8 Outstanding Artist Collaboration Hatsune Miku Pre-sale Figures

8 Outstanding Artist Collaboration Hatsune Miku Pre-sale Figures

ByAruaApr 13, 2022


Anyone who loves Hatsune Miku should know that Hatsune Miku has been very popular since its release. There are also a lot of doujinshi about Hatsune Miku on the pixiv website, and there are many famous and outstanding illustrators, designers, and animation producers who have created various masterpieces based on Hatsune Miku. Figure manufacturers also seize these opportunities, and artists The cooperation has made a very beautiful Hatsune Miku figure, with various expressions. At the same time, a large number of dance, cover songs and other works were released on the Internet such as niconico animation, and became a topic, which in turn promoted the sales of Hatsune Miku. So the list brought to you today is the pre-sale figures that Hatsune Miku and some illustrators cooperated with. If you are interested, please continue to watch it!

  • Good Smile Company the launch of Hatsune Miku with SOLWA 1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in April 2023.

  • The total height of this figure is about 24 cm. It is planned by Hatsune Miku, a fashion brand SOLWA. The original artist Mai Shan Mai is also an experienced animator. Because of her long working experience as an original artist in animation production, she has a high advantage in character dynamics and is also one of the more well-known painters.

  • The onion-colored double ponytail of the Miku logo is made in a liquid-like style. The clothing on the body is lined with silver and white, and the outside is made of pink translucent. Grey hot pants and boots are very handsome. In particular, the officially released gray mold figure has restored the design image of the original painting to a great extent, and the degree of sophistication is unparalleled.
  • F:NEX, a high-end static brand owned by Japanese model manufacturer Furyu, has launched the Hatsune Miku 2022 Spring Festival Ver.1/7 figure in collaboration with Hatsune Miku Chinese contribution website POPPRO, which is officially scheduled to be released in January 2023.

  • Hatsune Miku’s figure is about 30.5 cm tall. The figure is made using the main visual map of Hatsune Miku 2022 Spring Festival made by illustrator Liita.

  • Miku’s iconic blue double ponytail grows around the branches, and the ends of the hair are made of translucent material to reflect the texture of the hair. Sitting on a peach tree wearing a very Chinese-style costume, she is as cute as a peach tree fairy. The end of the long fluttering ponytail is like a flowing cloud, with peach blossom branches and red lanterns, showing a breathtaking beauty. Short skirts, short boots, and slender legs add to the playfulness, and the snow-like face has a pair of sky blue eyes. There are red peach blossoms on the dark branches, showing the feeling of winter coming to spring.
  • This figure is the Hatsune Miku Symphony 5th Anniversary Edition. A scale model of Hatsune Miku in the main visual illustration from the overall orchestra concert “Hatsune Miku Symphony 2020 ~5th Anniversary” of “Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku”.Officially scheduled to be released in January 2023.

  • The total height of the figure is about 34 cm (including the platform). Illustrator Rella’s fantastic, beautiful key visual illustrations have been crafted in character form. Miku’s gramophone-inspired dress is made from translucent parts and delicate pearl and gold paint. In addition to the face with closed eyes, an interchangeable smiley face part is attached. The signature sage-colored twin ponytails fluttered all around, from the flowing hair to the fingertips and toes, full of glamour. The base of the doll also has a small drawer for storage, allowing you to store the music box that came with the doll inside, or take it out to play with it separately.

  • Use of the music box requires care not to overwind the music box winding keys, as overwinding the winding keys may result in damage. And this music box is a bit heavy, so be careful not to drop it or knock it over.
  • The Japanese model manufacturer MaxFactory announced the launch of a new movable series figma number EX-066. The 2022 “Hatsune Miku” Snow Miku Grand Voyage Ver. action figure is officially scheduled to be released in September 2022.

  • 2022 marks Xue Miku’s 13th anniversary, and the 2022 designs are once again voted online through a series of costumes submitted to piapro by fans! This year’s theme is “Sea Inspired by Winter in Hokkaido” and the winning Snow Miku design is this version based on Testo illustrations! The design has been turned into this figma along with the rabbit Yukino!

  • This action figure is approximately 13 cm tall. “Rabbit Yukine” also appeared with a hood. The doll comes with three expressions of “normal face”, “smiley face” and “shiny face”, and accessories include “replacement of front hair with sunglasses”, “telescope”, and “replacement of upper body with off coat”. And with figma’s smooth and posing joints, you can create a variety of poses.

