5 Wicker Storage Baskets make our home vintage and simple

5 Wicker Storage Baskets make our home vintage and simple

ByLetiAug 08, 2022

DescriptionStorage is never a trivial matter, but using a good organizer may help us make this hassle simple and neat! Our 5 Wicker Storage Baskets give your home a vintage and simple look.

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1.Hyacinth Wicker Basket Set (Set of 2)

Is your home cluttered and crammed? Create some extra storage space with this stylish two-piece basket set. The metal frame is wrapped in hand-woven water hyacinth with a natural beige hue. Each basket is a simple square silhouette with built-in U-shaped handles. Place them in the foyer or mudroom to store mittens, hats, and work gloves, or set them on a bakers rack in the kitchen as a catchall for tongs, ladles, and rolling pins.

Hyacinth Wicker Basket Set
USD 17.32

2.Wicker Basket

This rectangular basket is perfect for home or office storage, and its narrow shape makes it ideal for smaller spaces. The strong iron frame ensures durability, while the natural aesthetic adds a touch of style to your décor. Don’t miss out on this versatile and stylish storage solution!

Wicker Basket
USD 12.58

3.Fallon Leaf Woven Stair Rattan Basket

Introducing the Fallon Leaf Woven Stair Rattan Basket - your solution for a tidy and safe home. No more leaving items haphazardly at the bottom of the stairs, or making multiple trips up and down. This basket is perfect for collecting items throughout the day, then easily carrying them upstairs when you’re ready. With handles for convenience, it’s never been easier to keep your home neat and tidy.

Fallon Leaf Woven Stair Rattan Basket
USD 71.53

4. Woven Cat Shaped Storage Basket

This charming storage hamper is handcrafted from woven water hyacinth reeds and shaped to resemble a friendly pussycat, complete with ears, eyes, nose, whiskers, and a white tummy. This whimsical woven basket is perfect for anything from towels to toys and is sure to bring a smile to your face, even when empty. Order yours today and enjoy the perfect combination of form and function!

Woven Cat Shaped Storage Basket
USD 129.0

5. Giraffe Wicker Basket

Handwoven from rattan reed, this basket is perfect for storing everything from folded crib linens to rows of diapers. Its small silhouette is great for smaller spaces, and its neutral look can grow with your child’s changing trends and shifting interests.

Giraffe Wicker Basket
USD 99.5

Final words

Step back in time with these beautiful, hand-woven storage baskets. Made from natural rattan, these baskets add a touch of vintage charm to any home.

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