9 Genius Products To Help Organize Your Kitchen!

9 Genius Products To Help Organize Your Kitchen!

ByOliverApr 15, 2022

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Let’s be honest, the kitchen can be a daunting place. Whether you’re navigating tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there’s a lot you need to consider when you’re trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also making sure everything you need is still easy to reach. Not to mention you have to take care of millions of small things like food and pantry items, utensils, dinnerware, cookware, and glassware, there’s so much to stow away in your kitchen.

Well, if you are troubled by how to keep your kitchen organized and neat, this article is for you! We’ve collected 10 products that’ll make your life way easier!

IDESIGN Narrow Deep Fridge Bins Tray Clear

Sometimes we get too many groceries in our refrigerator that everything just gets kinda mixed, and even if we take the time to get everything organized, it won’t be long before there is chaos again. Well, with this plastic storage organizer tray by IDESIGN, you can create a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry. I use it to store eggs, vegetables, fruits, deli meat and more, pretty much everything you can think of, and it’s really useful!

There are other options, but I choose this one because it is made of BPA-free plastic, which means it’s safe to store foods in it. And the rigid bottom allows you to easily view box contents, making everything accessible. With handles on both sides of the tray, it’s also very easy to be moved around.

The tray comes in three different sizes, for different purposes, if you want to get your kitchen organized with a one-fit-all solution, I strongly recommend you get this IDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit!

Keurig 36 K-Cup Pod Carousel

As a coffee lover, I used to have a drawer dedicated to K-Cup pods, but it was so messy and inefficient. And ever since I discovered this product, say goodbye to messy drawers with loose K-cups! Pods organization has never been easier, I can easily access the type of coffee I prefer every morning, and I can refill them effortlessly!

Besides it offers me an easy access to any beverage, it also saves me a ton of space. The drawer I used to store coffee pods now can be used for something else, and the slim, space saving design complements any Keurig coffee maker! And the high-quality metal construction is very elegant too. There are other ways to organize your coffee pods, but this is the one I prefer.

Organize your coffee pot with this baby! Whether you enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or more – your favorite K-Cup Pods are always ready to be brewed!

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

This is probably one of the most useful product when it comes to kitchen and pantry organization – just imagine, you wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen thinking about what to have for breakfast, and find everything is neatly organized. No longer messy, this just makes meal prep way more easier and happier!

This pack of containers comes in four different sizes: tall containers (1.7qt ), medium containers (1.1qt ), small containers (0.7qt), mini containers (0.5qt), all have its own purpose, use to store flour, sugar, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, and tea! And by stacking them together, you can save tons of space. The containers are also made from BPA-free materials and are very durable and shatterproof.

If you think 24 packs is too much for your kitchen, you can always get the 7 piece pakage to help you organize your kitchen!

RÅSKOG Utility cart

Fixed cupboards are sometimes not enough when it comes to kitchen organization, we sometimes want something that is open and can be moved around, and a rolling kitchen cart is the next best thing to adding cabinets and countertop space.

This utility cart by IKEA fits in the smallest of spaces and can be moved to wherever you need it. You can use it as extra storage for all your kitchen utensils, vegetables, or plates. I like to keep recipe books in it and keep it near when I cook. If you don’t need it in your kitchen, you can also move it into any other room you like, for example, study room, and store books. The sturdy construction and four castors make it convinient for you to move the trolley and use it wherever you like. It even fits in tight spaces because of its compact size.

IKEA also provides you with other fantastic kitchen islands and carts to help organize your kitchen! check them out if you are interested!

Stainless Steel Drain Rack

If you don’t have enough space for a dish-drying rack but you wash a lot of dishes, go vertical! Designed with reinforced bottom, this over-sink rack is very stable and has tons of room for plates, utensils, bowls, soap, and more!

Among all the drain racks, this is one of the best for its ergonomic design, which breaks the traditional four-post design and provides easier storage space. Thanks to this design, your sight will not be blocked and you won’t hit your head. It has also been proven that this steel drain rack is more sturdy than most of the racks out there, this is because of the stainless steel layer and high-temperature baking paint layer, which give this drain rack double protection.

This organization product for your kitchen is very easy to assemble and adjust, able to take as heavy as about 35kg, this rack can certainly become one of your most helpful kitchen organizing tools.

2-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan

I love to experiment with all kinds of wired spices and sauces, and as the number of the bottle accumulates, I just Stacked them in a cupboard without any logical order will, that’s why I always had a hard time finding the spice I need. And this spice rack has saved my life! There are all kinds of spice racks out there, but this one works best for me. I like to transfer all my spices to uniform jars and put them on the rack, now it’s so easy to access and organize!

Made from rustproof brushed stainless steel, this rack is so elegant that it can be called an art piece! Even if you don’t need it in your kitchen, you can put it in a bath cabinet for toiletries, cosmetics, and medications, and it fits right in!

Mainstays 3-Tier Can Dispenser Rack Organizer

This rack has saved me when organizing canned food in my kitchen, and guess what, it costs me not even $15! Or, if you are really creative, you can try to build one from scratch, it’s not hard!

This can rack features a design that is so imple that it is self-explained, but it is so functional and pairs well with most any kitchen decor, making it a practical choice when it comes to kitchen organization. The stacked shelf design enables the cans to be stacked on top of each other, allowing users to store, even more, and also saves a ton of space for other pantries.

Another great design is that the cans can be moved automatically moved forward when one is removed and the shelves may be adjusted to fit larger size cans. I love using this rack to store tomato cans and pea cans, if you are also thinking about getting this rack, consider getting the Wire Wrap Stand to pair with it for better organization!

Best Organization Product For Banana Lovers

Banana Hook

If a banana rests for a long time on a hard surface, it often has bruises and soft spots when ripened. That’s why a banana hook can be useful for banana lovers.

You can attach this self-adhesive banana hook below a cabinet and hang a bunch of bananas on it, then all you have to do is wait for it to be ripe. Made from durable white plastic and an instant-stick adhesive pad, it is very sticky and you don’t have to worry about it suddenly falling down. And when the last banana is gone, the banana hook folds flat automatically to save more space, this is also another cool feature to have.

Besides keeping bananas on a vertical hooks, there are mutiple ways to keep bananas fresh for longer, watch this video if you want to learn more about it!

Drawer Organizer Flat

If you have particularly narrow drawers or are short on space, this drawer organizer flat can absolutely help you organize your tablewares better.

The tray has clean lines and clutter-free design, creating a contemporary look that feels clean and minimal. And it features 5 compartments in order maximize drawer storage space. If you get it dirty by accident, just throw it in the dish washer, it’s made from durable plastic and dishwasher-safe.

At only two dollars, you you can get a helper that organizes your drawer neatly! If you don’t like the white ones, check out the Drawer Organizer White Flat!


  • Best Product For Refrigerator/Freezer Storage Organization: IDESIGN Narrow Deep Fridge Bins Tray Clear
  • Best Organization Product For Coffee Lovers: Keurig 36 K-Cup Pod Carousel
  • Best Product For Kitchen Food Storage Organization: Airtight Food Storage Container Set
  • Best Versatile Product For Your Kitchen Organization: RÅSKOG Utility cart
  • Best Organization Product To Save Kitchen Space: Stainless Steel Drain Rack
  • Best Organization Product To Make Spices Easy To Grab: 2-Tier Stainless Steel Lazy Susan
  • Best Product For Canned Goods Storage Organization: Mainstays 3-Tier Can Dispenser Rack Organizer
  • Best Organization Product For Banana Lovers: Banana Hook
  • Best Organization Product To Keep Your Drawers Neat: Drawer Organizer Flat