6 best albedo figures recommended for you!

6 best albedo figures recommended for you!

ByAruaMar 29, 2022

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For this list, I chose the best-looking albedo figures to share with you. If you are an albedo fan like me, you must read this list! I’ve seen “Overlord” because the most impressive thing except the Bone King is albedo, the goddess of albedo, wearing a pure white dress, with a light smile on her face like a goddess, and long hair opposite to the dress Her waist-length black hair is full of luster, and she is basically an impeccable peerless beauty; two curly goat-like horns grow on the side of her head, and black angel wings can be seen around her waist. Simply very heartwarming.

  • Japanese figure manufacturer eStream has released its new high-quality figure series “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE” (SSF), the Albedo swimsuit version 1/7 figure from “Overlord”, the Albedo swimsuit version 1/7 figure The overall height is about 32.3 cm. The succubus Albedo’s proud body was wrapped in a white ruffled bikini, with a transparent aqua thin shirt attached to it. The lovely face has the iconic double horns, the long black hair is lightly lifted, the waist is black with wings, and the texture of the feathers is clearly visible. The water flow around Albedo also uses a blue translucent gradient effect piece.
  • The albedo in this figure is wearing transparent clothes, showing a very sexy figure, the vest line is also very clearly depicted, and the gesture of stroking his hair is also imaginative. The details of this figure are very well portrayed, whether it is the lace of the clothes or the feathers of the wings, it is very detailed, I really love this one.
  • Kadokawa’s peripheral brand KDcolle announced the release of the Albedo Wing Ver.1/7 model of the popular light-modified animat- ion “OVERLORD”, which is officially scheduled to be released in March 2022, with a total height of about 31 cm. As the headmaster of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo, a beauty in white, was modeled with an illustration by character prototype designer So-bin. The long black hair was blown by the wind, and between the strands of hair was Albedo’s gentle smile like a goddess, although the double horns on her head emphasized her demonic side. A golden necklace like a spider’s web hangs on the proud chest. Every feather on the black wings that spread out from the waist is detailed. In Feather’s arms, Albedo lifted her skirt lightly, and her jumping posture was full of movement.

  • It is not too much to describe this figure as an excellent artwork statue. The movements of fluffy hair and feathers are very suitable for the characteristics and style of its own overlord works, rather than the flat and pure two-dimensional characteristics. Both the sense of balance and the aesthetics are handled very well. The clothes on the wings and the back are installed as independent accessories. At the same time, there are pillar parts to support the feathers, so there is no need to worry about the problem of unsupported.
  • Japanese model manufacturer Freeing announced the launch of a new B-style series, the Albedo Bunny Ver.1/4 figure from the lightly modified animation “OVERLORD Season 4”, which is officially scheduled to be released in October 2022. This figure is full height About 30 cm long and 44 cm long. As the headmaster of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, and with the proud figure of a succubus, Albedo turned into a white bunny girl. Her slender legs were wearing white suspender stockings, her plump and proud chest was wrapped in a white bunny leather jacket, and under her long black hair was the gentle expression that Albedo usually wore on her face. The texture of the feathers on the black feather coat on the back is also carefully depicted.
  • Obviously, this figure made by union creative does not have such a problem from the official map, but it is very beautiful and artistic from any angle. The pure black wings use a lot of special methods to show the fluffy and dynamic feeling of the wings very clearly, as if the black wings are about to move in a second. We can see that Albedo was uncharacteristically, changed into a set of clothes, and used her own private clothes. The pure white clothes formed a sharp contrast with Albedo’s pure black wings. The new clothes that were uncharacteristically were also very good. With impact, Albedo stands on the ground like a pure black angel, in contrast to the slutty image in the original play.

  • This figure is very artistic, showing the fluffy and dynamic feeling of the wings, as if the black wings are about to move. This figure is made of Albedo’s private clothes, pure white clothes, which form a sharp contrast with Albedo’s pure black wings. Albedo, contrary to the image of the slut in the original play, stands like a pure black angel. On the ground, and there is a black bow on his corner that is not usually seen, it is really beautiful!
  • As the heroine of “OVERLORD”, Albedo, known as the “Pure White Devil”, has a very seductive charm. Recently, GSC manufacturers have perfectly restored the dreamy and slender side of this peerless goddess. This Albedo figure shows the double-faced nature of the goddess. She wears a white feathered dress with an angel-like expression of love, while the black wings sticking out from her waist show Albedo The essence of being a demon. Under the expressive technique that contains tension and beauty, the “pure white devil” stretches her arms and her black hair flutters in the wind, which greatly increases her allure.

  • We see that the albedo figure is very beautiful overall. The details of her face are very perfect, her big watery eyes are very clear, and the wings on her back are very finely carved. , but only when I saw the belly of the figure of Albedo did I know how exquisite this figure was, and this figure even had a vest line! This is also great!

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