Adidas Stan Smith | The top 7 recommended rankings of 2022

Adidas Stan Smith | The top 7 recommended rankings of 2022

ByChychyMar 29, 2022

Stan Smith
Adidas Stan Smith is a pair of popular unisex sneakers. But most people really can‘t pick one for themselves, because it has too many types such as colors、models and so on. So let me show you how to select Stan Smith and recommend the matchest one to you!

Choose by colors

Stan Smith has many colors such as green, black, navy, tactile blue, pink and so on which is also a point of highlight. Now let me show some representative colors to you and make you wear them fashionably.

The most common style of Stan Smith M20324

The shoe shape is slender and long, and there is no bloated feeling. Personally, I think it looks much better than the shell head. The leather of the upper looks quite hard, and the shape of the toe cap is full. Style can give full marks,because of the green LOGO on the heel of the back leg. also commonly known as the green tail

Although the green tail has become obsolete, it cannot be denied that she is still a must-have in the shoe cabinet, because these shoes are simple enough, whether it is jeans or slacks, skirts or shorts, when you don’t know what to wear, just wear a green tail,correct.

Pure black low-key all-match! Adidas Stan Smith "Black:

The Adidas Stan Smith “Black” is crafted in a solid black colorway with a smooth leather body, and details such as the lining, sole, outsole and laces are also solid black. The low-key shape cannot hide its trendy temperament and versatile matching function.

When the whole world is showing off that you have grabbed the little green tail, you wear this pair of all-black Stan Smith out on the street, showing your fashion attitude of never blindly following the trend

Adidas Stan Smith Navy x white:

“Navy x white is just as popular as black. The black and white color scheme is low-key and minimalist. If you are an office worker and don’t want to be too formal and rigid, then a suit + sneakers is a good match.

Stan Smith has naturally become a Normcore signature,This pair of timeless classic sneakers proves that true innovation can have a lasting impact. Whether it is fashion or other fields, the construction of history is inseparable from the imprint of each era.

The Silver that appeared in the new autumn/winter 2022 suits a casual outfit. It is a pair that suppresses the trend with the hint of gorgeous 1980s fashion and mirror balls while keeping the classic details. It has a cool impression and goes well with beautiful outfits.

Choose by types

Stan Smith is available in five types and each one has different features and comfort levels. Now let me show you the five models and teach you to choose your favorite sneakers.

‘Stan Smith Comfort’ is a type of sneaker that uses Velcro instead of laces to secure shoes. You can easily put it on by simply peeling off the velcro. It’s easy to put on and the laces and won’t come loose while you’re walking. This is a comfortable type without the hassle of tying laces. It gives the impression of lightness and is perfect for sports mixes and streetwear.

“Stan Smith Gore-tex”:

Regarding this Stan Smith GORE-TEX Infinium Thermium, GORE-TEX’s latest thermal insulation technology blessing is the direct highlight. GORE-TEX and Infinium Thermium’s identity embellishments are also detailed. Of course, the most powerful is the emphasis on heating performance. It also makes the whole shoe highlight the irresistible collocation and commuting guarantee.

For those who like Stan Smith, it is a nice type of sneaker because it can be worn even on rainy days. It is also recommended for wearing on work or school.

“W” is designed for slim ladies. The feature of Stan Smith W is that there are many collaboration types. The price is about the same as the general Stan Smith, but it looks more luxurious and expensive.

Shopping Tips

Stan Smith is not made to fit the size of Asian feet, so many people feel that it does not fit. It is recommended that you go to see the real thing and try it on.

If your foot size is “normal”, we recommend a size 0.5cm larger

If you don’t have any points to worry about when buying sneakers other than the vertical length, it’s a normal type of foot.

If your foot width and instep height are normal, you should choose a size that is +0.5 cm larger than your usual size. You can wear sneakers in a good style because it looks narrow and long without widening the width of the string. When you try it on, try to wear it on both feet instead of just one.

If you have “wide” feet, we recommend the perfect size

Stan Smith has plenty of widths, so if you have wide feet, the perfect size is fine. Even if you feel that the width of the sneakers is tight with normal sneakers, Stan Smith is designed with a generous width so you can enter it.

If you are still uneasy, choose one that is one size larger and insert an insole to adjust it. For those who are concerned about the width of the laces, unifying the colors of the sneakers and shoelaces will make them less noticeable. We recommend that you try it on once.

If your feet are “high instep”, we recommend a size that fits vertically

The height of the instep is a characteristic of the foot with the arch raised and the instep raised, and the foot with a low instep has a wide space between the instep and the shoe, and some people slide forward toward the toes.

The recommended way to choose a foot with these characteristics is to choose the one that fits the vertical size. It’s okay if it’s vertical like a person with wide legs. Even so, people with high insteps may be wondering if the upper part will fit, so it is recommended to try it on once.

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