Basic Facts About The Great Leader of Demon Slayer Crops -Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Basic Facts About The Great Leader of Demon Slayer Crops -Kagaya Ubuyashiki

ByMarchenJul 27, 2022

The overall image of Kagaya UbuyashikiDemon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba features a pivotal supporting character named Kagaya Ubuyashiki. He is referred to among his peers as Oyakata-sama and is the 97th leader in the Demon Slayer Corps. He leads the Ubuyashiki Family as well.


Scary image of Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Kagaya has black shoulder-length hair and fair skin. He has a curse mark that is slowly killing him, as well as making his skin look decaying and covering his eyes, preventing him from seeing. By his death, this curse had extended throughout his entire body, making movement practically impossible. At Kagaya’s passing, Muzan said that he had a Buddha-like smile.

He often sports a black kimono over a long white haori decorated with a pattern like a flame in pink and purple that begins at the furi in the calves and the fuki in the hem.


Beautiful image of Kagaya Ubuyashiki
Kagaya exudes calmness and shows genuine concern for the Demon Slayers, even treating them as his children. In addition, he can take criticism well and is open about his shortcomings, one of which is that despite serving as the group’s leader, he is unable to become a Demon Slayer. He visits the graves of the corps’ deceased members every day until he is rendered immobile by the curse in order to atone for this by remembering every single member of the corps.

While he may come to seem as forgiving, he actually pays reason the respect it deserves. This was seen when he voluntarily accepted Tanjiro and Nezuko’s predicament (as revealed in a letter from Sakonji Urokodaki) and even stood up for them when others disagreed. While generally mild and fluid, his speech is incredibly delicate; he uses words and intonations such that the person he is speaking to will listen. Even the initially apathetic Muichiro Tokito and the impulsive Sanemi Shinazugawa are persuaded to listen to what he has to say by his skillful and charismatic speech because he avoids saying or transmitting anything that might enrage them.

Due to the curse on their family, Kagaya is fairly severe with his own kin, particularly his children. Nevertheless, he approaches them with the same serene atmosphere and demeanor.

Back Story


At the age of 4, Kagaya was named the Demon Slayer Corps’ captain. Kagaya and Amane first interacted when he was 13, and she was 17. He only consented to the marriage on the condition that she cared for him of her own free will, even though she had been deliberately chosen by a priest to be Kagaya’s bride in order to take care of his medical needs. As was previously revealed, Kagaya is cursed as a result of his relationship with the “Original Demon.” The men in his family were also subject to the short life span curse, which stipulated that none of the men would survive much past the age of thirty. But when Muzan passed away, the curse was broken, and Kiriya lived to be at least a century old.


Kagaya Ubuyashiki under the cherry tree
Kagaya and the rest of the Ubuyashiki family have exceptional foresight, which has helped them avoid dangerous circumstances and brought them enormous wealth and success. This instinct allowed Kagaya to make accurate guesses about a variety of things that were later confirmed to be true and accurate without him having any prior knowledge, as evidenced by the times he correctly foresaw that Muzan’s only remaining vulnerability was the sun and that he could not be killed by beheading, that the deaths of Gyutaro and Daki would cause waves that would eventually result in the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki losing members for the first time, and many other instances.

With his soothing speech and rhythmic movements, Kagaya has the power to calm people down, as he did with Tanjiro Kamado and even the bloodthirsty Hashira. This quality, known as 1/F Fluctuation in modern times, is said to be held by many charismatic persons and to have the power of presence to move large crowds.

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