10 Most Creative Mom And Daughter Halloween Costume In 2022

10 Most Creative Mom And Daughter Halloween Costume In 2022

ByJonathanAug 23, 2022

A mom and her daughter hugging and looking at each other in their Halloween costumes
There are so many exciting possibilities available when picking a Halloween costume. The best thing about Halloween is that we can dress up any way we want! Additionally, parents enjoy the thrill of not only dressing up, if they choose to, but also assisting their children in choosing the perfect costume and getting ready for the occasion. Why not choose a cute mom and daughter Halloween costume? Dressing up with your child can be just as much fun! Some people have incredibly original ideas for dressing up with their partner or best friend. There are a ton of options.

Using WeShop Institute’s testing on the most popular mom and daughter Halloween costumes as our guide, we‘ve compiled a list of the 10 most creative mom and daughter Halloween costumes available for purchase.

Now, compare and shop for the best 10 mom and daughter Halloween costumes:

Frozen: Elsa and Anna

Frozen Elsa Deluxe Woman Costume
The Bay0

Your little one will be prepared to save the kingdom when wearing this Frozen Anna Costume for girls. The vibrant colors of this exquisite costume match Anna’s fearless personality. It has detailed details. And you can dress up as her best friend&sister, Elsa. Let’s create a magical snow kingdom together!


Girls Life-Size Barbie Girl Tulle Dress Costume
Mia Belle Girls0
Barbie Box Woman Costume
Oya Costumes0

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! With this Barbie Box Costume, which is fully licensed, you and your daughter can become a real-life Barbie. What can be more creative than a pink Barbie box? You and your daughter will be NO.1 sold toys at Halloween for sure.

The Addams Family

With this Morticia Addams-inspired Duchess of the Manor costume, you can’t go wrong! It has a long, black dress with curly sleeves and hem details. With the help of this fantastic costume, your little ghost can now dress up as Wednesday from the beloved TV series The Addams Family. Complete the outfit with a white collar, cuffs, and buckle on a black dress with a belt.


As you soar through the air with charming Tinkerbell, forget your troubles. For costume parties, if you and your daughter are constantly looking for cute and vivacious themes, therefore Tinkerbell outfit is ideal. How about a magically themed Disney fairy costume? Choose a Tinkerbell attire if you wish to go to Neverland.


Girl's Little Mermaid Costume - Child
Sea Mermaid Costume

We believe you will have a great time dressing up in our enigmatic mermaid costume; it is just too lovely to be a dud! Make sure you’re careful whether you trick-or-treat on land or in the water, and if you’re in the ocean, simply avoid any sharks! With this Blushing Beauty Mermaid costume, which includes mermaid attire, you and your female companion will feel quite at home in the water.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Girls Costume

You can look like the superhero you know you are with the help of this adult DC Wonder Woman costume! Given that it includes a bustier, a pair of leggings, a belt, a tiara, and a pair of gauntlets, it does an excellent job of changing you into a founding member of the Justice League. Your child can embody Diana Prince with the aid of the golden headpiece and wrist cuffs.

Cinderella and Fairy God Mother

Kids Fairy Godmother Costume - Cinderella Movie
Spirit Halloween0

This Halloween, transform rags into lovely gowns and pumpkins into carriages with this girls’ costume from the Cinderella movie, which is fully licensed. On the night of the ball, your daughter will sparkle in this dress with shimmering tulle details at the neck, waist, and wrists. As for mom, the traditional fairy tale princess is given a modern twist in this zip-up all-in-one outfit. With the Rapunzel Classic Travel Outfit Child Costume, you may transform your daughter into their favorite Disney princess.


Toddler Chucky Good Guys Costume
Spirit Halloween0

When you put on this fully licensed Chucky costume, you’ll be the neighborhood’s most terrifying nightmare. Beware! After Chucky emerges, the battle is ended. With this officially endorsed Chucky costume, your baby girl will be one of the good guys! Chucky’s preferred attire is a striped ringer t-shirt with an attached jumper. A crimson wig with braids and a pair of knee-high socks complete the look. It’s time to play tricks!

Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

Girl's Rapunzel Classic Costume - Tangled

With this stunning officially approved Tangled Rapunzel Deluxe Costume for Girls, you won’t even need to visit the floating lights to see the light. Your distinctive belt is made of a Renaissance-style golden loop belt with long burgundy and gold cloth. The only thing left to do is master the music so you can sing the wonderful, enchanted melody that will awaken the Sundrop Flower.

Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Womens Costume
Polka Dot Bo Peep Child Costume

Costumes with a Toy Story theme are great for a silly appearance and a good time. Have a warmhearted celebration with your loved ones, but before, buy some adorable Toy Story costumes for more enjoyment. Wear outfits from the film Toy Story to bring the characters to life. The Buzz Lightyear costume includes a long garment with an attached hood and is covered in vibrant colors and Buzz Lightyear elements like a jetpack and buttons. You’ll be able to interact with Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep, and the rest of the cast from this well-known animated television show.

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