10 Sexy Gay Man Halloween Costumes In 2022

10 Sexy Gay Man Halloween Costumes In 2022

BySibylAug 22, 2022

Two gay models in Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming. Do you regret that last year’s costume was not perfect? Did you rush to pick out an outfit at the last minute? Want to make everyone look good this year? Luckily, we’re here to give you a list of 10 of the sexiest gay-friendly Halloween costumes. Whether they’re exaggerated or conservative, we’ve got enough choices to make you swoon!

Using WeShop Institute’s testing on the most popular Halloween costumes brand as our guide, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Sexy Gay Man Halloween Costumes available for purchase from the store. Finding baddie Halloween costumes in a variety of fabrics (leather, velvet, tweed, and linen), sizes (small or plus sized), and styles (modern or traditional) Halloween costumes.

Now, compare and shop for the best baddie Halloween costumes:

Best Playful Halloween Costume

Men’s Sheriff Halloween Costume

Men's Playful Sheriff Halloween Costume

“You’re my favorite Deputy!” That will be what you say when someone pulls your string in this playful sheriff costume. The costume has a jumpsuit with a mesh design on the chest that is both mysterious and sexy. You can’t take your eyes off it! The denim shorts are cut to fit your body and can accentuate your perfect figure. When you wave your arms, the tassel cuffs keep swinging, making the whole person more playful.


  • A bodysuit, jean shorts, a bandana, belt, and pair of fringe cuffs.
  • Hat sold separately.
  • Rope not included.

Best Cute Halloween Costume For Gay

Quailman Superhero Halloween Costume

Wear this costume, and you’ll be your favorite superhero! The proper exposure of skin on your arms will show off your toned arms and nice muscular curves. The pants’ shape is quite attractive on the body. Wearing these pants will emphasize the curves of the body. The red cape can flow with the wind. This costume is very cute overall. Ready to become a superhero?


  • Adult unisex standard fit.

Best Muscular Halloween Costume For Gay

Hunky School Nerd Halloween Costume

Men's Hunky School Nerd Halloween Costume

NERDS RULE! Show off how sexy nerds can be in this Hunky School Nerd costume. In this costume, you have to do only two things, and that’s to stay handsome and accept screaming anytime, anywhere! The shorts are slim fitting and will accentuate your perfect figure. Short patterns can also make your “focus” more attention. If you feel that the shorts are too revealing, you can also clip the straps to other pants.


  • Shorts, suspenders, and collared Tie.
  • Glasses are sold separately.

Best Price Halloween Costume For Gay

Dancer Kit Halloween Costume

If you’re confident in your figure, this is the costume for you! The dollar design on the belt is more in line with the dancer’s identity and will be evocative … The method of the necktie and the cuffs on the wrist are very playful. If you think the upper body is too simple and dull, you can apply some sequins to your toned muscles. It will make your body more attractive!


  • Cuff and collar set with bowtie attached.
  • One size fits most.

Best Country Style Halloween Costume For Gay

Hanzel Adults Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes Hanzel Adults Costume

This set of clothes as a whole is based on white, green, and red. The light color gives a fresh and natural feeling. The overall color scheme is vintage. The white stockings paired on the feet can better highlight the leg line. The red tie design gives visual focus to your upper body. Hats can make you more gentlemanly.


  • Shorts with suspenders and a hat.
  • One size fits most adults.

Best Mask Halloween Costume

Zorro Adults Halloween Costume

Many wealthy men compete with one another. A few passionate, allegedly chivalrous males defend women. Even fewer stand up for the honor. In this case, only one person—a man with a mask over his face—fights for justice. By waving a mask, the enigmatic Don Diego de la Vega transforms into a man who is ready to fight for what is real, right, and just. Zorro, please!


  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Molded foam front panel gives a muscular appearance
  • Officially licensed

Best Tight-fitting Halloween Costume

The Deep Halloween Costume

Do you want to show your muscles to others without even thinking about it? Do you not want to be too exposed? This is the perfect costume for you! The flattering design can show your perfect body. Others can see your rippling muscles through the garment. The zipper on the chest is easy to put on and take off independently. And you can pull down the zipper to make the dress into a V-neck to highlight the muscles on your chest.


  • Printed on 4-way stretch spandex.
  • Permanent color. Never Fade.
  • Available for machine washing if there are no pasting shoes or lenses. Otherwise, soft handwashing is suggested.

Best Sexy Halloween Costume

Nobody’s Fool Jester Halloween Costume

Men's Nobody's Fool Jester Halloween Costume

Have fun clowning around in one of our sexy Nobody’s Fool Jester Halloween costumes. Wear this costume to show off your perfect body to the fullest extent. And highlight your sexy pecs through the crossover design on the chest. The design of the shorts can show your leg line. The overall bright surface of the fabric allows you to shine in the spotlight.


  • A hooded zip-up harness
  • zip up shorts

Best Funny Halloween costume

Zombie Hunter Halloween costume

Now is your chance to be Hunter and Prey (and visa versa, too). Climb into this Inflatable Pick Me Up Zombie Hunter costume, and you’ll become both sides of the circle of undeath. The jumpsuit is all designed to look like a Zombie Hunter geared up for an adventure. When you flip on the fan, the costume inflates, and your arms become the Hunters while your head belongs to the Zombie! Deck yourself out with face paint and a mottled wig, and you’ll be able to scream “Braaaains!” with the rest of them.


  • 100% polyester windbreaker fabric
  • A fan is mounted on the figure’s back; the battery pack fits into a pocket in the right side seam–accessible via a zipper next to a fan.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries, not included
  • One size fits most

Best Scoundrel Halloween costume

Men’s Captain Hunk Halloween costume

Men's Captain Hunk Halloween Costume

With this amusing marine suit, you can flaunt your assets and demonstrate your pride. Be the leader of the seven seas in this Captain Hunk costume. If you run into the Navy in this costume on All Hallows’ Eve, that would be an exciting thing. After wearing this costume, hurry up and make some sick rules! Who will win between the pirates and the Navy?


  • Include:bandana, vest with fringe detail, belt, sash, shorts, and sword.

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