10 Creative Mom And Son Halloween Costumes Ideas And Products For Halloween In 2022

10 Creative Mom And Son Halloween Costumes Ideas And Products For Halloween In 2022

ByJonathanAug 19, 2022

A mom and her son wearing a rainbow-style mom and son Halloween cosume

As a parent, you undoubtedly want to support your child’s independence and assist them in developing a strong sense of self and autonomy. Until you find inspiration for utterly lovely mom and son Halloween costumes that you simply must dress your kid in. Because nothing is cuter than dressing your child in a matching outfit, especially around Halloween.

Using WeShop Institute’s testing on the most popular mom and son Halloween costumes as our guide, we‘ve compiled a list of 10 best mom and son Halloween costumes ideas and products available for purchase.
Now, compare and shop for the best mom and son Halloween costumes:

The Super Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi

Child Super Mario Bros Mario Costume

In the iconic video games, Mario and Luigi are unbeatable. The fraternal Italian twin brothers engage in strange escapades frequently while working as plumbers together to protect Princess Peach from Bowser. These costumes are really adorable because it’s easy to recognize them by their attire. This Mario skirt costume is available for purchase and includes a dress, gloves, a hat, and a mustache on a stick. Of course, you’ll need a reliable sidekick, and the baby Luigi costume from Super Mario Brothers, complete with uniform, gloves, and cap, is the ideal choice.

The Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Plus Size Polka Dot Mouse Cute Costume
Toddler Mickey Mouse Costume - Mickey and Friends
Spirit Halloween0

Imagine how adorable it would be to dress up as one of your child’s favorite animated characters. This is undoubtedly your finest option if you’re up for dressing up as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. A belt and headband with ears are included with the well-known red and white polka dot outfit. Additionally, you can dress your son in this warm plush Mickey Mouse costume because every Minnie needs a Mickey. I’m sure you would want to pinch their ears seeing your honey wearing a cute costume like this.

Toy Story: Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Womens Costume

Like the friendship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, there is something enchanting and eternal about Disney films. Woody, a well-known character, and Buzz Lightyear. You can probably identify with their bond because it is one of love, respect, and support if you’re a mother. The outfit includes a long garment with an attached hood and is decorated with vibrant Buzz Lightyear elements like a jetpack, buttons, and bold hues. You will be able to interact with Woody from the renowned animated film series. And when your boy is dressed in this Woody Deluxe Halloween Costume Jumpsuit, which includes a jumpsuit and a cap, he can reach for the stars.

Cruella and Dalmatain Dog

Adult Cruella Costume - Disney Villains
Spirit Halloween0

A new generation of children has lately been introduced to the 101 Dalmatians villain thanks to Cruella’s latest release. So now is the perfect opportunity to choose this charismatic pair: Cruella and a stolen dog. When you put your child in this fleece jumpsuit with a separate hood and detachable tail, you’ll start to see spots. You’ll come off as the ultimate evil if you spend the entire night walking around with your dog. Some would argue that nothing evil will scare people if you don’t.

The Big Gery Wolf and Red Riding Hood

Wolf Toddler Costume
Oya Costumes0

The popularity of fairy tales is timeless. This makes the mother and son Halloween costume idea so fantastic. Then, your son is dressed as the Big Bad Wolf while you are Little Red Riding Hood. The added bonus of this costume idea is that your child has free reign to howl like a wolf for the duration of one night only. Need we say more? Take advantage of this complete costume set to channel Little Red. If the spirit moves you, then dress your son in this humorous Wolf costume.

Frozen: Elsa and Olaf

Frozen Elsa Deluxe Woman Costume
The Bay0

Anyone who has seen the movie Frozen has to love Olaf. A cute snowman that only wants to experience summer serves as comic relief. Feel like your child? Let them dress up as Olaf in what amounts to a sweat suit. A plush cushioned headpiece that fastens beneath the chin is included with a white velveteen body that has embossed snowflakes. In this deluxe costume set, which also contains a dress with an attached cape and sparkling details, you may dress up as Elsa, the princess, to transform yourself into her. Just a hiccup? Your long blonde wig must be purchased separately. One is available here.

Mulan and Mushu

Mulan Deluxe Adult Costume
Adorable Dragon Infant Costume

This Halloween, let’s go to work in this Mulan Deluxe Women’s Costume. We offer the perfect outfit for you if you’d rather train with dragons than make a grouchy matchmaker tea! Is the organza shawl that comes with this lovely garment a horrible weapon that you employ to fight the Han? You’ll adore the form-enhancing, armor-functional removable belt that enhances your figure. For your baby boy, dress him as Mulan’s best friend Mushu. Participate in a delightful fairytale!

Harry Potter and Professor McGonagall

When you dress up as the legendary Hogwarts witch in this adult Deluxe Minerva McGonagall costume, you may get a good start on your Animagus lesson ideas. To help you dive into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, our in-house design team created this Made by Us outfit. As for your boy, with a pair of glasses and a robe, dressing him as the main character is absolutely the first choice.


Avatar Neytiri Costume
Box Lunch0

This Halloween, Neytiri is the best choice if you want to dress as an alien princess. This Avatar costume is officially licensed and has a full blue bodysuit with an attached tail. With this spectacular Jake Sully costume, you and your boy can dive right into the world of Pandora.

Harley Quinn and Joker

Kids Joker Costume - Batman
Spirit Halloween0

Is there any other more iconic DC character than Harley Quinn and Joker? It is perfect to be two crazy on Halloween. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the ideal combination of classic and unique style. In this stylish and cozy costume, you’ll feel like the winner. Just be sure to practice a few of those typically clever one-liners prior to wearing this outfit!

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