10 Best Hand Creams to Moisturize Dry, Cracked Skin

10 Best Hand Creams to Moisturize Dry, Cracked Skin

ByAruaMar 29, 2022

From GoogleIt is said that hands are the second face of a woman, so the maintenance of hands is very important. Our hands are the first to show signs of aging, and regular use of hand cream can delay wrinkles and fine lines, so it is very important to protect hands. The choice of cream is also extremely important. Choose a hand cream that suits you and has a good moisturizing degree, so that your hands can be effectively maintained. The following is a list of the best hand creams I have chosen, if you are interested Keep watching.

Product Name: Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Aesop’s packaging design style has always been simple and atmospheric, and the moisturizing texture is also very suitable for use in spring and summer. Its ingredients do not contain synthetic mineral oil and silicone oil, so the moisturizing effect is slightly worse, autumn and winter. Drying is not enough.

This hand cream from Aesop smells really good, I really like it, it adds citrus peel, rosemary leaves, cedar atlas for an intoxicating woody citrus scent that smells like a perfume. Not only does it smell great, it’s nourished with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and natural butters for softer skin, while a blend of fragrant botanicals and softening emollients provide rich moisture to tired hands and cuticles.

Product Name: Supergoop! Handscreen SPF 40

The brand that tennis star Sharipova has invested in.If you are short of a hand cream with sunscreen effect, choose this one! This is a hand cream that provides SPF 40 to protect one of the most sun-sensitive parts of your body from UVA and UVB rays. And it also contains powerful antioxidants - thorn, argan and meadowsweet extracts to help restore dry skin and improve skin texture.

Especially suitable for summer use,If your hands get as much sunlight as your face every day, this is what you need.

Product Name: Cetaphil PRO Eczema Soothing Moisturizer

Sensitive skin must be familiar with the brand Cetaphil! The old brand established by pharmacists in Texas, USA in 1947, the NEA Association website especially recommends their PRO series. The moisturizing body lotion uses hypoallergenic ingredients and is free of fragrances, preservatives and steroids. Great for use as a hand cream

The ceramides provide 24-hour hydration and soothe itchy, irritated skin. Strengthens and protects eczema-prone skin.The PRO series is only available in the United States, and can be found online and in some drugstores. Costco does not sell this series.

Product Name: Benton Shea Butter and Olive Hand Cream

This very moisturizing hand cream is made with Ecocert certified shea butter to prevent dryness and lock in moisture and moisturizing.The formula is also added with honey, almond oil and coconut oil to make hand skin soft and smooth

Propelled by its replenishing formula, a blend of naturally-derived ingredients are included to hydrate and alleviate.helping to soften the look of cracks and calluses for a more unified texture. Hyaluronic Acid quenches with a dose of hydration, restoring a supple, healthy-looking quality to coarse hands.

Product Name: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

If you don’t want to budget for a hand cream, the formula of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream was co-developed with a dermatologist, it’s fragrance-free, but it hydrates hands, repairs the barrier, and even helps with dryness The skin is also very budget friendly.

The texture is creamy, and the nutrients in it can be easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, which can effectively moisturize hands and lock in moisture. At the same time, the product contains antibacterial repair substances, a transparent protective layer, which forms a “second skin” protected by an insulating barrier on the skin, prevents skin aggression, and accelerates the repair process of the skin on the hands, light weight and non-greasy.

Product Name: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Hand cream is one of L’OCCITANE’s most prestigious products。I’m a huge fan of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream as this hand cream has 20% shea butter for added hydration, honey, almond extract and coconut oil for a super soft formula and Absorbs quickly and penetrates into the skin to lock in moisture and leave hands silky smooth. At the same time, this hand cream also extracts rose flower extracts from all over the world, which makes hands hydrated and emits a light fragrance, which is really wonderful!

Product Name: StriVectin Anti-Wrinkle Volumizing and Rejuvenating Hand Cream

It is said that Strivectin SD is the best eye cream sold in the United States. It became famous in 1988 by user word of mouth. Various beauty bloggers and even amateurs are recommending this brand. StriVectin-SD is very famous. In the United States, it has directly kicked Dior and other products out of the top ten anti-wrinkle products, and the sales volume of anti-wrinkle in the United States ranks first.

The best thing about this hand cream is that it is anti-aging and has a rich, deeply nourishing formula upgraded with the latest ingredient technology as it is formulated with patented NIA-114™, clinically proven It can strengthen the skin barrier, lasting moisturizing and prevent dryness, and make your hands more plump, brighter, improve the appearance and even skin tone, make your hands look younger.

Product Name: La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Hand Cream

This hand cream is a favorite of Dr. Madfes because it’s packed with niacinamide, shea butter, and the brand’s signature thermal water to provide 48 hours of hydration while soothing the skin, and better yet The hand cream absorbs very quickly and is not sticky.

This hand cream has a very pleasant fragrance. After smearing, I feel that the skin’s luster is improved, and this hand cream is a waterproof formula, which is more suitable for people who need frequent contact with water but do not want to apply hand cream repeatedly.

Whether your hands are frostbitten or sunburned from cold weather, the lightweight formula nourishes dry hands, soothes irritation and strengthens the skin barrier.

Product Name: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Hand Cream

Palmer’s brand was born in 1845, and its manufacturer, ET Browne Drug, is one of the earliest companies in the world dedicated to the development and production of skin care products. At present, it has become a professional manufacturer of cocoa butter skin care products.These products are paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phthalate-free and sulfide-free, with no artificial coloring added, natural plant-based ingredients, and natural ingredients that provide skin with all-day longevity Hou barrier.so sensitive skin and pregnant women can use it with confidence, moisturizing and non-greasy.

If you hate sticky it makes you when you apply hand cream。 You don’t have to worry about that when you use this hand cream, which utilizes this lightweight formula to provide essential moisture without any greasy feeling after application, leaving hands soft and locking in moisture.

Product Name: Zandra Simplicity Hand+Body Lotion - Unscented

Zandra Azariah Cunningham is the 19 year old founder of her selfnamed bath and body brand Zandra. In her previous project, Azariah’s Innocence,she made her first products, which were lip balms and body butter. She targetedmaking a substance that would smell good and do its job and not give the itchyand dry feeling that products she would buy at the mall would have.

This hand cream is handcrafted, fragrance-free, fortified with jojoba oil to fake natural sebum, and absorbs quickly into the skin, so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Says ZANDRA: “My mission is to make products that smell great and keep my skin soft without irritating it. I want to give girls a natural alternative to all those commercial products that contain nasty unhealthy ingredients. product.”

Finally, a summary for everyone’s hands:

  • If your hand needs to be repaired, you can choose la-roche-posay,L’Occitane,Aesop

  • If you like scented hand cream, you can choose supergoop, Cetaphil pro, L’Occitane

  • If you don’t like sticky hand cream, you can choose la-roche-posay, L’Occitane, Palmer’s, Zandra

  • If you like effective hand cream, you can choose Benton,Neutrogena,StriVectin SD

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