Affordable Powerhouse YoYos. Here Are 3 yo-yo Recommendations from Vosun

Affordable Powerhouse YoYos. Here Are 3 yo-yo Recommendations from Vosun

ByEricMay 23, 2022

Zikuo wang is a professional yo-yo player from VOSUN.The best way to learn how to yoyo is to get a yoyo that is right for your skill level, and Vosun is an excellent choice for a yoyo beginner. So Vosun is a yo-yo manufacturer’s official site. The world-famous professional yo-yo brand is cost-effective, a high-cost performance, premium yo-yo manufacturer. Unlike Magicyoyo more for novice direction, VOSUN more with low prices and a competitive level of yoyos, which is largely due to their rich experience in OEM.

EzSpin -  A Good YoYo for Tech Player

The Vosun ezspin 7068 is one of the many affordable and high-performing metal yoyos that Vosun makes. The ezspin 7068 is notable for 2tworeasons. One is that it is made of 7068 aluminum, and the other is that all of the yoyos are pokemon themed. Because of this, there may be some copyright issues for selling these yoyos outside of China. If you want one, you may have to make friends with someone from China.

The Ezspin 7068 is a comfortable v shape with rounded rims. Most of its weight is placed in the cup a little bit off the edge of the yoyo. This provides a surface that Vosun polishes to give it a flashy design. The inner cup then has a pokemon on it that corresponds with the color of the yoyo.

Performance: The Ezspin 7068 is a long-spinning and stable yoyo. Its shape lends itself very well to fast play. The body is very catchable, but it is not as catchable as yoyos 45mm wide or wider. The yoyo is decently smooth at an 8 out of 10 on the smoothness scale. It has a nice bead-blast finish, and although it has a significant laser engraving, it can perform finger spins decently well. It plays incredibly balanced in play, leaning just a hair on the heavy end of the spectrum.

The majority of the soul from this yoyo comes from its pokemon theming. It is more fun to throw a yoyo with a Charizard on it than it is to throw a yoyo without a Charizard. That being said, it does feel a little generic. There are many inexpensive v-shaped yoyos, so this one can blend in with that trend.

Final Thoughts:
If you like pokemon and yoyos, get it. It is inexpensive, and it plays well. If you have any Chinese friends, hit them up to see if you can get yourself an EZsping 7068.

Vosun brand is known for its friendly prices. The Okkar is 6061 aluminum yoyo with stainless steel rings starting at 50$. It’s an elegant bi-metal yoyo in a flat design with minimalistic engravings and beautiful colors. Yoyo comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings in fancy packaging that it feels like you are opening 200$ yoyo.


  • very soft anodization suitable for finger spins and fingerprints too
  • it doesn’t have any anodization marks or anything; the design looks like it is more than 100$ yoyo
  • yoyo has more like an O shape


  • out of the box, it’s glass smooth, no fingernail vibe, no string vibe
  • bearing is a little bit loud; lube should help

Feel on the string:

  • on strings, it’s very smooth, but it has a few flaws
  • yoyo is a little bit heavy and less floaty on string
  • not the best option for speed combos
  • very competition-oriented
  • it lacks some soul to it; it’s not a bad yoyo; for that price, you can’t go wrong, but it’s missing some fun factor

Reasons to buy:

  1. If you are looking for your first bimetal
  2. If you like more O shapes, yoyos
  3. If you want a budget throw to 55$
  4. If you want something fancy and minimalistic

So you’ve given yoyoing a try on a cheaper plastic yoyo, and now you want a more performance-oriented one that won’t break the bank? Or maybe you just want to try a new brand for your collection and still get a good yoyo? Vosun has the throw for you in the shape of the Vanquish.

A rounded H-shaped yoyo has a nice gap and rounded edges on the wings. The Vosun looks like a Bi-metal yoyo (because of the silver-colored rim that is often polished there.) And as a budget Bi-metal, its performance would be pretty acceptable.

It’s got plenty of power and spin time. I have decent stability and do well enough on that front to be used reasonably well for the limited horizontal play that I can do.

The fingerspin area isn’t the best and won’t support long spin times. But it’s not terrible either, and a quick spin-to-bind is no problem.

It mostly excels at being cheap and just a good yoyo with its price of around $20-$25 when it can be found.

It’s sometimes sold as starter packs with some essential yoyo accessories in a slightly more expensive package. And anyone who’s played it knows…it’s a good yoyo.

Is it going to transform you into an instant better player? No, but more expensive throws won’t do that either, so you can save yourself money and get a nice cheap one instead.

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