10 Best Football Gloves For 2022

10 Best Football Gloves For 2022

ByJaxtonAug 23, 2022

a goalkeeper catches the football with a nice pair of football glovesHonestly, the purchase of goalkeeper gloves is a big deal, as is the acquisition of soccer shoes. A suitable glove for goalkeepers, especially amateur goalkeepers, can compensate for the lack of technology and provide better protection for the hands.

Here is my ranking list of 10 best football gloves for 2022 and my experience in buying football gloves.

Best Overall Ratings By Amazon Users

1) Adidas Freak 5.0

The Adidas Freak 5.0 Adult Football Padded Receiver/Linebacker Gloves are one of the best gloves in the game because they combine protection and flexibility. The gloves are great for any pass catcher because they are made with sticky Grip Tack material that helps you hold on to the hardest passes. The addition of padding in the back of the hand makes it an excellent choice for tight ends, linebackers, and other players who block and do the dirty work. It’s ergonomically designed to move with the natural motions of the hand and keep you from feeling restricted.

2) Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves

The Battle Sports Science Receivers Double Threat Football Gloves are the best-selling football receiver gloves in the brand’s history. The gloves are made of Double Threat, a high-quality tackified material that makes it easier to grip the football. Other great features of the gloves include durable stitching, a hook and loop closure, and much more.


  • Double Threat for catching the toughest passes
  • Durable stitching
  • Interlocking hands show full logo
  • Reinforced knuckle protection for longer wear
  • Battle’s best selling receiver football gloves
  • Lightweight strength
  • Wrist allows for freedom of motion
  • Blad-span technology enhances flexibility and range of motion for optimal performance.
  • Double Threat is the highest quality tackified material in the industry

Best Youthful And Vibrant Color Glove

Adidas Classic Pro Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

Adidas soccer heritage inspired these goalkeeper gloves. The palm is cushioned to take the sting out of even the most powerful shots, and grippy latex clings to the ball in all conditions. The fingers are cut for a snug, natural fit and include spines to help you parry, catch, and throw. A vibrant design on the backhand pays homage to a pair of classic gloves that lit up Rotterdam in the mid-'90s.

Best Cute Glove

Scooby-Doo Football Gloves

Pile into the Mystery Machine van with these officially licensed Scooby-Doo gloves featuring the Scooby-Doo & Mystery Machine logos and patterns. With a grip so sticky, your hands will be more than equipped to catch anything thrown your way.


  • VaporStick 1.0 glove model by Phenom Elite
  • The fit, breathability, performance, and strength of VaporDri material are unrivaled.
  • The grip is pushed to its legal stick limit by VaporStick grip technology. Lightweight yet durable.
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/SFIA standards.
  • Reinforced stitching at weak points
  • Scooby-Doo Logo & Mystery Machine Pattern
  • Teal, Green, Orange, Purple, Black
  • Officially licensed by Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera
  • 45-Day Durability Guarantee, unlimited Defective Guarantee

Best Cool Glove

Phenom Elite Villain Football Gloves

Phenom Elite Villain Football Gloves - VPS3
Phenom Elite Brand0

Who says the villain can’t win? Elevate your game with our unparalleled Vapor-
Stick technology, paired with this best-selling design - reminding everyone that
your catch is about to get villainous.


  • VaporStick: 3.0 Glove Model (VPS3)
  • VaporStick Grip Technology
  • Polymesh breathable backhand
  • Villain Design

The Most Popular Style Of Uhlsport

Uhlsport Supersoft Support Frame Goalkeeper Glove

Designed with a breathable fabric for good ventilation, the Uhlsport Supersoft Support Frame Goalkeeper Glove is made with an exclusive soft latex foam on the palm to improve catching and comfort in matches.


