8 best nose ring designs of 2022 that will make you go wow

8 best nose ring designs of 2022 that will make you go wow

BySibylMay 27, 2022

from Google nose ring pictureNose rings are one of the most popular forms of piercings around the globe, and they can drastically transform your appearance. Whether it is a nose ring or a septum ring, you can find a wide range of nose rings online and in stores to match your look.
Just like most fashion accessories, nose ring designs are constantly changing, and each year brings new designs and styles of nose rings that replace previous designs. If you want to keep up with the latest nose ring trends, then you need to know the best nose ring designs for 2022.
Along with the design and style, the overall quality and the comfort level of the nose ring should also be a major consideration when you are trying to buy one. If you are having a hard time finding a nose ring for yourself, then you aren’t alone. With so many types of nose rings available online it can get quite difficult to choose a single nose ring to complete your overall look. If you have just gotten your nose pierced, or you want to upgrade to a better nose ring, then we suggest you keep reading.
This buyer’s guide is going to list down the best nose ring designs of 2022, so you can choose the ones that fit your taste and style.

There are a few nose rings that are designed especially to be worn as cartilage piercings, such as the septum and daith. If you were looking for a nose piercing specifically for cartilage piercings then this CUPID. Chevron Gold Clicker Ring - Septum is worth your consideration.

Sparkling nose clicker ring with a chevron that is studded with Cubic Zirconia. The daith, forward helix, and septum piercings are all ideal piercing spots to wear this accessory. Because this hoop nose ring is crafted out of Sterling Silver, this nose ring is designed to last for a long time and comes with a lower risk of infection. When purchasing this product, you have the added option of choosing between two different diameter choices.


  • Sparkling clicker ring
  • Comes with Zirconia
  • Can be worn on various piercing spots
  • Easy to wear

Nose rings have a tendency to look similar to one another. So it is natural for some people to look for a unique made to order nose ring that will truly be one of a kind. Luckily the Stud Nose Cuff offered by Joanne T is one such nose ring that you can customize and get made as per your needs.

Joanne T StudNose Cuff is made using 925 Sterling Silver. The standard option of this product comes with a 2.5mm Silver Cubic Zirconia. The manufacturer also offers this product with an 18K Gold plated. Most importantly you can work with the manufacturer to add your own personal touch to this nose ring to make a true statement.


  • Made to order nose ring
  • Comes with 18k gold plated material
  • Designer product
  • Has a premium finish

Nose rings are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry because they can be worn in various ways. A nose ring can be worn in nostril piercings as well as septum piercings. However, did you know there is a nose ring that can be used as an earring? Gold Nose Ring - Gold Nose Hoop - Indian Nose Ring can be used as an earring and it is worth considering as your next nose ring.

A stunning septum ring designed in a cultural style and accessorized with dots. Not to mention this hoop nose ring

doubles as an earning as well! In addition to being used as tragus earrings, it may also be worn as a little hoop earring. Silver and gold plated this product has the finish and zest of precious metal jewelry but at a fraction of the cost.


  • Handmade
  • Comes with little decorative flares
  • You can also wear them as tragus earrings.

Stainless steel nose rings are sought after because of their ability to prevent infections and nonmagnetic nature. Since nose rings are made to be worn 24/7 having a nose ring made up of surgical steel is definitely a plus. This Round Top 316L Surgical Steel Nose Septum Ear Cartilage Clicker consists of high-quality surgical steel so the wearer can have peace of mind when wearing it.

Although affordable this product is studded with cubic zirconia stone which makes it look extravagant. If you are into flashy jewelry then you should definitely consider this hoop nose ring. Designed to be used for both nasal and septum piercings this product’s surgical steel build and convenient clicker make it a bang for buck.


  • Made out of surgical steel
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Stone studded
  • Value for money

Nostril hoop rings are probably the most popular form of nose wear because of how easy they are to put on and take off. If you are getting a hoop nostril ring, it is best to have a lightweight and simple ring that doesn’t put too much strain on your nose. That is where this Rhinestone Decor Cuff Nose Ring comes in with its lightweight and affordable design.

Available in gold color this hoop nose ring comes with a small pendant in the middle that serves as the focal point of this piercing. This nose ring is made of copper to minimize the risk of infections and on top of that it’s super simple locking mechanism makes it easy to put on and take off.


  • Makes a funky style statement
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable nose ring
  • Made of copper

Nose rings have come a long way and nowadays you can find nose rings that are specifically designed to be worn with a classy outfit. This Bejewelled Trinity Titanium Clicker has the ability to give you a luxurious nose ring experience.

This Bejewelled Trinity Clicker by Ask&Embla will add levels of sophistication to any outfit. With three complete rows of inlaid Cubic Zirconia stones in this product, you become instantly more noticeable. For those who like rings that hang closer to their piercings, the small drop of this nose ring produces the ideal tight fit.


  • Hand made product
  • Can be worn in the septum or any other cartilage
  • Made using high-quality titanium
  • Has a subtle drop

Septum rings used to be a bold style statement however in recent years they have become more mainstream, and they can be used for a variety of style statements. Now keep in mind that the size of the septum ring makes a major difference when it comes to how wearable it is. And this Minimal Chain Septum, Tragus Piercing, Body Jewelry, is the perfect size for everyday use.

The whole septum is constructed out of solid sterling silver and does not contain any nickel. With that said

the only section of the wire that goes into the nose is made up of solid 14K white gold. The decorative chain for the hoop nose ring is made of solid sterling silver.


  • Made with recycled materials
  • Uses silver as the main material
  • handmade product
Best nose ring and chain comb
USD 14.99

Originating from India, the nose ring and chain combo is a traditional Indian bridal accessory. However, over time this traditional accessory has evolved into many variations including a septum piercing and chain combination, and this 1Pc Stainless Steel Nose Rings And Studs Fake Septum Piercing Nose Hoop is one of the best examples of that trend.

You can get this steel nose ring and chain combo in golden and silver colors along with a glossy finish that goes well with most outfits. The manufacturer claims that this hoop nose ring and chain combo has been made using surgical steel so if you are worried about infections then this product might be it. Most importantly, this product looks very similar to real gold jewelry so you can give off the impression of a real gold nose ring with this piece.


  • Doesn’t cause irritation
  • Anti allergic
  • Moisture resistant
  • High gloss material

Nose rings are some of the most prominent pieces of jewelry that you can wear. So it makes sense that people want to buy a nose ring that represents their style and checks all the boxes for their requirements. The nose rings we have listed in this buyer’s guide are some of the most noticeable products of 2022 and each of them have a unique selling point. And we hope by the end of this article, you might have found your ideal nose ring design.

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