5 mini fans you can easily take it to start a spontaneous trip

5 mini fans you can easily take it to start a spontaneous trip

ByNicoAug 12, 2022

These 5 mini fans will help you breathe easy if your office too stuffy and Feel a little claustrophobic!!!They’re easy to carry around, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re starting a spontaneous trip or just need a little fresh air, these fans will come in handy.

1. 5" FAN with LIGHTS

Look no further than the TREVA 5" Fan with Lights! This fan features a powerful, 2-speed operation and adjustable airflow, making it perfect for any space. Plus, our bright LED lights keep your surroundings well-lit and visible, making it a must-have for dark areas or blackouts.

5" FAN with LIGHTS | Treva
- -


The STA-FRESH™ 5" ANTI-MICROBIAL FAN is the perfect healthcare product for quiet cooling in any home healthcare, assisted living facility or physical rehabilitation center. With its convenient folding design and portability, it’s easy to store and take with you wherever you go. Plus, the antimicrobial technology protects the fan from bacteria growth and odors.

3. Zippi Personal Fan

Looking for a small fan with a big attitude? Vornado’s Zippi Fan is your perfect solution! With innovative soft cloth blades, this fan quickly and quietly propels the air, but is safe to touch even while in motion. The Zippi is a powerful electric fan that doesn’t require batteries, making it ideal for travelers. Plus, it easily folds down so it can be packed away.


TREVA 3.5" Compact Fan with AC Adapter. This powerful little fan has two speed settings to give you an optimal cooling experience. Plus, it’s easily portable thanks to its folding design. You can also use a micro USB cord to charge the fan (not included) or operate it with 4 AA batteries (not included) or a standard AC wall adapter.

Zippi Personal Fan
USD 25.35

5. 8.15" Personal Fan

This small but mighty fan is perfect for hot days. With a few different settings, you can really feel the breeze, or conserve the battery. It’s easy to charge with a micro usb that plugs into the side, and a base so it can stand on its own.

8.15" Personal Fan
USD 15.89

Final words

What’s better than having a fan to cool you down on a hot day? How about five mini fans that you can easily take with you on a spontaneous trip? These handy little fans will make sure you’re always comfortable, no matter where you go!

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