5 Best Cat Food to Stop Cat Allergies

5 Best Cat Food to Stop Cat Allergies

BygothamMar 30, 2022

Does your cat often have allergies in spring? Which cat food should you buy for allergic cats?

Here are some recommended cat foods for allergic cats. Check them out!
Recommended cat food for cats with food allergies

Pros of this Allergic cat food:

  • The main ingredient is venison, a “new protein” that is not used in ordinary cat food
  • Air-drying method that maintains nutritional value
  • No colorants, artificial antioxidants, or genetically modified raw materials
Price $ 38.48
Weight 400g
Country New Zealand
Flavour Venison
Ingredients Protein:32%; Lipid:31%; Crude fiber:0.5%;
Calories / 100g 429 kcal

ZIWI Peak began as one man’s quest to feed his own beloved pets a high-quality alternative to over-processed pet food. ZIWI Peak’s founder Peter Mitchell’s mission to lock in the goodness of raw nutrition, with the safety and convenience of dried food, led him to create the world’s first raw alternative air-dried pet food – a game-changing innovation that continues to lead the category today.

ZIWI Peak through a gentle twin-stage dehydration technique, they are able to preserve all natural ingredients while cutting off pathogenic bacteria. As a result, your cat is fed species-appropriate food that closely resembles food in the wild, making it highly palatable, and don’t worry about allergies.Even though your baby is a choosey cat! It will like it in a second!

ZIWI Peak also harness all parts of an animal, like the heart, liver, kidney and bone, to supply essential vitamins and minerals. This can also prevent cat allergies to a certain extent.

But If you think this cat food is a little expensive, and you’re not sure if your cat can accept venison or not, but you still want to try venison-based cat food, I think you must check out the next recommended item!

Pros of this Allergic cat food:

  • The main ingredient is venison, a “new protein” that is not used in ordinary cat food
  • No grains such as wheat and corn that become allergens
  • All artificial preservation materials, fragrances, coloring materials, and by-products are not used
Price $ 19.99 / 1.8kg
Weight 1.8kg / 9kg
Country New Zealand
Flavour Venison
Ingredients Protein:30%; Lipid:15%; Crude fiber:3.5%;
Calories / 100g 370 kcal

Addiction Pet Food all started with Zack(Founder’s pet), a pet who liked to steal shoes and get into the laundry. Zack was sweet as can be, but plagued with allergies from a young age.“He broke out in rashes and scratched until his skin tore,” says Addiction co-founder Jerel Kwek. “We would take him to the vet and they’d give him steroids, which helped at first, but then caused their own set of side effects.”

So Jerel was determined to find a remedy to his pet’s problems. He turned to the leading holistic veterinarian at the time. It was discovered that the painful skin and gastrointestinal problems Zack was experiencing and a lack of nutrition in his diet was due to the unhealthy combinations of fats, grains, and additives in most pet foods that were fed to him. A lightbulb went off for Jerel: He needed to help develop a pet food without artificial ingredients and preservatives to alleviate not only his four-legged friend’s bumpy, itchy skin and lack of energy—but others’, too. With that, Addiction Foods was born.

With a manufacturing plant along New Zealand’s Western Bay of Plenty, Addiction is now the biggest and most technologically-advanced dry pet food plant in New Zealand, producing highly sought-after ultra-premium pet food in the market today.Addiction Foods now operates globally in close to 15 countries, including USA, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

Addiction Foods gives you Addiction Grain-Free Venison Cat Food. It is packed with highly flavorful, free-range venison from New Zealand—the purest place on earth to source and produce pet food. It is a hypoallergenic diet with an optimal balance of essential nutrients, including taurine for your cat’s heart health. So It is the best choice for allergic cats!But if your skinny cat is a meat-lover but not a fan of venison, check out the next recommended item!

Pros of this Allergic cat food:

  • The main ingredients are duck meat with a low eating history and herring meat that is less likely to cause allergies
  • Only use raw materials that are edible for humans
Price $ 9.99 / 1.5 kg
Weight 1.5kg
Country Netherlands
Flavour Duck
Ingredients Protein:32%; Lipid:21%; Crude fiber:5%;
Calories / 100g 420 kcal

Finepet’s Cat Food has evolved its product over the past 20 years to offer an additive-free cat food using the world’s highest standards in safety and security and a commitment to the quality of every grain.

