Are you looking online for laptop backpacks? Read this before buying one

Are you looking online for laptop backpacks? Read this before buying one

ByAruaJul 04, 2022

DescriptionLaptop backpacks are a must for anyone with a laptop. Unlike a desktop computer, you can use your laptop from anywhere you want. However, carrying a laptop with you poses a few risks to the valuable device. The risks of drop damage and water damage are some of the most common scenarios that can render your laptop useless.

With that being said you can always use a laptop backpack to make sure that your laptop stays safe and secure while you are on the go. However, buying a laptop backpack is not that easy and if you are thinking of buying a laptop bag instead then keep in mind that there are major differences between the two.

While a laptop bag or laptop case can only fit your laptop and a few essentials a laptop backpack on the other hand can carry almost everything you need on the go. So if you are someone who needs to carry other items along with the laptop then a laptop backpack should be your priority.
With that being said you still need to consider a few important things before buying laptop backpacks. And this article will explain all that you should know about laptop backpacks as well as the important considerations you should make so read on.


But why are laptop backpacks superior to messenger bags aka laptop bags?

The first thing you might want to think about is whether you should buy and carry a laptop backpack or a messenger style laptop bag. Most people would be better off with a laptop backpack than a messenger bag, except for bike riders or delivery personnel who need to get to their bags’ contents quickly.

In general, backpacks are more useful than other types of bags for storing and moving laptops because they are easier to carry and can hold more things on top of the laptop itself.

Still, some people who ride their bikes to work might like messenger bags. Not to mention laptop backpacks are easy to carry on your back and you can walk and even run with a laptop backpack on without worrying about dropping it and damaging the laptop itself.


Things to consider when buying a laptop backpack

Now that you know why a laptop backpack is almost always the better choice for transporting laptops it is important to know what things you should consider before buying one. So without further ado here are some key considerations for anyone looking to buy a laptop backpack:

Weather resistance

Even if you only plan to use your laptop backpack when traveling by trains, or airplanes, you should still think about its weather resistance. Since you have a very expensive item in there, your laptop backpack should be able to keep the rain away from it. This means materials that don’t let water in, seams that don’t let water in, and water proof zipper are some things you should look for. For general use in cities, just make sure that the material of the bag is tough enough to withstand regular wear and tear.


Consider the dedicated laptop compartment

All of the laptops are made to keep your laptop safe. But not all of them are made equal because they may have differences in the laptop compartment structure. Some laptop backpacks will use simple, cheap foam as padding for the laptop compartment. While others will have fancy shock-proof materials and may even suspend your laptop in a frame so it can survive a drop. Even if you don’t plan to bring a notepad or papers with you, buying a laptop back pack with a secure dedicated laptop compartment is always recommended.

The size of your laptop:

You should know how big your laptop is before you buy a backpack. Most people have laptops that are either 13 or 15 inches. Newer technology, on the other hand, is making models that are much smaller and also very portable like the Apple MacBook Air and a number of smaller Google Chromebooks. With that said, some people still have huge 17-inch laptops whether for gaming or other purposes. If you don’t know how big your laptop is, you can use a tape measure or ruler to find out. Once you know how big your laptop is, it will be easy to find a back pack that will fit it.


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