  • Palm: Exclusive Suportsoft latex foam
  • Backhand: Embossed latex with Schockzone
  • Cut: Classic Cut provides a maximized catching area
  • Glove Body: Breathable textile for good ventilation
  • Fastening: Wrap-around latex strap and full bandage for good wrist fixation
  • Design: Ergonomically performed cut for optimal wearing properties and patented Supportframe element for enhanced finger stabilization

Best Cost-effective Style Of Nike

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 Youth Football Gloves

This season, attack the ball with the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 Youth Football Gloves. The gloves have a full-length Magnigrip palm for a large, ultra-sticky catching surface, which will help you dominate the passing game. The stretch-woven back lets your hands breathe, and the adjustable cuffs ensure a perfect fit. These gloves will transform you into one of the most sure-handed players on the field, whether on offense or defense.


  • Full-length Magnigrip palm for sticky catching surface
  • Stretch woven back for ventilation
  • Adjustable cuffs allow for a custom fit
  • Lightweight padding in the thumb
  • Strategic perforations to enhance breathability
  • SFIA certified

Best Simple And Fashionable Glove

Phenom Elite Black Football Gloves

Phenom Elite Black Football Gloves - VPS1
Phenom Elite Brand0

Simplicity is the most spectacular example of sophistication, and every prestige lineup requires it. Add this reimagined version of our signature glove to your collection, with improved Vapor-Stick technology that lasts.


  • VaporStick 1.0 Glove Model by Phenom Elite
  • The fit, breathability, performance, and strength of VaporDri material are unrivaled.
  • VaporStick grip technology pushes the grip to its legal stick limit.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/SFIA standards.
  • Reinforced stitching at weak points
  • Available in other colors

Best Stylish Glove

Adidas Predator Pro Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

Designed to perform well in all situations. These Adidas Predator Pro Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves feature a silicone Zone Skin backhand coating for improved ball control and finger supports for confident catching and throwing. An abrasion zone on the lateral side protects the high-quality URG 2.0 palm, which provides extended grip and cushioning. A strapless, compressive entry maintains a natural fit.


  • Negative Cut
  • Fingersave spines
  • Engineered knit entry
  • Anatomical flex zones
  • Zone Skin on fingers and backhand
  • Body: 91% Polyester / 8% Elastane / 1% Nylon plain knit
  • Palm: URG 2.0 100% Rubber foam

Best Full Silicone Palm Glove

Nike Vapor Knit 2.0

Nike Vapor Knit 2.0 Adult Football Gloves
Sports Unlimited0

The Nike Vapor Knit 2.0 Adult Football Receiver Gloves are lightweight and breathable, allowing you to make the same moves as your favorite wide receivers. The glove has a full silicone palm and is grippy no matter where it hits your hand. The knit back reduces weight while increasing ventilation. The Vapor Knit, one of the most popular gloves at the highest level of the game, is sure to provide peak performance for any receiver or defensive back.


  • Hook and loop closure for a precise fit
  • Full-length silicone palms for increased grip
  • Knit back keeps the glove lightweight and cool
  • Overlays on the fingers to keep the glove in placeFinger gusset system for natural range of motion


Q.1: How to choose the size of football gloves?

This is the most you should know before you buy gloves. Regular goalkeeper gloves will have sizes, and there will be small deviations in different brands and styles. However, if you choose gloves according to the standard size chart, there is generally no situation where the hand cannot be stuffed into the glove, or there is a gap left after wearing it. Appear. The specific method of measuring hand length is to measure the distance from the top of the middle finger to the first line of the wrist and then correspond to the size according to the standard. See the figure below for the reference size.
the size chart of football gloves

Q.2: How To Choose Football Glove Cut?

In addition to size, tailoring is another important factor that affects the feel of a glove. At present, the more popular cuts on the market mainly include Negative Cut, Gunn Cut/Roll-finger Cut, Flat Cut/Classic Cut and Hybrid Cut.
If you are a casual player looking for a standard pair of gloves, a flat cut may be the best option, while more professional pros tend to prefer a negative cut. Rolling fingers are ideal for those who want enhanced handling and contact with the ball, although they feel bulkier than others.

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