Little knowledge:

Snow Mirai is a character designed to liven up Hokkaido’s winter. She was originally created for the Hatsune Miku Snow Sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Festival in 2010, and has participated in the “SNOW MIKU” festival in Hokkaido every year since then. Snow Mirai’s 2022 theme is “Inspired by the winter sea of ​​Hokkaido”.

  • Japanese toy manufacturer Kouya announced the launch of the static series BISHOUJO beautiful girl new product Hatsune Miku feat. My Little Pony 1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in May 2022.

  • The total height of this joint figure is about 21.5 cm. Toshiya Yamashita designed Hatsune Miku for the second time in the beautiful girl series, and also linked the theme of My Little Pony in the beautiful girl series. Miku, who debuted this time, is also Yamashita Junya’s female style, with big eyes with eyelashes, the iconic blue double ponytail with blue-pink gradient and translucent design, and there are two bunches of pink highlights on the bangs. Miku’s top is designed with pearlescent lacquer for a satin-like texture. The microphone in the left hand and the singing gesture in the right hand are full of energy. Of course, don’t forget the pony version of Miku that accompanies it. The cute blue pony has headphones on its head, the iconic double ponytail is thrown aside, and the rhythmic special effects dance with it under the jumping hooves.
  • This Hatsune Miku: Eternal Kingdom, from “Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku”, featured her in the main visual illustration of the traditional Japanese art, food and music event “KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL 2019” at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. A costume-based scale model of Hatsune Miku appears. This figure will be released in July 2023.

  • The total height of the figure is 250mm. The original artist of this figure is Rella, who is also the original artist of the last Hatsune Symphony figure. Many people have paid attention to the painting level of artist Rella, especially the image of Hatsune drawn by this artist, which can almost be called beautiful. The Hatsune images created by this talented painter have a unique elegance, as can be seen in the previous Hatsune Symphony and this one’s timeless place.

  • This Eternal Land Hatsune figure is extraordinarily exquisite in appearance, and the story background is also themed at Kitano Tenmangu. It is a very eye-catching figure. It takes the complicated and complicated kimono as the shape, the overlapping clothing styles and the delicate hair accessories, and the vivid and elegant hair style makes Hatsune as light and vivid as the elf. Especially from the back view, you can also feel the agility brought by the figure.
  • Furyu’s static model brand F:NEX announced the launch of the Hatsune Miku Chronicles 1/7 model of the “Hatsune Miku & Chronicles” art exhibition, which is officially scheduled to be released in August 2022.

  • The total height of this figure is about 25.5 cm. The model is made using the Hatsune Miku life-size statue designed by popular artist Rella for the “Hatsune Miku & Chronicles” art exhibition. F:NEX worked together with the Hatsune Miku & Chronicle production committee, and the two sides cooperated to redesign the statue and adjust it to a 1/7 model.

  • Hatsune Miku’s bright smile is paired with vigorous movements. Miku’s signature onion-colored double ponytail is made of translucent material, which has a different brilliance under the light. Miku’s top, sleeves, and boots are all painted with lacquer to restore the sci-fi feel in the original setting. The folds of the top and the hem of the skirt have been carefully crafted. The bite on the thigh has a different texture.
  • Good Smile Company that it will launch the “Hatsune Miku GT Project” dedicated character Racing Miku 2013 Rd.4 SUGO Support Ver. Figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in June 2022.

  • The total height of this figure is about 25 cm. Hatsune Miku GT Project Official Character Racing Miku’s 2013 SUGO cheering illustrations have been turned into 1/7 scale figures! The figure is made in 3D using the 2013 SUGO battle support illustrations drawn by popular illustrator saitom.

  • The Illustrator saitom version of the racing future has been carefully reproduced, with a crown on the cute Hatsune head and an innocent and cute expression between the emblematic green twintails. The white top adopts the shape of a one-piece swimsuit and is matched with a translucent blue skirt design, which fully shows the lovely legs. The back is also full of highlights, completely a lovely racing girl.

Are there any Hatsune Miku figures from your favorite illustrator or brand co-branded on this list? These figures are now available for pre-order! Go ahead and book your favorite one!
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