10 Best Baddie Halloween Costumes For Sexy Woman In 2022

10 Best Baddie Halloween Costumes For Sexy Woman In 2022

BySibylAug 22, 2022

An Asian Coser Playing Harley Quinn

Spooky season is coming, and you know what that means: Halloween costumes!On Halloween, we can be “baddies” together. A good Halloween reminiscence can also make a better family bond. Here are 10 of the best Halloween baddie costumes for you. Let’s turn into a “baddie” party on Halloween night!

Using WeShop Institute’s testing on the Halloween costumes brand as our guide, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best baddie Halloween costumes available for purchase from the store. Finding baddie Halloween costumes in a variety of fabrics (leather, velvet, tweed, and linen), sizes (small or plus sized), and styles (modern or traditional) Halloween costumes.

Now, compare and shop for the best baddie Halloween costumes:

Best Royal Halloween Costumes

Evil Enchantress Halloween costumes

If there is a character that calls to you, why not dress up as them for Halloween? Halloween is all about picturing yourself as someone else. Catch all eyes when you wear this costume! Long skirts with slits provide warmth while showing sexy body lines. The gold embroidery on the chest has a sense of mystery and design. Headwear sets you apart from the crowd. The distinctive design of the cuffs gives you an elegant feel when waving your hands.


  • A long black gown with a center slit has a glitter scroll bodice inset and includes matching gold-trimmed plush horns and a necklace.
  • Shoes and legwear are not included. Fits adult women’s ex-large sizes 1

Best Aggressive Halloween Costumes

Freddy Female Halloween costumes

Wear this Halloween costume, and you’re the sexiest Freddy ever! The body-hugging dress brings out the beautiful lines of your body. The waist has an ingenious slash cut to match the claws on the hands. The faintly exposed skin of the abdomen makes this costume very design. Please put it on! You will be a sexy baddie!


  • Tattered mini dress sweater with sexy cut slashes across the midriff.
  • Glove and hat. Women’s 4-6.

Best Horrible Halloween costume

Zombie Girl Halloween Costume

This costume will give people the first visual impact! Because it is too horrible! This costume is cheap and has a lot of accessories. It looks great with boots or high heels. The skeletal pattern on the chest adds to the rotting feeling. The blood-like red design on the stockings makes people shudder! Wear this costume, and you’ll be a biting baddie!


  • Horror Zombie Country Girl Costume
  • Blue
  • Dress in Latex Chest Piece & Apron

Best Hot Halloween costume

Sexy Killer NINJA Halloween Costume

Sexy Killer Ninja Costume

If there is a character that calls to you, why not dress up as them for Halloween? Halloween is all about picturing yourself as someone else. This Sexy Killer Ninja costume includes a pink and black romper with crisis cross front detail, a lace-up bust, lace-up sides, multiple cutouts, a screen print bust, fishnet trim, fishnet gloves, headband, and one knife fan clutch.


  • New Items
  • Ninja Costumes
  • TV & Movie Costumes

Best Price Halloween costume

Hot Cheshire Cat Woman Halloween Costume

The combination of masks and gloves enriches the whole. The design of the hanging neck can reveal the clavicle, making it thinner. The overall close-fitting cut can accentuate your sexy figure. Best of all, clothes, masks, gloves, and leg warmers are available for such a low price!


  • Dress with imitation slash front
  • Matching gloves
  • Leg warmers and a cat mask. Womens’ MD 8-10.

Best Cute Halloween costume

Ladybird Halloween Costume

The ladybug elements of this costume will help you stand out from the other insects. They include a pair of red wings with black polka dots and a red antenna headpiece. This seductive lovebug costume is ideal for hen parties, fancy dress events, Halloween, role-playing games, and many other occasions. You will undoubtedly look your best!


  • The stockings and shoes pictured are not included.
  • Includes a black corset-style top with a red lace-up front and a red and black matching skirt.

Best Cool Halloween costume

Black Police Halloween Costume

Want to be a sexy cop? Wearing this costume on Halloween can make your wish come true! The belt is designed to lengthen your legs and make you look taller. The neckline is designed to make you cool and sexy! Great for Halloween with a police women look! This costume is black with white lettering on the front fabric and is very breathable.


  • Woman’s size: xl (extra-large)
  • Material(s): Polyester

Best Boss Halloween costume

Lustful Immortal Halloween Costume

Bosses are powerful and enormous! They understand how to acquire what they desire. When you put on this Lustful Immortal Halloween Costume, you’ll feel like the boss you are! With this on, you’ll make it clear to everyone that you are the one in command and in charge of the proceedings if you want to manage the bar, the gathering, or the bedroom! This is the best option!


  • 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex
  • Sequined, collared coat with built-in zipper corset closure
  • Faux leather whip

Best Elegance Halloween costume

Sexy Nun Uniform Halloween Costume

A bell sleeve with a cross pattern and gold trim is part of the costume outfit. The distinctive nun habit completes this wicked nun image. Bless everyone who sees you with the large cross with the gold trim. The white costume style is pure, and the black one is sexier. You can have multiple options. The veil adds mystery to you. Wear this sexy nun costume and bless those around you!


  • Color: black, white
  • Size: M,L,XL
  • Main fabric: stretch milk silk
  • Suits include headwear, clothes, gloves, and socks.

Best Shining Halloween costume

Hot Rock & Roll Halloween Costume

Superstar Elvis-inspired costume includes a studded halter dress with a matching bolero jacket and accessories. Styled in a fitted black skirt with a shimmering gold belt. The chest is secured with a golden drawstring to accentuate your perfect figure. And use a “V” cut to lengthen the neckline better. There are shimmering decorative accents throughout that can make you shine just as well in dimly lit areas.


  • Set Includes: Dress, Bolero, Belt, and Sunglasses
  • 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex
  • Imported

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