6 Best outdoor security cameras in 2022

6 Best outdoor security cameras in 2022

ByLetiJul 21, 2022

DescriptionWe all know it’s very frustrating when we are away from home, and something happens as our home gets robbed or some damage is done to the property. The secure feeling of having a home security system is the best way to protect your home and family.

Outdoor security cameras are an excellent way to deter burglars and keep an eye on your property. These devices can be placed around the perimeter of your home to give you a better view of what is happening outside.

You can easily get different types of outdoor security cameras available on the market, which can be found at various prices. In this article, we will give a review of the best outdoor security cameras you can buy in 2022.

Our Top Picks

HD Dome Surveillance Camera AHD CCTV

This HD infrared surveillance camera can be used indoors or outdoors. You can get a 4-in-1 video format and a 2-megapixel/1080p resolution. The camera is white and has an IP67 weatherproof housing. There’s also the availability of built-in IR night vision. It can capture video in low or no light conditions. The range of the IR night vision is 20-30 meters. We like this camera because it is affordable and has excellent features. The HD-Q3 dome camera is a great choice for those looking for an affordable yet feature-rich surveillance camera. This camera supports AHD, HD-TVI, HDCVI, and analogue CCTV (CVBS) video formats.


  • Affordable with 4-in-1 video format
  • 2 megapixel/1080p resolution
  • IP67 weatherproof housing
  • IR night vision with 20-30 meter IR range


  • Not so easy to install

Wire-Free 1080p Security Camera 2 Pack - (SWIFI-CAMBPK2)

This product is a wire-free security camera. It has long battery life and can be recharged with a USB cable. It also has heat, motion, and person sensing for reliable alerts. The video is crystal clear, day or night. It also has 2 cameras and a wide 180° view. It can save clips from securing the cloud (rolling 7 days) plus offline backup. We like this product because it is easy to install and has many features we like. The HD video quality makes it easy to see what is going on, and the long battery life is great.

Reason to buy:

  • Long battery life
  • USB rechargeable
  • Multiple camera viewing
  • Clear video quality

Reason to avoid:

  • It does not have the two-way audio facility

Wire-Free 1080p Security Camera 2 Pack - (SWIFI-CAMWPK2)

This security camera system is perfect for those who want the peace of mind of knowing their home is protected, without all the hassle and expense of a traditional wired security system. The two cameras in this pack provide 1080p HD video quality and have facial recognition software that can send you push notifications when it detects a person you know.

They’re also heat and motion-sensing, so you’ll always be aware of activity around your home, day or night. Plus, they’re weatherproof, so you can keep them mounted outside without worry. And if you ever need to review footage, both cameras come with free local and cloud storage.

Reason to buy:

  • Easy to install and doesn’t require any wiring
  • Facial recognition software for personalized push notifications
  • Heat and motion-sensing for 24/7 awareness of activity around your home
  • Weatherproof for worry-free outdoor use

Reason to avoid:

  • Requires a subscription for certain features like cloud storage

eufy Security - Outdoor Cam Pro Wired 2K Spotlight Camera

This product is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their home security without spending much money. The outdoor security camera is very easy to install and offers 2K resolution for crystal clear images. The built-in spotlight is also a great feature, making it easy to see what’s going on even in low light. Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable security camera. It has a magnetic mount and a 20-foot cable for easy installation, and it’s subscription-free, so you don’t have to worry about monthly fees.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent image quality
  • Built-in spotlight for low light conditions
  • Subscription-free security


  • Very minimum documentation

Reolink Duo 2K Outdoor Dual-Lens WiFi Security Camera with Spotlights

This product is great for monitoring a large area with one camera. The two lenses provide a 150-degree viewing angle with low distortion so you can see more of what’s happening. Additionally, the in-camera motion detection is great for distinguishing people and vehicles from background objects to reduce false alerts. It has a 2k resolution and also features spotlights for better night vision. The built-in spotlights are also a nice touch to help deter intruders. Overall, this is a great security camera for any home or business.

Reason to buy:

  • Wide, 150-degree viewing angle
  • Low distortion lenses
  • In-camera motion detection
  • Built-in spotlights

Reason to avoid:

  • Quite expensive

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

The Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt is a versatile and easy-to-install outdoor security camera that offers excellent coverage with its pan and tilts feature, allowing you to see everything near and far with its 2K resolution. We like this product because it is very reliable to use.

The camera is also perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their property while away. It has a pole mount and can be easily installed on a ceiling, wall, or even a pole. The camera is very easy to set up, and you can access it from your smartphone or tablet with the Lorex Home app. This is an excellent security camera for the home or small business.

Reason to buy:

  • Excellent coverage with pan and tilt feature
  • 2K resolution for clear images
  • Easy to install on a ceiling, wall, or pole
  • Smartphone or tablet access with the Lorex Home app

Reason to avoid:

  • Some users found the camera to be a bit pricey.

Final words:

We have given you six different security cameras you can buy depending on your needs. All of these products are great for monitoring your home or small business. We hope you found this helpful, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

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