10 Best Hand Grip Camera Strap To Help You Become More Professional At Shooting

10 Best Hand Grip Camera Strap To Help You Become More Professional At Shooting

ByLeonAug 12, 2022

A man holding a camera wearing a hand grip camera strap
When using your camera, a hand grip camera strap will increase comfort and convenience. The majority of current cameras feature comfortable, ergonomic bodies. But even the coziest camera might make you tired if you’re shooting for a long period. For sore hands and wrists, a camera hand strap is an ideal remedy. Compared to a neck strap, it allows you more control and keeps the camera firmly in your hand. Your camera is also less likely to be dropped or knocked.

Using WeShop Institute’s testing on the most popular camera straps brand as our guide, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best hand grip camera straps available for purchase from JJC, PROMASTER, Fantasea, Peak, Sony, BLACKRAPID, USA GEAR, LEICA, and Hakuba. Finding hand grip camera straps in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and styles.

Now, compare and shop for the best hand grip camera strap:

JJC Mirrorless DSLP Camera Hand Strap Grip

  • With an adjustable strap, it can also be a girl camera strap, the majority of DSLR cameras with a 1/4 "-20 tripod connection can be used.
  • The padded hand cushion decreases hand fatigue by being supportive and comfortable while in use.
  • Added security helps prevent the device from accidentally slipping out of your hand.
  • Put the strap’s opposite end through the camera’s lug.


Camera Hand Strap (Medium)

Reduces hand fatigue and gives you a firm grip on your camera. Scalable to your hand’s size. Include a second wrist strap for further security (removable). A metal adaptor for use with tiny camera lugs is included. Baseplate for a dovetail QR (arca-type).

  • Fantasea Hand Grip Strap for Camera Housings (Type F)
  • Maintain A Firm Grip On The Fantasea Camera Housing To Ensure Proper
  • Perfect for Outdoor Shooting and Housing Management
  • Aquatic Photography
  • Work well in both Wet or Dry Conditions.
  • Nylon-2 Neoprene Rubber is Comfy and Has Hook & Loop Fasteners

Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap

The clutch connects and adjusts rapidly, and when you need security, it swiftly tightens down to provide you access to your camera’s controls. High-end climbing equipment served as inspiration for the ultra-durable Hypalon exterior, microfiber pad, and aluminum adjustment hardware.

Has two points of attachment to your camera: a camera strap mount and a camera tripod mount. Clutch can be used with the Capture Clip and other Peak Design straps.

Sony STP-GB1AM Genuine Leather Hand Grip for Alpha Cameras

The genuine leather STP-GB1AM grip belt gives you a safe and secure one-handed hold on your camera, allowing you to use your other hand to operate camera controls, move objects, or adjust your photo subject. Every serious photographer knows the value of a grip belt for comfortable, secure shooting in a wide range of situations. With or without the vertical grip accessory connected, it fits all Sony? System DSLR models snugly thanks to its straightforward adjustment system.

ProMaster Camera Hand Strap – Small

ProMaster Camera Hand Strap – Small

In order to increase comfort and improve handling, the ProMaster Camera Hand Strap fastens to the base plate of your camera. It has a sizable cushioned area with a hand-fitting cushion that can be adjusted. Almost any 35mm or digital camera with a Dovetail (arca-type) QR baseplate can be used with the ProMaster Camera Hand Strap. A second detachable wrist strap is included for more security.


  • Provides a firm grip on your camera while relieving hand fatigue.
  • Flexible enough to suit your hand
  • Contains a metal adaptor to use with tiny camera lugs.
  • Baseplate for a dovetail QR (arca-type)


Hakuba KGP-02 Camera Hand Grip LH

The well-known Japanese manufacturer in the photographic sector is called HAKUBA. For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing a wide selection of the highest-quality photographic goods available on the market, providing options for both film and digital photography.

This camera grip can be used with any camera that has a tripod mount screw hole located approximately in the center of the bottom and offset by 12 to 30 millimeters from the back.


  • Main Pad: PU
  • Strap: PP
  • Strap Mount: Nylon, ABS, Synthetic Rubber


A wrist strap that goes with the S2 multifunctional grip is the Leica 16004 Wrist Strap for Multi-Function Hand Grip for S2 Camera. Neoprene construction and a touch fastener closing provide it the exact hold and security you need to use your S2 camera.

  • Type of closure: Touch Fastener
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Suitable with S2 Camera

USA GEAR Professional Camera Grip Hand Strap with Galaxy Neoprene Design and Metal Plate

Get rid of that irritating neck restraint! You won’t even notice the USA Gear DualGRIP Steady Shot Wrist Strap is there because it is so light and allows you to hold your camera firmly while providing pleasant support.

