5 Scented Slimes to help you decompress in 2022

5 Scented Slimes to help you decompress in 2022

ByBartroMay 30, 2022

DIY Scented Slimes picture from googleYou will be impressed by seeing gorgeous colors and scented slimes available in the market. It reminds you that kids are fond of playing with these bright things, which is why Slimes are their heart favorite.

This post will talk about five scented slimes to help you decompress. The kids and adults are also interested in playing with these beautiful Slimes.

When you or your kid touch these soft and fluffy Scented Slimes, they will take you into another world that you never dreamt of. If your child is very young, you should supervise your child when playing with the slime.

Types of Slime

Different kinds of slimes are:

  • DIY Clay
  • Cloud Slime
  • Cloud dough
  • Crunchy textured slimes
  • Bead bombs
  • Thick and glossy slimes
  • Slushee
  • Butter slimes
DIY Valentine Slime

Head in the Clouds comes in the category of very high-quality scented slime. It is a stress relief toy that makes you feel in the clouds. Your kids will also enjoy playing with their head in the shadows when their hand touches the smooth textured slime.

Most surprisingly, it is a transparent Slime with a layering of clear clouds. Along with a very soft texture, it also has little starry glitters sprinkled throughout.

It is smooth, but it is also a very fluffy cloud standards slime to give you a stretchy texture. If we talk about the smell of this scented slime, it is equipped with a very refreshing buttercream frosting smell.

Pros and Cons

  • Sizzling blue color Slime
  • Comes with little starry glitters
  • Smells like buttercream frosting


  • Costly Slime

If you are searching for a very colorful slime having different colors, then you are at the right place. It is a great soft and fluffy for your kid, making him so happy. Overall, it is a very smooth and soft slime for your mind to remain fresh for the whole day.

If we talk about the smell of this slime, it comes off with a sugar cereal scent. The good thing about this transparent slime is that it remarkably supports your child’s mental health.

In other words, it is a very gentle and playful way for a child or for yourself to play with. Climb for your mind also plays a vital role in decreasing anxiety and depression by enhancing a child’s different skills.

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful multicolor slime
  • Improves Your mental health
  • Helps in childhood anxiety and depression


  • Costly slime for kids

Cola creamy is a very different and unique crystal clear Slime to make your kids happy and relieved. I also love this slime very much as it makes me feel good and comes in the category of stress relief toys.

People mostly love this slash Slime due to its beautiful creamy and caramel color. If we talk about the texture of this scented slime, it is a tremendous elastic clay with a beautiful transparent medium.

Due to its remarkable slushy and jelly consistency, you will feel an Icy feeling with the fascinating scent of strong Coca-Cola. So we can say that it is gummy clay you will be obsessed with it. After playing with this scented slime, you will also feel the smell of this slime be like a vanilla birthday cake.

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful cream and caramel color Slime
  • Very soft and soothing
  • Helps in lowering your anxiety
  • Super inflating slime


  • It might get dry if put uncovered.
Waikiki Beach
USD 11.99

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of a beach, why not try Waikiki beach Slime?
So if your kid like the color of the beach, then this scented slime serves as a great stress relief toy.

It is to note that Waikiki beach is a beautiful place where the ocean waves and sandy beach in Honolulu inspire you. If you want to recall the beach seen in your mind, you can enjoy playing with this crystal clear slime.

It is a transparent Slime made with the sweet scent of coconut papaya and citrus. We all know that these are fresh scents to make your mind and body sound and new. Most surprisingly, this scented slime also serves as a great birthday gift that you can give to your little champ.

Pros and Cons


  • Equipped with beach colors
  • Very soothing tropical Saint
  • Smooth textured slime


  • The stretching of the slime could be improved

Tonlead blue crystal clear Slime is a beautiful and colorful crystal clear Slime decorated with glitters. If you have toddlers in your home, then it can be a great stress relief toy for them, and they will also get time to spend time together.

Now you and your little star can enjoy the summer’s excellent texture of slime that does not get stuck on your hands; what I like about this slime is that it is filled with fascinating glittering mermaids.

Along with enjoying this excellent stress relief toy, the slime is also equipped with many slices and candy fruit slices. It will give you a tremendous fresh fantastic feeling when you grab this soothing transparent slime.

Pros and Cons


  • Non-sticky slime for girls and boys
  • Perfect as a birthday gift
  • Equipped the fruits slices


  • A little bit messy

Frequently asked questions

  • Is slime best for two years old kids?

It is hazardous to give slime to a child under four years of age. The reason is that these kids do not have the sense to play with slime. However, they are perfect for toddlers as they know how to play with them.

  • What is the use of slime, and how is it advantageous?

Slime plays a vital role in enhancing the learning abilities of a child. However, they are also famous for other reasons, such as relieving stress and depression. Nowadays, doctors are also recommending using slime for kids and adults.

  • How can we select the best slime for kids?

In the market, different types of slimes are available; they are child friendly and are also helpful in decreasing depression among kids. Ensure that you do some essential safety measures for children while playing with slime.

Final words

Slimes are a great way of fun and entertainment for your little champs. You will be surprised to know that nowadays, Slimes are Kid’s heart favorite toys to play with.

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