a heartfelt manner that she would always be his little sister when they were together.


Daki is known to be a strong Demon, having been described as a “special Demon” by Muzan himself. This is further supported by the fact that she was able to defeat and maintain an edge over skilled opponents like Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira, substantiating her claim to be one of the Twelve Kizuki. Her title and place among the Upper Ranks, however, are only possible because her brother’s skills and abilities complement her own.

Daki exhibits strong regeneration skills, as seen by her quick recovery after being burned alive by Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art and by her ability to quickly grow back her severed sash tentacles. As well as being repeatedly beheaded by Tengen and Inosuke, Daki was seen to be able to quickly reattach her severed head.

Is evidenced by her creation of living Flesh Sashes to guard and protect her “storehouse” and keep an eye on her “meat,” as well as another living sash to monitor and watch over Hinatsuru because she suspected the latter of being a spy for the Demon Slayers, Daki has also demonstrated the ability to create sentient flesh detachments from her own body.

Demon Blood Art

Blood Demon Art: Daki’s Blood Demon Arts are all based on her ability to generate sash-like, flexible, and sharp tentacles from her own flesh. These tentacles are said to be as sharp as swords while still remaining flexible like cloth.

In order to take down her opponent, Daki employs eight extensions of her obi to generate simultaneous sash assaults.

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