10 Best Chainsaw Man Products

10 Best Chainsaw Man Products

ByRosalindJun 15, 2022

Intimidating picture of Chainsaw man and Pochita

Chainsaw Man has a huge fan following thanks to its awesome storyline and rather unique characters. But the main focus comes on its characters since the manga is filled with some of the most good-looking, intimidating, cute, and badass characters. And when it comes to the best Chainsaw Man products, the diversity just gets more interesting.

So whether you want to buy these action products for displaying purposes or to show off to your friends, here are the best Chainsaw Man products you can buy right now.

1. Ensky 500-377 Jigsaw Puzzle Chainsaw Man School Days of Dreams

When it comes to puzzles, things can get quite boring for many people out there. However, since this one is a Chainsaw Man-themed puzzle, you can quit worrying about the boring side and start working on the creative side of your dream.

The puzzle set contains a total of 500 pieces that you can play with your friends or alone, to try to finish within a set period. Yes, if you want to make things interesting, setting up a timer will make sure to increase the adrenaline rush in your brain, making things more intensive.

In other words, if you’re a fan of Chainsaw Man and want to make a puzzle that will make you feel quite satisfied, then buying this Jigsaw Puzzle will be your best choice.

2. Chainsaw Devil Pochita - Chainsaw Man Resin Statue

This action figure incorporates Pochita who disappeared from the battle against the Four Horsemen and Weapon Devil after getting left out in his Near-Death state. When Pochita is defeated, he gets into this orange dog-like devil with a chainsaw coming out of his head. Even though the product might seem gory, looking at Pochita’s cute face tells something otherwise.

The product is sitting on the jaw of the Chainsaw Man’s head with the upper helmet separate. You can also wear the upper helmet which makes him look quite intimidating.


Denji is the main character of the Chainsaw Man series. This top Denji statue has a lot of quirks that you’ll simply love. The product includes Denji with two exchangeable heads and a nameplate. The product is quite premium and it looks like the action figure has been instantly printed from the manga itself.

Details are added to every inch of the product and with blood coming from all four angles, Denji looks badass. This is until you put the chainsaw man’s head which looks quite intimidating. Displaying this in your room will surely be a good idea if you’re Denji’s fan.

4. Zaohua Studio Chainsaw Man 1/6 Makima!

Makima is the reason why most people watch Chainsaw Man in the first place. This beautiful action figure captures Makima in her prime beautiful form. She’s a beautiful woman who’s in her mid-twenties and this action figure is surely not for kids.

It features Makima in two outfits of which one is quite provocative. It features Makima choking Danji with one hand while wearing a beautiful outfit. Even in her goriest form, Makima still looks quite gorgeous. So if you’re a fan of Makima, this product will surely spice up things for you.

5. 1/4 Scale Makima - Chainsaw Man Resin Statue - BadWoman Studio

Makima is known for making everyone her pet. That’s what she did with Denji. This premium Makima feature contains strong symbolism where she has a latch in her hand with a dog. Her true goal was to be with Pochita and lead a happy life with him. This Makima scale figure looks premium with her sitting on a bar table.

6. Blood Fiend Power - Chainsaw Man Resin Statue - iLL ILLEGAL FACTORY Studios

Power is another popular girl from the Chainsaw Man series. This is another premium action figure that features the clumsy Power wearing a dress shirt along with a tie. Around her, you can see a wing, her flying hair, and a lot of blood everywhere.

So, if you’re a fan of Power and want the most exciting and premium figure, this one will look amazing no matter where you put it. The product can be a great addition to your existing Chainsaw Man action figures.

7. Zao Hua Studio Chainsaw Man Special Color Ver with Extra Swappable Head Statue

This is probably the most unique and high-quality item on our list. The Chainsaw Man Special Color Version figure contains Denji with shiny color and blood everywhere you see. It is quite intimidating and is specifically made for hardcore manga fans since the figure captures it quite perfectly.

With a total of three chainsaws and a swappable head, this action figure can scare anyone when added to your collection.

8. Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1

Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1
Right Stuf Anime0

And if you are new to the world of Chainsaw Man, then buying the first volume will be the wisest thing you can do. The story incorporates Denji who has a lot of debt on himself. Even hunting down devils with his pet named Pochita is doable for money. Denji is quite a simple man with not a lot of hopes and dreams in his life.

Now, with the power of the Chainsaw Man devil, he must fulfill his mission to get rid of his debt. If you like the story, then Volume 1 is the way to go.

9. Nendoroid Denji Chainsaw Man

Nendoroid Denji Chainsaw Man
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From the popular Nendoroid series, this Denji figure is one of the most premium, good-looking, yet cute products you can buy right now. It features a big chainsaw man head that is of course, swappable. And it captures the real Denji which makes this Nendoroid figure a worth it to own for the fans.
The product comes with a standard face along with a face in which Denji is transformed.

10. Nendoroid Power Chainsaw Man

Nendoroid Power Chainsaw Man
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Another Power action figure from the popular Nendoroid series, this one is quite cute. It features Power with two big horns and her standard outfit where she wears her regular uniform. You also get a hammer, two spears, and a cat which makes this product worth owning.

The best part about buying a Nendoroid is the diversity that you can play around with. By displaying Power in various ways, you will never get bored of this product.


Chainsaw Man has some of the most diverse products we’ve ever seen. That’s why our list contained some of the most popular characters while adding diversity in what you can buy.

So whether you want to display something as your collection or take it outdoors by attaching it with your car keys, we have covered the Top 10+ best Chainsaw Man products that you need to own.

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