Avoid Making These Common Mistakes With Blenders And Mixer Grinders | 2022

Avoid Making These Common Mistakes With Blenders And Mixer Grinders | 2022

ByLetiJun 20, 2022

from Reader's DigestAs we all know very well that mixer grinder and blender are a necessity in every kitchen. But you have to be careful while using these machines. If you do not care, it can cause an accident.

While using a mixer grinder and blender, people make some common mistakes that they should not. So before using these gadgets, safety always comes first. In this post, we will discuss some common mistakes while using blenders and mixer grinders.

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If you do not correctly use the blender and mixer grinder, it can lead to problems, including overheating. For example, if you put on the machine for longer, it may affect its machinery and burn its capacitor. So it is always necessary to pulse twice at intervals and not turn on the machine for more than 30 seconds at one go.


In my daily life, I see many people who want to complete their work at once and therefore overload their machines. The manufacturer always recommends not to overload the mixer grinder or blender.

You should not put all the ingredients into the blender or mixer grinder. You will get fine grinding and crushing when you perform the function in batches. This way, the appliance will be able to perform its job efficiently and quickly.

3.Adding water

Adding water is not bad, but you must add water carefully and in proper measurement. The manufacturer always recommends adding the water when the solid materials have been blended or ground.

If you want to blend or grind dense, dry items, then the quantity of water determines the consistency of the product. So you should add the water gradually to avoid any accident or spillage.

4.Using other attachments

The attachments not designed for the particular grinder or blender should not be used with the machines. The reason is that these attachments do not fit well and ultimately result in imaging the base and the attachment. Unfortunately, attaching these attachments might give an electric shock or fire.

5.Not unplugging

It is always necessary for you to switch off the machine as well as unplug it when not in use. If you leave the mixture grinder plugged, then it might cause an accident or injury.

6.Processing hot foods

Processing hot foods are the most dangerous thing you can ever think of. The reason is that hot food would create a lot of pressure, and this pressure can blow the lid off the blender or grinder while running.

And we all know very well that your kitchen shelves will become a mess after blowing off the lid. So you have to wait for the food to come to the environmental temperature and then use it for processing.

7.Using wrong blades

It is always necessary to use the right blade for the particular task you are going to do. Note that these mixer grinders come with different blades for a specific food. So if you use the wrong blade in an appliance, it may affect the food and the durability of the blades and jars.

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8.Not checking the lid.

Sometimes, when you perform different tasks in the kitchen carelessly, it might cause some hazardous accidents. So make sure that while using a blender or mixer grinder, you have the lid on tightly before turning on the appliance.

9.Mixing food

Sometimes, using a mixer grinder or blender, we put different types of food, such as solid, raw, cooked, etc. Putting mixing food in a blender will decrease the life of the machine. It is better to put separate things separately in a mixer grinder so that their longevity can increase.

10. Not cleaning properly

It is a problem for many people who do not clean the device properly, and it might cause some issues. It is a great tip to wash your mixer, blender, or juicer right after use.

This is essential in preventing the food from sticking to the blades and jar. For proper cleaning, you should fill the jar halfway with water and put some dishwasher liquid. Turn on the machine for 15 to 20 seconds, and after that, rinse with the water.

Common problems and solutions with the mixer grinders and blenders

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1.Leakage from the jar

It is the most common problem people face while using the machines, and it might happen when the appliance is too old. There is always a leak when a mixer grinder comes off with a loose blade in the jar, or there might be a crack in the jar. You should fix the blade by loosening yourself or asking an expert for it. If you are not getting out of the problem, you can call an expert.

2.The Mixer grinder blade is no longer sharp.

What are the signs that the mixer grinder blade is worn out? Replace the blade if it no longer grinds ingredients coarsely. Please try sharpening the blade using rock salt before you replace it. Turn the mixer grinder on and add a spoon of rock salt to the jar. You will see the blade has become sharper after repeating the process several times.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to change the blade. With the new mixer grinder, you can do it yourself using a spanner that comes with it. To connect the coupler to the jar:

  • Hold it with one hand.
  • Turn the spanner clockwise to remove the blade.
  • As you tighten the other blade, rotate it anti-clockwise until it is securely locked.

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3.The mixer grinder keeps tripping.

The mixer grinder has a reset button that trips when you continuously use it for longer periods or grind hot items. If this occurs again, do not use the appliance for too long and allow the food to cool before grinding it.

Remove the jar and look under the mixer grinder if it trips due to excessive heat. There should be a red switch under the mixer grinder. To fix the problem, switch the appliance on, plug it back in, and then power it back up.

4.The coupler is broken.

A blender coupler connects the jar to the base of the appliance. This part usually wears out or breaks after years of use. Further, if you frequently blend frozen vegetables or fruits at high speed, the coupler can be damaged or broken, so be careful!

Due to the inability to repair a coupler, an individual must replace it by calling a professional. It is not recommended to replace the coupler without the assistance of a professional since the mixer grinder blades can be sharp and cause injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mixer grinder or blender: which is better?

The mixer grinder allows you to grind whole spices, grains, pulses, and lentils, which can’t be done with a hand blender. However, immersion blenders are more convenient and require less cleanup. Home kitchens often have a mixer grinder, which is essential for handling a wide range of tasks.

Is the mixer not grinding properly?

Replace the blade if it is no longer grinding ingredients coarsely. We recommend you try sharpening the blade with rock salt before replacing it. Turn on the mixer grinder and add one teaspoon of rock salt to the jar.

Is it possible to blend in a mixer grinder?

It is possible to blend almost every food item with a blender and a grinder. However, some foods can damage the machinery.

Final thoughts

Mixer grinders and blenders are appliances that are found in almost every kitchen. While you may be able to survive for a few days without a microwave, you cannot survive without a mixer grinder.

Not only does it save you time, but a bachelor must also get things done in the kitchen. Juicer mixer grinders wear out over time, just like any other electronics. In this post, we have discussed all the possible mistakes you should not make with mixer grinders and blenders. I hope you also avoid these common mistakes with blenders and mixer grinders.

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