5 Best Mini Fridge for Your New Studio Apartment

5 Best Mini Fridge for Your New Studio Apartment

BygothamMay 23, 2022

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Are you shifting into your new studio apartment want to add a mini fridge and short on space? It is time to get creative and consider investing in appliances that can save your space and still look good. There are numerous tips on saving space in a studio, and replacing your refrigerator with a mini fridge is one of them.

Thanks to refrigerator-making brands, the designs have improved over the years, and you can now replace your old boring and space-taking fridge with a retro mini fridge. We have listed the five best mini fridges that will perfectly fit into your new studio apartment. Let’s dive in…

The next mini fridge on our list will add aesthetic looks to your new apartment. This mini fridge with a freezer is the perfect definition of a space-saving fridge because of its small size and flat back. Other features include:

  • Can dispenser on the door
  • White handle
  • Retro design
  • Space saver design

Gourmia’s mini fridge is a super space saver and can keep your food both cool and warm. It is portable so that it can be moved into any area of your studio apartment. Just remember where you last put it, though! The features include:

  • Lockable refrigerator door
  • Beautiful white color
  • Super mini fridge
  • Portable

This mini portable fridge has a double feature of keeping your drinks cool in the summer and food warm in the winter. The AstroAI mini fridge is ideal for a single person who has recently moved into a new studio apartment. The features include:

  • Keeps food cool and warm
  • 4-liter capacity
  • Compact size
  • Portable
  • Cheap mini fridge

This powerful machine by Black & Decker makes it to our list for its brand name. The sturdy refrigerator is great for a small apartment and will surely last you for years to come. The features of this mini fridge with freezer include:

  • Reversible door
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Can dispenser on the door
  • Freezer compartment
  • Space saver
  • Available in three colors

As opposed to the mini fridges on our list, this is a great option for an upright freezer. The best part about this upright freezer is that it can be placed separately or inside a cabinet. The beautiful wooden handle gives off a homey vibe. The features of this mini freezer include:

  • Flexible design
  • Factory-installed lock
  • Three slide-out freezer drawers

The decision to invest in a mini fridge solely depends on your requirements. Look for an option that saves space in your new apartment while fulfilling your needs. Make sure that you find something that checks all the boxes.

An important tip to keep in mind is to always look at the reviews and testimonials. A disgruntled customer is more likely to leave an honest review than the one who is satisfied. This will give you a unique insight into your choice of brand.

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