5 Coolest Tile Shower Shelf Ideas to Add Even More Storage to Your Bathroom

5 Coolest Tile Shower Shelf Ideas to Add Even More Storage to Your Bathroom

BySamseaJul 25, 2022

Shower shelves are necessary, especially if you have children or prefer to keep a wide variety of bathroom supplies on hand. Even though your shower may be where you get thoroughly clean every day, if you don’t have a shelf or caddy to organize your toiletries, things can soon become disorganized. Shower shelf is available in a variety of styles that can hold all of your bathroom necessities while letting water easily flow through.

What use is a gorgeous shower if you can’t find a place to keep your bath and shower supplies? Shampoo, soap, and razors are always close at hand, and shower storage keeps your area appearing tidy and organized. We looked at some typical shower storage solutions, both built-in and temporary.

Temporary shower storage

Temporary shower storage is an excellent solution if your shower is unorganized but you don’t want to rebuild your bathroom anytime soon. Any store that offers home products will have these storage solutions, and most of the time they are reasonably priced.

This kind of storage often consists of a metal, plastic, or bucket that is suction-mounted to the shower wall. Suction cup storage’s key advantage is that it is frequently inexpensive and easy to set up. Even the strongest suction cups, especially in a moist shower setting, can start to slip with time, which is one of the drawbacks of suction cup storage.

Because it is so simple to install, over-the-showerhead storage is a favorite among homeowners. These shelving units with many shelves or storage baskets slide over your showerhead pipe. When using this kind of storage, balancing is one thing to consider. If you remove a heavy item, some models may tilt and slant, causing all of the other objects in the caddy to move. Try to get over-the-showerhead storage that either includes suction cups for extra support or fits snugly around your showerhead pipe.

Integrated shower storage

It is a great decision to include plenty of built-in shower storage if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The functionality of built-in storage complements the aesthetic of your room perfectly.

Tile shower shelf ideas and designs

To add more storage and keep everything organized, we’ve chosen top-shelf designs for tiled showers. Neat and orderly. When you need to add more storage to your bathroom but the shower niche is not an option, shower shelves are fantastic.

1- Grey and white tiled shower

Grey and white tiled shower add ample storage to your shower with corner shelves. Shower with grey and white tiles with corner shelves, your shower will have enough storage. They are secure for adults and children due to their rounded edges. You can move around freely and easily obtain bath goods because of their modest size, which keeps them out of the way.

Grey and white tiled shower is an excellent universal solution because most showers have at least two vacant corners. The homeowner constructed these shelves from the same material as the built-in shower bench in order to help them blend into the shower’s overall design.


  • Add storage to your shower
  • Having free-standing installation


  • Required drilling

2- Marble corner shelves

Marble corner shelves bookcases the rough shower walls contrast beautifully with the corner shelves and matching bench. Selecting shelves with a similar color scheme will help them blend in with the tiles. It can be difficult to find matching shelves when you utilize a unique tile in your shower. You may upgrade your shower and give it a more upscale appearance by adding a smooth, expensive material like marble.
Marble corner shelves has a coherent space, artistic feel because of the bench’s curved design, which mimics the shelves’ rounded corners.


  • Beautiful contrast to the rough shelf
  • Having elegant style


  • Not having different colors

3- Recessed shower niche shelves

Recessed shower niche shelves is best Shelves for storage and decoration. For the recessed shower nook build niche shelves into one wall to create a useful place for storage. There are no exposed edges to trip over as you wander about the shower because each one is sunken into the wall. You will have enough room to store bath goods, children’s toys, or decorative objects with two rows of niche shelves. This solution works well with both panel and conventional showers in terms of construction.


  • Having enough space to store bath product
  • Durable in nature


  • Slightly expensive

4- Tiny corner shelves

Tiny corner shelves maximize a glass-front shower. Small corner shelving maximize a glass-front shower by filling a tight space with several stacked shelves to accommodate a variety of products. Proof that you don’t need much room to add storage to your shower comes in the form of a tiny corner shelving system. We adore how the out-of-the-way location allows for unrestricted movement, and that the shelves are buried in a corner to lessen visual clutter.


  • Stackable
  • Having a variety of designs


  • Not having safety hazard

5- Tension-Rod Corner Shower Shelves

Shower shelves with tension rods are a great method to increase storage without starting a building project. A powerful spring is used to secure the installation of the vertical rod while allowing it to be adjusted to match your shower. For a unit that can accommodate all of your products, choose one with many shelves and racks. In order to ensure effective drainage after each shower, this type has wire-frame sides and bottoms.


  • Available in variety of colors
  • Having wire frame side


  • Not durable

Advantages of having a shower shelf

  • You’ll have more room within your shower or tub to store your daily shower necessities.
  • It keeps the area around your shower and tub clutter-free.
  • You can add your own flair by making the niche the bathroom’s main attraction.
  • To make the niche stand out, add a pop of color to the niche’s rear or install a textured, oddly shaped, or patterned tile
  • Any height level can accommodate a niche installation.
  • Installing one at eye level for your essentials and another at a lower level to use as a footrest when shaving legs is for the ladies out there


Q1- How can storage be added to your shower?

There are mainly two methods for including storage in a shower. You can incorporate them into the shower if you have the money and the time to perform the work. Temporary shelves that are attached with tension rods, suction cups, or hooks might be added if you are renting a space or you need a cost-effective option.

** Q2- Is it possible to add shelves to a tiled shower? **

It is possible to attach tiles to a tile shower using screws or water-resistant adhesive. Because the shelves aren’t incorporated into the walls, lightweight materials are a great idea. Corner shelves are the most popular choice.

** Q3- On the tile, can shelves be hung? **

To temporarily hang shelves on tile, use strong suction cups. This remedy is perfect for shelves that house light objects. Using a mounting plate, you can hang a conventional shelf if you require a more durable storage option.


Making floor space is crucial in smaller bathrooms because it is a valuable resource when it comes to restrooms. You can organize your bathroom, clear up floor space, and add a little creative décor to your bathroom by installing bathroom shelves or add more storage.

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