Finepet’s Cat Food is based on a Canadian (Canada is a developed country in terms of pet food and food in general) world notification level TLC recipe and is processed with Australian raw materials in factories in Australia. 20 years of experience and Japanese customer demand created “the world’s highest quality, safety and security” cat food which even people can eat. Not to mention allergic cats!

FINEPET’S Cat Food never contains by-product meat (by-products), chemically synthesized antioxidants or preservatives additive, radioactive material, polluted raw materials, heavy metals, or pesticide residues. It’s also the reason why I recommend it with safety and security. This is very effective in reducing the cat’s allergy rate!

Especially in this uncertain era, FINEPET’S cat food displays all raw materials because I would like you to give the food which your precious cat can eat every day, with peace of mind and confidence with a 100% understanding. But If your cat is not a fan of duck, it is a fish lover, check out the next recommended item!

Pros of this Allergic cat food:

  • The main ingredient is white fish, which is low in allergen and has good digestion and absorption
  • No grains such as wheat and corn that become allergens
  • Contains naturally derived vitamin E as an antioxidant
Price $ 35.99
Weight 1.5kg
Country United Kingdom
Flavour Whitefish
Ingredients Protein:30%; Lipid:13%; Crude fiber:3.5%;
Calories / 100g 379 kcal

MogNyan Cat Food is made by a pet food factory that is highly evaluated and trusted in the UK, a developed country for pets. With a large site in England’s natural area, this factory is a safe facility that has cleared the strict standards of the European Pet Food Industry Association (FEDIAF). The production line is constantly monitored and a professional quality control officer uses the latest equipment to check it. The raw materials used in cat food are quality tested when they are delivered to the factory from their respective sources. Only raw materials that pass this first stage test will be sent to the cat food production line. The cat food produced through the production line is subjected to spectrum analysis with a dedicated device before packing, and it is confirmed that there is no difference from the data pre-registered in the system. Each cat food bag that has been packed has a serial number, and it is possible to track not only the production date but also a lot of each raw material. Since its establishment in 2011, MogNyan is a company that has been patronized by more than 850,000 dog and cat lovers all over Japan.

Mog Nyan Cat Food is popular British premium food with a recipe that uses plenty of fish. The main ingredient is white fish, which is low in allergies, and Grains like wheat and corn are also not used, so it is very suitable for allergic cats. The white fish’s soft and sweet scents are the favorite of fish lovers! But If your cat is only a fan of chicken meat, check out the next recommended item!

Pros of this Allergic cat food:

  • Natural With Added Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients
  • Real Chicken is *1 Ingredient
  • High-Protein, Grain-Free Formula
  • With a Deliciously Meaty Blend of Crunchy and Tender Bites
  • Supports Strong Muscles, Including a Healthy Heart


Purina ONE is Nestlè-Purina pet food brand that combines natural, high quality ingredients to create nutrition that helps your pet live a full and healthy life. Purina ONE was introduced into the family in 1986 as one of the company’s first super premium pet food lines. And they pride themselves on being the first brand in mass retail stores with real meat, poultry, or fish as the #1 ingredient. The Purina company itself goes back to 1894, but has since become one of the top leaders and competitors in the pet food industry.

Purina ONE offers a wide variety of wet and dry foods that are rich in protein and free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The ONE actually stands for Optimal Nutrition Enhancement. These diets often come recommended by veterinarians due to the line-up of health specific formulated recipes, such as allgiries, stomach sensitivities, urinary health and hairball control.

Purina ONE is fortified to support your cat’s immune system with an antioxidant rich blend of Vitamins E and A. So It is suitable for allergic cats. But most importantly, the other brand just won’t be able to offer enough of this crunchy, tasty, nutritious kibble at an affordable price. And of course, The lowest price among the foods we introduce!


Please refer to the following summary for how to choose cat food for cats with food allergies:

  • It is important to get good protein so as not to cause allergies
  • Choose cat food that is additive-free and uses naturally derived additives
  • One way is to choose a food with a low protein content so that allergens can be easily identified
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