7 Candles That Help You Calm Down While Working From Home

7 Candles That Help You Calm Down While Working From Home

ByOliverApr 01, 2022

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It’s hard to believe, but many of us have been working from home for over a year now and sometimes it can be so stressful. I’ve grown the habit of lighting a candle while working, it usually calms me down immediately. If you are like me, read on for 7 candles you can burn while you’re working…because who couldn’t use a little comfort at home these days?

Candle With Cute Cactus-like Shape
$ 26.00

🕯️Terrarium Candle

Fragrance: pine and vanilla

There are few candles that check the box of both appearance and scents, and this one certainly does that.

This cactus-like candle made by Zoe Tang has gained a great deal of popularity on TikTok.

The candle impresses two senses at once: you can both see and smell her astonishing artistry. Her green cactus candles are meticulously detailed and have scents of pine and vanilla.

Place this candle on your desk and light it up, I guarantee that you will be in a great mood throughout the day!

🕯️ BYREDO Burning Rose Candle

Fragrance: floral fragrance wrapped in leather and wood

If you bored of the ordinary scents of candles, maybe you can try this one out.

BEYREDO, a Swedish company that is also still relevant on TikTok, has released this candle called “Burning Rose”.

This Candle has a light, floral fragrance. As the candle consumes, the flowery accents are slowly wrapped in leather and rooted in dark woods.

It‘s pricy, I’m not gonna lie, but it is worth it.

Candle That Brings Back Good Memories
$ 14.00

🕯️Vinyl Records by Anecdote Candles

Fragrance: coconut-soy wax and woody
Sometimes, we just feel burned out after a long day, and you can think of is depressing things that have happened to you. This candle can bring back good memories.
Inspired by different cultural lines, these anecdote candles are for people who have much more depth than just the smells of candles.

Made from coconut-soy wax and infused with nostalgia, the candle has opening notes of bergamot, jasmine, and amber are balanced with a soothing base of sandalwood and oud.

Besides being a good conversation starter to put on your office desk, the woody scents always smell like something old and pleasant.

🕯️Portus Cale Raumduft Diffuser Gold and Blue

Fragrance: pink pepper and jasmine

If you are into decoration styles that are quaint, maybe you can integrate this candle into your room.

Made in Portugal, this beautifully packaged diffuser is inspired by azulejo tiles. The elegance of the diffuser makes it an impressive gift or countertop addition.

Every item is crafted from a natural vegetable base and scented with high-quality pink pepper and jasmine from Europe. The collection is hand-wrapped in packaging depicting the centuries-old charm of azulejo tiles that cover many Portuguese buildings.

Candle With Minimalism Aesthetic
$ 10.27

🕯️PARACHUTE WaterSea salt candle

Fragrance: WaterSea salt with notes of citrus, seagrass, Cyprus, and clean driftwood

If you are like me, embracing minimalism as a lifestyle, you might love this candle for its minimalist concrete vessel.

PARACHUTE believes that when we take care of our home, it takes care of us. This scented candle they designed is simple but elegant, suited for those who have a more minimalist aesthetic.
With essential oil, the WaterSea candle sets a relaxing mood in your home with a fragrance that is so calming and soothing.

Candle That Reminds You The Golden Age
$ 65

🕯️Harlem Candle Company Savoy Votive Candle

Fragrance: Sandalwood, Scented, Jasmine

If your vibe is fancy Renaissance romance or 1920s speakeasy, then you gotta pick up one of these candles by Harlem Candle Company (or all of 'em).

Look at the package, it’s shiny, it’s glowy, it reminds me of the golden age of America. Actually, when you light it up, the scent reminds me of that too.

This candle is handcrafted in the United States, and the amber glass jar is tastefully adorned with the Harlem Candle Company logo in a 22K gold imprint.

Candle Help You Sleep Better
$ 26.00

🕯️This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle

Fragrance: Lavender

After a long day of work, it’s time to relax and unwind. The calming aroma made up of French Lavender Essential Oil can release you from all the stress and anxieties.

Light the candle for a couple of hours each evening as you unwind and prepare for bed. Remember to blow out before bedtime. This will Calm your mind and allow you to forget the stresses of the day, paving the way for restorative sleep and a healthier sleep pattern.

🌛 Don’t underestimate the importance of taking a moment to reflect. Light a candle and shut your phone, recreate a spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home.

Try out the candles listed above, transform your home into an oasis of calm!