5 best Couches With Unique Stylistic Design(Light Luxury)

5 best Couches With Unique Stylistic Design(Light Luxury)

ByNicoJul 22, 2022

DescriptionFor people nowadays, have a comfortable and soft couch is very indispensable…beacuse nothing is more enjoyable than lounging on the couch while watching TV and eating snacks fHowever,It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one from the many options out there on the market.

In order to help you pick the perfect couch,we have compiled a list of 5 best Unique Stylistic Design, which covers many types of design styles, in the hopes of providing some help and reference.

1. Best 2 seater couch with cloud-shaped

Having a white color and a bulbous appearance, I can easily associate this couch with “clouds”. And “sitting in a cloud” is exactly the unique design concept of Pierre Paulin, the designer of this sofa.
To achieve this feel, Paulin has used excellent modular craftsmanship and ergonomic precision design on this couch.So, on this couch you can feel the combination of extreme comfort and beauty.

Main features:

  • A sensation of “sitting on clouds”
  • Adding armrests to the sides and middle of the chair
  • The overall feel is organic and hyper-relaxed
  • Black or Pearl Gold base and many customizable upholstery options
  1. Best 2 seater couch with marshmallow-shaped

If the couch just now has the sensation of “a cloud”, this one, designed by the Milanese architect Donato D’Urbino in collaboration with the designer Paolo Lomazzi, looks more like a marshmallow.

The surface of this couch is covered with velvet,the round couches look plush and bulging, just like filled with air. At the same time, it can also support your whole body well, so it must be very comfortable in this “huge marshmallow”.

Main features:

  • Comprised of bulbous, cloud-like forms which can naturally cushion and support the body.
  • Looking like it has been inflated with air
  • Rejecting the stark functionality of the international style

3. Best 3 seater couch with toffee-shaped

If you are not very fond of white couch, then you can consider this caramel flavored couch.Unlike the first two couches, its surface is covered with coffee-colored velvet.And it looks like a giant soft caramel toffee.

At the same time, it is not as round and smooth surface in shape as the first two models, but covered with dramatic channeling and deep tufting deliver generous depth to curvy.

Main features:

  • Striped grooves and patterns
  • Coffee-colored velvet
  • together fashioning a feminine air and refined-retro vibe, bringing sophistication to forward-thinking forms

4. Best 3-seater couch in industrial style

Of course, if the color of your room is on the dark side, but you are not very much like the classic black or leather color, then this dark blue couch may be more suitable for you.

This couch looks not as soft and bulbous as the previous ones.Instead, it has a streamlined, industrial style.Due to the springs under the sturdy cushions,it is also quite comfortable.It is worth mentioning that,the back cushions are removable.

With slender, almost invisible legs in burnished steel and the use of wood and colors with Finn Juhl’s sense of detail,the couch filled with the typical style of furniture collections designed by Finn Juhl for the company Bovirke.

So, if your home lacks a sedate and designer sofa, it will be a good choice for you.

Main features:

  • a streamlined, industrial style
  • slender, almost invisible legs in burnished steel
  • the use of wood and colors with Finn Juhl’s sense of detail.
  • upholstered with fabric
  • comes with springs in the firm seat
  • back cushions are removable

5. Best 3-seater couch with an exposed linear frame

Of course, if you want to experience the perfect combination of linear frame and soft round frame, this lightweight collection of couch will be more to your taste.

This couch appear to be exposed linear frames at first glance, but with canvas sling support and plump cushions, giving it an overall look of both curvaceous softness and linear rigidity.

Main features:

  • feature an exposed linear frame
  • a canvas sling support
  • voluminous cushions
  • stackable pieces


There are already a variety of Couches on the market,and the prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars , but if you want to make your home look more unique, you can buy a uniquely shaped Couches to make yourself feel better. Only what suits you is the best, hope our selection of these 5 uniquely shaped couches will give you new inspiration.

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