After a strenuous trek or your next lengthy photo shoot, your wrists won’t hurt as much. You can capture smoother, less shaky photographs thanks to the quick-release hook and connecting strap, which also prevent unintentional drops and provide additional hand support.


BlackRapid Hand Breathe Camera Strap
  • Secures a camera to your hand, allowing you to hold it or release your hold at any time.
  • Consists of a hand-strap pad and an additional wrist pad that, when used together, evenly disperse the weight of a connected camera.
  • Constructed using synthetic rubber that is permeable
  • Ladder lock components that may be adjusted for a comfortable, secure fit in a wraparound design
  • Webbing on the hand-strap pad has eyelets for both camera straps and a FastenR that can be screwed into a 1/4 "-20 tripod mount for a camera or lens.
  • The hand strap pad’s third webbing loops around the wearer and hooks onto itself to provide a secure fit that doesn’t restrict finger movement.

Hand Grip Camera Strap FAQ

How To Put On A Camera Strap?

    1. The plastic fastener needs to be upright. It contains two plastic strips with the strap cloth in the middle, as Lauren has pointed out.
    1. Feed the strap through the camera’s tether points from the outside in.
    1. Pull the strap upward in the center of the plastic clasp to create some slack. It ought to produce a sizable loop.
    1. Run the strap’s end up the back of the plastic fastener and through the retainer piece.
  1. Tightly pull both ends to secure the strap in the fastener.

How To Choose The Best Hand Grip Camera Strap?

Construction: Handmade and hand-stitched leather straps are unmatched, but paracord and rope straps also include stitching, and if they are hand-stitched, it means they are of higher quality. An excellent producer will be proud of their products. Find out what they use by reading their website, and if they don’t say it, ask them. Split rings, despite being small, are crucial since they serve as the link between your strap and the camera; poor-quality split rings aren’t strong enough to support much weight.

Length and Width: Once more, your camera’s weight and how you choose to wear a strap influence the ideal length. In general, a longer, thicker strap is needed for a heavier camera, whereas a shorter, thinner strap is needed for a lighter camera. The weight and size of your camera will decide the width of your strap, much like the length. A heavier camera will need a wider strap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a wide strap with a smaller camera.

Pads: For enhanced support and comfort, pads can be placed on thinner straps. If you carry a heavy camera or carry it for extended periods of time, these are helpful. They are available individually from several of the makers here.

What Is The Best Material Of The Hand Grip Camera Strap?

Nylon is undoubtedly the material utilized in the majority of current camera straps, given its strength, durability, and lightweight. Plaited paracord and nylon rope wrist straps have grown to be very popular wrist straps.

Silk cord, which shares many characteristics with nylon but is made of natural materials, is an excellent material. Japan produces some of the finest silk wristbands.

Leather, however, is the most popular and best material for camera straps. It is organic, strong, fashionable, and ages beautifully, but it is typically heavier and more expensive.

Camera Neck Strap Or Hand Grip Camera Strap, Which One Is Better?

One of the most underappreciated pieces of photography gear is the camera wrist strap. When shooting, far more photographers choose a neck strap. But after using a hand strap, you might never go back.

For most photographers, a neck strap may seem convenient enough. But the more you think about it, the more problems you discover. The first thing is the exhaustion in your neck. DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be cumbersome, particularly when using large lenses. After a long day of filming, we have all experienced neck aches. There is also rubbing and chafing.

Neck-mounted camera straps can sometimes be awkward and unstable. When you’re standing straight, the camera can hang against your body thanks to neck straps. But the camera may waver and swing if you swiftly turn or lean forward. This may result in bumps that hurt your camera. In the event of a strap malfunction, the camera has a far distance to fall.

None of these issues exist with a hand grip camera strap. Since it keeps your camera near to your hand, you maintain control at all times. The hand grip camera strap works in conjunction with your hand’s grip to keep the camera steady. Furthermore, there is no uncontrolled swinging that could endanger the camera.

A sturdy hand grip camera strap makes it easier to balance the weight of the camera on the hand and arm. This prevents chafing of the hands and lessens arm, wrist, and hand strain. For all photographers, a hand-grip camera strap is a stable and safe solution. And when you discover the ideal hand grip camera strap, it might completely change the way you take photos.

Do Photographerstaht who Are Professional Use Hand Grip Camera Straps?

As a professional photographer who has been working in this field for more than 40 years, I can give you a quick answer: yes, professional photographers use camera straps. However, when they’re on, we rarely use the “stock” or lightweight camera straps that came free with a camera purchase because they restrict what a professional photographer can do.

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