5 Best Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard

5 Best Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard

ByBartroMay 19, 2022

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Hummingbirds are the most beautiful birds globally with their high-speed aerial acrobatics. You will enjoy hummingbirds around you, so why not feed them and get more enjoyment.

If you want to attract hummingbirds, you have to set up hummingbird feeders in your home,So Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard are great products for you. This post will discuss the 5 best Hummingbird feeders in detail. These feeders come in all sizes and shapes and are also an attractive and functional tool.

Perky Pets Hummingbird Feeder is a beautiful 32 oz glass hummingbird feeder with a stunning color scheme. Most surprisingly, this feeder is an excellent piece of attraction for birds and hummingbirds.

Flexible feeding ports
The manufacturers made flexible feeding ports for this feeder inspired by the lantana flower. These flexible ports give a more natural look and feel to the birds who come toward them.

Outstanding Top-fill design
You will also be impressed by its unique top fill design for easy filling where you do not have to encounter spills or messes. It is an attractive glass hummingbird feeder to attract perky pets.

Naturally keeps out bees.
Some feeders also come with an added bee guard, but you can naturally keep out bees in this Hummingbird feeder. This feeder is specially designed with a long stem that keeps bees away from access to the nectar.

Pros and Cons
• Beautiful glass hummingbird feeder
• Easy mess-free fillings
• Widemouth Opening
• Top-fill design
• Small reservoir

It is a great 16-hose tube Hummingbird feeder made up of plastic. The feature which makes it unique in the market is that it has 10 feeding ports where 10 birds can feed simultaneously. You will be impressed by its attractive red color that attracts beautiful birds.

Leakproof reservoir
Now, you will not have to worry about spilling as the mouth of the reservoir is tightly closed on the base. This is the main reason the base is completely sealed, where you can also flip the container after filling it.

Secure hanging
After purchasing this modern hummingbird feeder, you might have a fear of falling it due to wind or rain. But most surprisingly, it gives you secure hanging with no tools required.

Ergonomic design
This hummingbird feeder is made of high-quality plastic that you can quickly close and open the bottle. This bottle has a wide mouth which ensures an effortless filling and cleaning.

Pros and Cons
• Perch with 10 feeding ports 
• High-quality plastic Hummingbird feeder
• 2 base parts for easy cleaning
• Leakproof reservoir
• Has a plastic base.

More Birds glass bottle Hummingbird feeder always attracts the birds because of its unique and modern design. It is an antique glass bottle with a 20 oz capacity and a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning.

5 feeding ports
There are five red-colored feeding ports on this Vintage feeder where five birds can feed simultaneously. An attractive image on the glass gives it a more classy look. As far as the quality is concerned, it is a high-quality modern hummingbird feeder for the feeding birds.

Easy cleaning
You can easily close and open this bottle; it is very easy to clean and fill with the wide mouth design. Manufacturers always recommend handwashing the bottle with lukewarm soapy water to avoid breakage.

Metal top and base
Although the bottle is beautiful and made of high-quality glass, it also has a unique and high-quality metal top and base. So it has a burnt penny finish metal base with metal flowers having the bee guards.

Pros and Cons
• Five flower-shaped feeding ports
• Beautiful vintage glass bottle
• More nectar capacity
• Easy to clean modern hummingbird feeder
• A little bit on the expensive side

Twinkle Star Hummingbird feeder has a 20-ounce nectar capacity of high-quality glass. The different thing about this feeder is that there are four yellow flower-shaped feeding ports to which the birds are highly attracted.

Wide mouth bottle
A wide-mouth bottle is perfect for easy filling and closing while pouring nectar. Moreover, it is also easy to twist from the top where you are ready to feed the hummingbirds.

Modern and stunning design
The birds are easily attracted to this hummingbird feeder because it stands out in the market with its modern and stunning design. It is a glass bottle with a great combination of a red-colored base and beautiful yellow flower-shaped feeding ports. This bottle serves as the nectar holder and the fruit holder, and the jelly holder.

Metal S hook
With the help of a metal S Hook, you can easily hang this feeder on the tree or hanger. You just hang it five feet above the ground and enjoy watching different types of birds around it.

Pros and Cons
• Modern and considerate design
• S-shaped hook on Twinkle Star Hummingbird feeder
• Easy to twist from the top
• Attractive hummingbird feeder
• Only four feeding ports

Perky-Pet is a little bit different glass hummingbird feeder with copper metal parts. The good thing about this feeder is that it has a convenient base that can easily be detachable to make cleaning easy. Moreover, the most attractive thing about this bottle is the brushed copper finish that it can stand out in any setting.

Wide mouth bottle design
With the help of a wide-mouth bottle design, there is no danger of spilling while filling the nectar. Another astonishing thing about this bottle is that it can easily hold up to 12 oz of nectar.

Four flower feeding ports
Just like many glass hummingbird feeders, there are also four flower feeding ports in this feeder. These sports come with circular perch so that the birds can easily enjoy 360-degree feeding.

Built-in bee guards
Built-in bee guards are always helpful in keeping insects away from the feeder. The most beautiful thing about this feeder is its elegant copper finish. So it has an eye-catching design that is also stylish.

Pros and Cons
• No spills while filling
• Built-in bee guards
• Easy to clean glass hummingbird feeder
• Brushed copper finish
• It can get rusted if not properly cared for.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which material hummingbird feeders should we prefer: glass or plastic?
    According to different manufacturers, glass hummingbird feeders are considered more significant than plastic feeders. Glass feeders are also very easy to clean than plastic, but still in the market, many plastic Hummingbird feeders are available that are available of high quality.

  • At which part of the day do hummingbirds come towards feeders?
    Normally, hummingbirds visit feeders at dawn and dusk. Many hummingbirds also feed on the nectar early in the morning and late in the afternoon before sunset.

  • Where should we put the hummingbird feeder in our home?
    To prevent the food from going bad, we should put the hummingbird feeder in the mix of sun and shade throughout the day. Do not put it in the direct sunlight as the nectar might heat up and spoil in some hours.

  • Final words
    The hummingbird feeder is just a blessing for hummingbirds where they can enjoy their beautiful design and feed on sugary nectar. In this post, I have discussed the five best hummingbird feeders for your yard from which you can choose according to your convenience. I hope you like this post a lot as you will also get a lot of information about Hummingbird feeders and the characteristics that make them the best.

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