3c Accessories You Must Have

3c Accessories You Must Have

ByLeonApr 20, 2022

image from googleA “3c” is a shorthand way of saying computer, communications, and consumer electronics. A lot of the 3C products are parts or accessories for technological devices such as computers, televisions, notebook laptops, and so on. 3C product has a vast application market and groups, so it has been widely valued worldwide. Computing, communication, and consumer electronics have an industry assembly. The 3C industries of computers, electronics, and communication have become one of the world’s most important industries, and their products are widely used worldwide.

What products belong to the 3c accessory?
Typically, this category refers to products used for communication and consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, personal computers, tablet computers, smartwatches, digital cameras, and a wide variety of products that have significant inputs and can be updated quickly.

3c accessories have broad applications, so it’s helpful to buy some of the accessories. We have listed some 3c accessories that are very useful, and you should have them.

Let me ask you three simple questions:

  • How often do you put your head forward to look at your laptop screen while you’re sitting at your desk?
  • Are you uncomfortable with that posture?
  • Is it causing you neck and back pain?

The answer to these three questions will probably be YES, and we have the perfect solution for you.

Having a weight of only 200 grams, a thickness of 1,4 cm, and a carrying case included, this can fit easily into your backpack. It can be used for any laptop up to 16 inches but also as a portable stand for tablets or books. You will enjoy its ergonomic design and comfort whether you use it for work, gaming, or casual movie watching.

It is easy to use and designed with 6 levels of inclination, adjustable from 15 to 45 degrees for maximum comfort. This laptop stand is made from High-grade Aluminum with Anti-Slip silicone pads, supporting up to 25lbs (12kg) and improving airflow to prevent overheating.

So, it’s time to get rid of those bulky, heavy, clumsy laptop stands and get yourself this laptop stand that you can use anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

This RGB Music Sound Control LED Light Bar Rhythm features brand new and high-quality multi-color motion effects, sound field sensing, ambient noise filtering, and dividual light beads. It can be used in cars, living rooms, bars, etc.

This helps alleviate your stress by activating the environment, which helps trigger your creative ideas. You can also put it near your phones, speakers, music players and to pick up the sound signal. You can use it for parties, stage shows, bars, weddings, KTVs, and family gatherings.

The device has a highly sensitive microphone and noise cancellation function, and it has dynamic modes on the back and rhythm light modes. It can be adjusted to reach your most desired emotional expression for the particular piece of music you are trying to select. Perfect for car, room, game room, studio, desktop decoration

With the cellphone stand laptop mount for your monitor and laptop, you can view both screens at once. Designed from high-grade aluminum alloy, it is durable and lightweight. This monitor holder laptop phone holder will withstand wear and tear for many years to come. This adjustable laptop side mount clip has a very sleek and clean design so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. This phone stand and laptop mount allow you to simultaneously view two screens at the same time, so no more holding your phone in hand while looking at your monitor. Let it do the work for you, and keep your hands free.

With this product you can simultaneously view your laptop screen and your cellphone screen on your laptop at the same time, increasing productivity and enhancing visibility. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area to ensure proper adhesion. The product will not function properly if dust or dirt is present on the laptop prior to adhesive installation. Furthermore, the product works best with phones without cases or covers.

The product is a fantastic way to clean your glass screens effectively and without damage. Normally, screens are damaged by clothes that are harsh on them. Moreover, if you clean your glass panel with an ordinary cloth it may leave scratches that are very bothersome. For this reason, you should use a polishing cloth made of soft and nonabrasive material, such as this one.

It cleans your screen effectively and seamlessly and ensures that there are no marks left behind. You don’t have to worry about your screen getting scratched thanks to the high-quality material. You will enjoy a smooth experience with this product since it improves the visibility of the screen.

These simple accessories are must-haves that make your life easier. By using such products you will be able to save your devices from potential damages that may cause you a good amount of money to repair. Hence, get yourself these products and make your life easy.